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By Frank CurzioMay 3, 2019

Here’s what you need to know about Google’s shocking Q1 miss


This week, Google reported weak first quarter earnings… I won’t lie, the miss took me by surprise. I break down all the details of the company’s quarter—and explain why next quarter is critical for the search giant [21:41].

But before I get to that…

A longtime listener asks if now’s the time to add to positions in uranium junior mining stocks. I explain why you need exposure to this sector… and why you need to be careful before you go all-in [8:35].

I’m meeting with the management team of junior miner Northern Dynasty (NAK) very soon… and expect to have an analysis for you in the coming weeks. This company is unlike any I’ve ever seen in the resource sector. Don’t miss my recap today of its incredible story [intro]…


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How Facebook beat the odds for a blowout Q1

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Frank Curzio: What’s going on out there? It’s Friday, May 3rd and I’m Frank Curzio, host of the Frankly Speaking podcast, where I answer all your questions. In market, stocks, comedy, sports, and anything else you want to throw at me. I created this podcast to answer more of your questions that you sent have sent me through my Wall Street Unplugged podcast, which I host every single Wednesday. If you want any questions answered just send me an email at, that’s

Be sure to put Frankly Speaking in the headline and you know the rest. You never know, your question might be the one I read on this podcast. Get that question from Olivia, it goes, “Hey Frank, happy belated Easter. Had the pleasure to speak to Christine last week, your lovely sister. Great person, great asset to our business.”

Are we talking about the same person here? Are you talking about my sister? “Christine has been a huge help. She’s amazing, she comes with a lot of experience. I say this all the time, that I do not hire family member or anybody that gets special privileges, they have to just be great at their job and she’s done a fantastic job as a customer service NHR.” Which is amazing because HR becomes a very big deal, especially when you have over 15 employees, which we just surpassed at Curzio Research and there’s a lot that needs to be done when it comes to HR and make sure you’re crossing every T out and every I and she’s done a fantastic job. Which is, again, for someone that needs traveling, writing newsletters, doing podcasts, getting his STO thing, meeting investors and going crazy it’s really good to have great people to rely on.

So she has been fantastic and she’s really gonna appreciate that, you need to tell her that though, I can’t forward the email. So you need to tell her that. Anyway, Olivia goes on to say, “I met you a long time ago in Vegas during a Stansberry Alliance conference. We had a great chat with Mara Catoosa.” I remember very much Olivia. “Because I’ve been a Curzio partner and shareholder ever since. Love what you do and the fact you’re a part of my life.” Thank you.

“On another note, quick question on a long time idea and that’s Northern Dynasty, symbol NAK. Looks like they’re in a last phase of the DI’s process on their way towards a potential permit resolution. What are your thoughts here? To me, looks like some of the risk may have been taken off the table. Look forward to your brilliant opinion, also, I hope you have your conference this year. Would love to join and continue to contribute to the Curzio journey.”

I know I’m getting a lot of questions on that conference, which is awesome. I’m gonna try to make that happen, I promise, for you, for everyone out there. It would happen next year if it happens not this year. It’s a little crazy, you never know. I think it’s gonna be next year if anything, but that should be a lot of fun.

Getting back to Northern Dynasty, I am meeting with management in Vancouver, so I’m going to have a better perspective on this and that’s what I do with companies, even companies that I follow for a long time. Northern Dynasty is a company that I know very well. If you’re a new listener, about two and a half, three years ago, I flew down to, basically, nowhere Alaska. It took two flights and a helicopter to basically see this project and it stops trading at 35 cents. They own Pebble Beach Project or Pebble Project, which is the largest undeveloped gold and copper project, I wanna say in the world. At least very close if not the number one project undeveloped copper gold project.

When I first went to this site and went with Mara Catoosa, Doug Casey, Dale Lowell, considered the greatest geologist in the world, and that’s not me talking, that’s everyone else in the industry, and the greatest geologist call him that. And he said it was the best project he’s ever seen and this is someone who discovered copper and gold on almost every single cotenant. What I realized after being there, that the whole thing is political, and they’re saying that if they do develop this mine and start building it, it’s gonna impact the sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay and it’s just been a long nightmare and I credit the management team who’s a bunch of great guys because they’ve been fighting this for so long.

And you’re looking at a company that probably spent around 70 million dollars over the past ten years on environmental studies to prove that they’re gonna make the environment better. They’re going to be paying more employees. Electricity prices are gonna come down. Food prices are gonna come down. It’s gonna be a major development. I went to personally meet people. I wanna say the neighborhood, but it’s not really a neighborhood. It’s just these are people that live off the land. They love them there. There’s just a huge political party where they don’t look at facts.

It was the first time in the history of anything in the markets where the Government and this is back in 2016, 2015 said, “You know what?! Even though you have this huge, hundred paged study showing by Independent environmentalists, everything, we don’t even wanna look at it. We don’t care.”. And I’ve never seen that before in history. It’s like the FDA. It’s like you going up on phase one studies and you have all this information and the FDA goes, “You know what? I don’t even care what that says. You’re not getting approved.”.

So it doesn’t get more political than that and then when Trump got elected this thing went from 35 cents all the way to 3 dollars. I remember being in Vancouver at the time and they had a huge celebration there. And I remember leaning over to one of … Mara Catoosa was at that meeting as well. At dinner, it was probably about 70, 80 of the highest profile people in the mining industry who you could think of. And I remember leaning over to one of Mara’s analysts I worked for, great guy. And I said, “You know what? It’s probably a top right here because I’ve never seen so many people have a thousand percent gain in the stock within nine months and so many people so bullish on the name and I just thought at 35 cents a stock, should have been trading at a $1.25.

And it went to two and again I was very adamant with people telling’ him, “Hey, take profits. Take some of the table.”. But let some of it ride if you want and from your original recommendation, it’s still up. I know a lot of people got in and out depending on what price, but it really has been a fan favorite and for me, I was in between just not with Stansberry anymore and just about to launch my new business. So I was talking about the stock a lot in the podcast, I didn’t get a chance to recommend a newsletter, but I will tell you, if these meetings go well, and I hear what I wanna hear and they had Scott Pruitt in there, as one of the leaders in the environment and administration and he was for the project, then he was against it, now he’s no longer there.

So political wise and this is a political story, it may be in a very good position, but I’m going to meet with them and talk to ’em and speak with them and I should be able to give everyone an update pretty much in about a week, maybe two weeks, ’cause I am gonna talk to ’em, but I probably gonna need more information, talk to somebody else to cover this stuff, but this is a name I’m very familiar with. Ron Theisen is just an incredible guy, someone who’s never sold a share in this stock who’s been fighting this, I don’t know how you can continue to fight something when it’s all political.

It’s not like they’re doing anything wrong. They’re just doing everything that they’re being told to do and nobody really cares. And just to see these guys fight through this for so many years, I hope there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because this project should get developed. It’s a great management team, really good guys, it’s gonna be great for the community. I’ve been to the community, I’ve talked to these people.

They’re excited, they want this project done because people there, have schools with five, seven, ten people in them. Ten kids in them. And they don’t make a lot of money. They live off the land, they can get paid probably six figure, a hundred thousand dollar plus jobs because they’re doing a lot of hiring if they decide to develop this thing. And if they do, this stock will take off from these levels. So again, don’t do anything right now. I’ll find out more information.

And sorry for the long drawn out for everybody who’s familiar with this, but I’m always sensitive to new listeners and wanna bring everyone on the same page, but I’ll give you an update probably about two weeks after I do my due diligence and you never know. This thing may show up in [inaudible 00:08:30] Opportunities. Let’s move on.

A question from Frank. And he says, “Dear Frank, I have totally immersed myself in uranium junior mining sector. Researching data, learning the field cycle, and even contacting CEOs of junior mining companies. I’ve been thinking about any more of my positions in this sector in my portfolio. I saw last tweet on Trump and Colo writing interest rates and my opinion on it because I believe that we do have a lot of inflation.

I tweeted about this real quick where, they’re looking at the CPI and the CPI is low, but if you listen to the conference calls, these guys are seeing a huge rise in cost. And it’s materials, it’s health care, and it’s specially wages. And yet you see fed, well not the fed, but Colo and Trump really trying to pressure the fed, and again it’s supposed to be independent and they are to say, “You’ve gotta lower rates, we should be lowering the rates right now ’cause we’re going into election year, and that’d probably be a boost to the economy and we know when the economy is good. It’s automatic to come and get elected.”. Pretty much.

So be careful what you wish for because 2021 we could see a massive, massive crash if we’re lowering interest rates when, in a market where, there really is inflation. There is a lot of inflation out there. I mean, we’re seeing it all over the place, and I know you can look at different … I mean, even energy costs, materials, again health care costs, tuition costs, we’re seeing it, but more important when you have a fed looking at a specific gage and it says based on the CPI, that’s fine if you’re gonna use that, but what I’m hearing from the CEOs of companies and management teams and CFOs when I’m listening to these conference calls, is costs are rising. And some of these companies have pricing power, it’s a great market, right? For pricing power.

People are paying anything and fees everyplace and everyone’s happy. The economy’s doing good and going three point whatever percent, but with that said, you have to be very, very careful of what you wish for. Because we could horrible market conditions if we’re gonna lower rates when these costs are skyrocketing right now. With that said, let’s get back to Frank’s question. So, Frank goes on and says that “I also have tweets and forecasts of impending doom of a recession, my questions are this. How is affect at the uranium sector and should I hold on, on adding positions to this sector for a few months to see where this is going? Finally, most importantly, I’m very happy to hear about the good news your beautiful wife received. It’s great to hear prayers and good vibes are answered. Godspeed, Frank. Sincerely a champion center in many basketball leagues.”

Frank’s a good friend from New York where he played on my team and we did win, I wanna say at least two championships I won with him, and he’s a fantastic player. And he says, “Despite my ankles and your hip, when are we gonna get an all-timers game going?”. I can’t believe [inaudible 00:11:28]. So and I’m still playing actually with my hip. So I’m playing till I can’t play anymore and then I’m gonna get my hip done probably in about two months, but I’m still playing basketball. So, Frank. Watch out buddy, when I get back on the court. Let’s address your question.

Don’t put any more money into uranium stocks. It’s … You want exposure to the sector, but you don’t wanna go crazy. Not only that, if you own a bunch of these, they’re all pretty much gonna trade up if uranium prices go higher and we see a bull mark in uranium and I know [inaudible 00:12:01] who writes some wonderful trader newsletter for us at Curzio Research. He also has uranium fund. He knows more about uranium then probably anyone in the world. I will say this guys. And I want you to, you always have the common sense behind different things and junior minors, listen. These are companies that aren’t gonna generate your revenue forever.

It’s a very risky market. If you hit the cycle right, you’re gonna get 3x, 5x returns from these levels ’cause these things are so depressed, but I don’t know if I see any major catalysts. And I know, yes, we have a bill in Trump’s hands right now that he may approve or increase the amount of production from the United States since we’re one of the largest consumers in uranium, but yet produce the least amount, and they’re looking to raise those quotas. And if that happens, you’re gonna see American producers or companies like UEC and Zarga do very, very well, and that decision can happen tomorrow or it can happen weeks from now, but I will say this. And this is interesting. And you may think like, “Frank, you’re out of left field.”. But just hear me out first.

HBO is coming out with a series in a couple days on May 6th. Chernobyl. If you’re not familiar with Chernobyl, one of the biggest nuclear disasters everywhere, anywhere up in 1986, I believe. And you saw dozens of people die and I mean they’re really going to have a whole series about this. The timing couldn’t be more perfect that HBO is doing this. Intentionally, just like when they released the fracking video that was all bullshit of people lighting water. Their water was coming out of the faucets, they were gonna light it, that had nothing to do with fracking.

It didn’t even exist. Those pipes had nothing to do with it, but it just created this stigma on the whole entire fracking industry to the point when I went to research this stuff, after seeing that movie, I thought I was gonna see dead animals every place and people dying. That’s how I really felt and yet I realized that it was all BS that fracking cannot cause water contamination unless you’re gonna take that water and dump it in a lake, but fracking takes place thousands of feet below where the fresh water is and that can’t happen when you look at the physics. Again, people are gonna believe whatever and I’m gonna talk to people on this podcast that just believe fracking’s bad and there’s nothing I can do, no matter what facts I give you is gonna convince you. For me, I don’t care about that, it’s about me giving you good advice, and making money and things like that.

And I knew fracking was a great opportunity, I went to visit every major shell area and came up with lots of great opportunities that my subscribers made money on. I always say put your personal feelings aside. Getting back to this Chernobyl thing. Watch the trailer for this thing, ’cause you’re gonna see people’s faces being melted, kids dying, they’re gonna go all out, and this is gonna have an impact. ‘Cause nobody cares about uranium. They don’t care about uranium. You may be like, Frank, an HBO movie? Really? Are you out of your mind? But hear me out.

Nobody cares about uranium. But when people see this, it’s like nobody knew what fracking was. And you watch something like this, okay? It’s not a big deal. Where if nothing happens to uranium, no one’s gonna care, but if Trump says, “Hey, you know what? We’re gonna pass a current law that’s going to allow … That’s going to increase production to US.”. Now you’re gonna have a major problem and remember we’re going into election year. And this is gonna be highlighted on every single news source whether it’s CNN, whether it’s gonna be Fox News, MSNBC, and anything they can say negative, they will, but you’re gonna risk losing votes.

If you’re gonna prove this thing and people are really gonna be against it, if you don’t think HBO has a big impact, I’m sure you saw Game of Thrones this week. It was absolutely fantastic and I won’t spoil it, but it was unbelievably amazing. It was fantastic. And I don’t know, I don’t wanna go into it. I just loved it, but you could see the tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people actually watch that, but this is gonna have an impact. I really believe that. Just be careful. Okay?

Just be careful, ’cause I think a lot of people are gonna be talking about nuclear after this is released, and it’s gonna be a bigger deal than you think, ’cause it’s easier for stories to go viral these days, and everybody will know what’s going on. And I think this is actually gonna be a very good series, ’cause it’s a lot cover up, a lot of crazy stuff behind it again. This happened in Soviet Ukraine, and it was a big cover up, and I didn’t think it was gonna be that bad, and there’s a whole bunch of safety measures that were ignored. It’s pretty crazy when you listen to that story. With that said, when it comes to junior minors, Frank, be careful, man.

Don’t go crazy, don’t go all in. It’s a dangerous sector. I mean, uranium price can stay low for another three, four years. They could be depressed for another three, four years. I know that they got the companies, any junior minor company that you own right now, these guys aren’t gonna make money probably for another five years plus. I mean none of them, none of ’em. Not even [inaudible 00:16:59] could really make money at these levels. So, you need uranium prices to almost double from here to make it economical. And as they stay at these levels, you’re seeing a lot of production come offline, but remember, there’s a ton of uranium out there. There’s a ton.

And we have [inaudible 00:17:15] cutting supply. You have [inaudible 00:17:20], they’re closing one of its biggest plants. I mean, if uranium prices go higher, they could always reopen these things, but you’re seeing that supply and demand balance really take hold where you see more demand and less supply, which normally, Economics 101, prices are gonna go higher. But with that said, owning [inaudible 00:17:39] and a real company is different. Owning these junior mines, remember. They don’t generate any revenue. I’m not talking about earnings guys. I’m not talking about profits.

We’re not talking about Lift here, we’re not talking about Uber, we’re talking about revenue. Which means what? Which means that they continue to drill. Right? They wanna improve their property. They wanna have good drilling results, increase the value, so they’re gonna have to drill which is very, very costly.

They have to pay their employees. So every few years, they’re gonna do secondary offerings. They’re gonna dilute the Hell out of the shares, they’re gonna issue more shares. If you’re gonna invest in this industry, instead of adding to these positions, these guys are dying for money. I mean, I just saw a private placement for a uranium, I think it was [inaudible 00:18:22] that just came out this week.

They’re gonna continue to come out. Try to get into those, because they’re probably gonna offer warrants, I mean, that might be a better way to invest in this industry than just going in the open market and adding to these positions, but you already have exposure. Don’t get greedy, because these things, this is a sector, trust me, I have experience with the sector. I’ve seen so many people in this industry get destroyed, telling me over the last three, four years that we’ve hit a bottom in this sector.

And for me, I put stops on my positions that were recommended stocks and hey, I’ll take a 30, 35% loss because we’ve seen three, four, five hundred percent, even nine hundred percent gains in companies like Northern Dynasty when we caught the trend and I’m okay with that. A lot of guys in this industry don’t use stocks and they’re down 80, 90% and they double down and double down and double down and they throw at uranium which is a bear market much longer than gold or mining silver and stuff like that and medals, but I don’t know when it’s gonna turn. I mean, that catalyst could happen where Trump does approve that measure and that’s definitely gonna be a boom to the industry, if it doesn’t happen, you’re not really gonna see anything so the risk reward is pretty positive, but if you have exposure to this industry like I do, I’d probably say about five to six percent of my total portfolio is in uranium stocks, or somehow tied to uranium and I’m good with that.

I love it long-term, that’s money I don’t care about that I’m looking at. Five years from now, seven years from now, and I think I’ll make money off of it, but if you have exposure that’s good, because the opportunity cost of jumping into the sector, if it doesn’t work out, you’re gonna really miss a lot of good situations in an economy that’s growing 3%, we’re hitting new all-time highs, which usually means the market’s gonna go higher. We have an economy that’s kind of like a goldilocks economy. Not too high, but not too cold. Which usually means stocks are gonna continue to move higher over the long term, or at least through 2019 maybe to 2020.

Just be careful with you exposure there, Frank. Okay? And yes, you’re a good friend, and stuff like that. I don’t wanna see you lose money, but if you hit it, you’re gonna be very wealthy, but you just don’t wanna get destroyed because that’s how people lose their appetite for investing. They go all in, they make money on a few situations, and then they go all in again, and when they lose it, they hate stocks forever. And yet there’s so many great opportunities out there. You can even follow my newsletters and I’ll show you new opportunities you’re not really seeing, you won’t find any place else, and we perform pretty well with both of our newsletters. So that’s my advice for you, Frank.

And set up that game. Let me know. Do it in New York, get all the guys together, get the old crew, 20, 30 guys we used to play basketball with. And just to give you a little background, guys. Frank and I used to play pretty much in three or four leagues every summer and these leagues used to last every three months. So I mean, we used to go from park to park.

I had three games a day sometimes. I used to play at 6:00, 7:15 and then [inaudible 00:21:23] like 8:15, 8:30, and we used to go from park to park to play, and we just had really good teams and played for a long time. So, get the crew together, I’ll definitely fly to New York, and I’ll definitely play, and hopefully we can do it over the next month before I get my hip replacement surgery. Man, I’m gettin’ old. All right, let’s take one last question here.

It’s from Eric. He says, “Hey, Frank. What do you think of Google after they bombed the quarter? Is it a buy or miss pullback? Thanks, man. And go Celtics.” Another Celtic fan. I don’t know, Celtics actually look pretty good. They actually look pretty good. They’re playing together, Kairi’s not bitchin’ anymore which is nice to see ’cause he’s such a great player. He’s not complaining that I make a hundred million dollars and be the media. At least it’s nice to see him start playin’ basketball and the team gettin’ along. So in the east.

I mean it’s pretty cool, right? Just to see, everything is like the west, the west is great. The east is really awesome, right? Milwaukee, you got Toronto, [inaudible 00:22:21], it’s just a lot of fun watching these teams. You know, the Celtics. It’s really cool. So I’m enjoying the playoffs right now and even Philadelphia and [inaudible 00:22:33] compared to watching, man what are we watching on the other end? We’re watching Huston and the Golden State complain to the refs that they’re not calling fouls on their millions of three pointers that they shoot. So I never thought that you’d see that transition. The west was always so great.

Anyway, good luck with the Celtics. Should be a good run to playoffs and take the championship. Getting to Google. I won’t sugarcoat it. I mean, Google was kind of a disaster. I tweeted and said, “Hey, guys. Expect the numbers to be pretty good because they said they’re gonna cut cap backs last quarter, so I was expecting their earnings to be pretty solid.” Earnings were solid, but minus currencies and I know they had to pay a billion dollars in fines to the EU and stuff like that, but their big story here is revenue.

I mean, they missed revenue aspects for the first time in history. Not that long, but it was a pretty big deal considering the company posted 20% plus revenue growth in advertising and it is an advertising company just like Apple’s an iPhone company, but they posted that 20% plus revenue growth, for 14 straight quarters. I mean, that’s pretty impressive. 14 straight quarters. Yet, this quarter, ad sales only increased by 15% and they were expecting. I mean, consensus estimates had ’em at 20%. That’s a very, very big miss. Especially when that’s your core business.

And they did see declines across the board. Searching’ mobile and USA and Europe both slowed. They did lower cap backs again which helped earnings a little bit, but when you’re looking at this decline in revenue, what do you see? What have I taught you? And the reason that I say what have I taught you, not that I’m being arrogant, it’s because I’ve made mistakes about this. When you see a growth company trading at a growth multiple and then all of a sudden they’re not meeting their estimates, I mean, this came out of left field.

So if I’m an institution with a big position in Google, I give ’em a pass, I deal with this. Okay, maybe it’s a 10% pullback, I’m up a ton, the stock’s up a ton, I’m doing fine, but I wanna wait one more quarter. If they report weak sales numbers next quarter, watch out. ‘Cause this is a company that’s trading at 25 times forward earnings. Very, very expensive.

And we’ve seen this with every single large cap technology company in the world. Cisco, Microsoft, eBay, you can go back and back Priceline, all these companies, Apple trading these crazy multiples and then all of a sudden, they become kind of like value companies. Oh, let me issue a dividend when I’m not seeing as much growth anymore and then luckily for companies like Microsoft, they got into the Cloud. Apple is still kind of like a value stock, trading whatever. 11, 12 times forward earnings if you back out the cash, but you might see Google where, “Hey, you know what? You’re not gonna grow 20% plus in advertising every single quarter and that’s year over year forever. It’s gonna slow.”

No matter what, no matter what company you are, it’s gonna slow down, especially on the percentage basis. So at 25 times forward earnings, I’d be worried. I mean, the short term outlook doesn’t look great. If you look at Google, they’re still the kind of advertising, has pricing power, YouTube, just getting started monetizing that business. They’re not advertising businesses like Cloud and Waymo, very promising. I just don’t see the need to buy the stock right away. Especially at this level.

I think I’d wait. I wanna see more information, I wanna see more about next quarter, granted the stock can go higher if the bull mark continues, kind of what we saw with Apple, the stock moving high despite reporting really weak earnings results last quarter, but the whole market moved higher. But overall when I look at Google, it’s just much better tech names, at least on the large cap end that I like including IBM with the addition of Red Hat which is coming which could be fantastic. I mean, Red Hat is growing like crazy right now and IBM pays a nice dividend nice yield and I explained that in past podcasts.

I even like intel on this pullback, considering it is, it was up over 20% heading into the quarter and then it’s down about 12% now after earnings and their earnings weren’t that great. The stocks shredding at 11 times forward earnings. It’s paying a nice 2.4 percent yield, but the reason why I like intel on this pullback, especially if he holds a [inaudible 00:26:50] which I think it will, is their investor day’s on May 8th and no one’s really talking about and the new CO which I love the conference call. He did a great job of addressing all the problems to cut, everything that we need to cut.

You’re getting out of 5G on the mobile end which makes sense. [inaudible 00:27:06] could own it. They were losing a ton of money in that business. They’re still gonna be into 5G, but I love what he had to say in the call. Swan he was great and on May 8th, I expect him to come out and give a super positive outlook since they got in super conservatively on a call and he even said second half we’re expecting to be better, but we’re just gonna be conservative.

They’re gonna come out and just shell out in [inaudible 00:27:32] position is a well position to be in, one of the biggest beneficiaries of all the major trends out there in technology. I mean 5G, AI, you can go on and on, the analytics, they’re involved in everything now. And are they seeing a slow down? Yes. Was the quarter not good? Yeah, but expectations are very, very high. Analysts estimates are very high and I love the fact that they’re reset. Again, this is a company that went pretty much from 53 to 60 in like a blink of an eye. And last quarter’s earnings were not great for intel, but at this level, there’s a bottom, there’s a floor here.

I don’t see this thing trading in the single digits. They are gonna start growing. They’re gonna take a step back a little bit this year, earnings are gonna decline, and then they’re gonna really explode next year. Probably earn more to files a share from the 430 [inaudible 00:28:17] in this year. So it’s a good time to start accumulating intel. I’d like to have much better than Google. So wait out the quarter, let’s see what Google has to say. It was a bad quarter, it is a revenue growth story, and they missed on revenue.

I always tell you guys that every company is different. If you’re looking at Snap, or you’re looking at whatever company, every social media company its active users, daily, monthly, whatever. You’re looking at retailers the same store sales, every company has that metric that people look at that they wanna see. Whether it’s margins or whatever. For Google, it’s revenues and they missed and they missed badly. So you gotta put that on hold, wait a couple of months, if the mark goes higher, Google’s gonna go higher, but I’m sure a lot of stock’s gonna outperform them. They’re in much better shape, but let’s wait one more quarter to see what Google has to say to see if this just an anomaly or if there’s something much bigger, which again, it wouldn’t be a surprise since this company’s just been growing like crazy for how many straight years that maybe that growth is gonna slow, not only from 25% in advertise to 15% but maybe in the single digits. You have to wait another quarter to see and that’s much suggestion on that.

Okay, guys. Thanks so much for listening. I’m gonna ask you to do me one favor. One favor, which I asked on Monday’s podcast. I want you to go the iTunes page and rate my podcast. Wall Street Unplugged. I don’t care what your comments are. I don’t care how many stars you give us, but when you rate our podcast, it really goes up in the ratings, it gets more publicity, and it’s not that I need more publicity, but when we’re on that, it’s amazing because we’ve been doing very well and thanks to you guys listening to this podcast.

The amount of PR people reaching out to me to see if I can get different guests on this show is crazy. It’s never been this busy. And a lot of these people are high profile guests I book like a month or two in advance or sometimes three months in advance, but as we move up, it’s gonna increase the quality of guests and we can get almost anyone on the show, especially if we have a large audience. It’s kind of like going on the Tonight Show when you just launch a new movie. Yeah, you wanna market the platform and so many people write amazing books and they look to market them and different things that they’re doing or whatever. And our podcast is coming up on that list a lot now since it’s been ranked number one, it’s been download I think something like 8 million times in over 100 countries which is crazy when I think about it.

Seriously. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this 10 years and you guys still listen to me. But anyway, If you can, if not, don’t worry. If you wanna take five minutes out of your day to rate the podcast on iTunes, Wall Street Unplugged, and your comments and everything. Guys, listen. I love when you E-Mail me, I’m a big believer in constructive criticism. I love the fact that my subscribers say, “Hey, Frank. This might look better if you do this or do that.” Because when you listen to your customers, you make your product that much better so feel free to do that.

They are free for the E-Mail me again I always welcome feedback, positive or negative, and again I always appreciate you guys listening to me. And love you guys. So thank you for all your support, really appreciate it. I’ll see you guys in seven days. Take care.

Announcer: The information presented on Wall Street Unplugged in the opinion of its host and guests. You should not base your investment decisions solely on this broadcast. Remember, it’s your money, and your responsibility. Wall Street Unplugged, produced by the Choose Yourself Podcast Network. The leader in podcasts produced to help you choose yourself.

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