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The $82 trillion corporate debt market is about to be tokenized

On today’s podcast, I break down this week’s game-changing deal between blockchain giant IBM and the compliance platform Securitize. These two companies plan on “tokenizing” the $82 trillion corporate debt market.

Tokenization is simply converting rights—or a percentage of an asset—into a digital token. This token can then be traded among individual investors.

In other words, investors will now be able to own a stake in illiquid assets like commercial real estate, a famous painting, or a Michael Jordan rookie card… all through a digital token. These tokens will trade on digital exchanges (similar to how stocks trade on E-Trade) where they can be bought and sold.  

I also have exciting information on our Curzio Equity Owners digital security offering—including how qualified investors can participate in this deal, which we plan to launch in just a few weeks.

Lastly, I talk about the best way to play the rebound in defense stocks… and break down the recent blockbuster earnings report from IBM.

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Note: Securitize is quickly becoming the industry-leading platform provider in this emerging industry… The great news is that we’re also partnered with Securitize to launch our Curzio Equity Owners token (CEO) in early February.

With the CEO token, accredited investors will have an equity stake in one of the most scalable and high-margin industries in the world… and exposure to the multitrillion-dollar digital asset market. Click here to learn more.


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