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Curzio Research Advisory

If you want to make real money in the market, you need information not many people have access to… with a track record of success.

Every month in Curzio Research Advisory, Frank Curzio distills the information he gathers from his extensive network of Wall Street insiders… and his own boots-on-the-ground research… to bring you the best mid- to large-cap opportunity in the market.

You’ll have access to everything from the hottest new technology stocks… to inflation-resistant commodities… to crypto and blockchain companies.

And if there’s market news big enough to affect your portfolio, you’ll be the first to hear about it—and know how to prepare.

Curzio Research Advisory is hands-down one of the most outstanding values on the market at $299 a year. And you can try it for the next 30 days, risk-free.


Frank Curzio
Frank Curzio
founder and CEO

Market veteran and founder of Curzio Research, Frank is one of America’s most respected securities experts. His top-ranked Wall Street Unplugged podcast has been downloaded over 11 million times. Learn more


Daniel Creech
Daniel Creech

Curzio analyst and co-host of Wall Street Unplugged, Daniel has over a decade of experience researching macro trends, large- and small-cap stocks, and digital securities. Learn more

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Investing in securities involves the risk of loss. Past performance is used as an example and does not guarantee future results.

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Curzio Research Advisory

Curzio Research Advisory is released in a unique video format (with a detailed summary) that allows you to follow Frank’s research process step by step. You’ll see the charts and financial data he uses to select each month’s stock pick… and learn how to apply this process to improve your own investing strategy.

Curzio Research Advisory

Latest Issues

This $117 stock should be over $200

This month, I break down the latest crazy market action, which pushed stocks from oversold to overbought in just two weeks. I also explain why there’s zero chance of a soft landing for the U.S. economy.

Our new recommendation is a household name that’s doing better than most investors realize. This company is set to grow earnings more than twice as fast as the S&P 500 next year. And it just announced a massive new buyback plan covering over 30% of its shares outstanding. Best of all, we can buy it at a below-market valuation.

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The perfect portfolio for the tough conditions ahead

A lot of folks are scared right now… and I don’t blame them. Investors have turned bearish as volatility ramps up, long-term rates rise, and the market worries about tighter financial conditions going forward. In this month’s video issue, I explain why I love markets like this… and why you should be optimistic about the long-term opportunities.

I also highlight a handful of sectors every investor should have exposure to… and a new recommendation poised to thrive in the tough conditions ahead. It’s a familiar name that owns dozens of cash-generating businesses—making it the perfect stock for a low-growth environment.

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Weekly market updates and actionable advice to help you navigate any market conditions... and profit like a Wall Street insider.

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A compilation of all Curzio market commentary, podcasts, and major financial news of the previous week, delivered every Sunday.

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Timely bonus research detailing how to position yourself for special market situations… like a hot new growth trend or impending recession.

Frankly Speaking

Exclusive members-only podcast where Frank answers the top questions from Curzio readers, hosted every Friday.

Members Only Special Reports

5 popular dividend stocks to avoid (or sell right now!)

With higher rates here to stay, investors can now get risk-free income from Treasurys… which means companies can no longer use high dividends as a “sweetener” to entice investors. Meanwhile, high-dividend-paying companies that aren’t growing sales and earnings will likely see their stocks underperform the rest of the market. Here are five dividend stocks to avoid…

Buyback watchlist: 25 stocks with huge upside potential

Stock buybacks are great for investors. They allow existing shareholders to claim a bigger share of a company’s profits… And they create a major tailwind that helps “buyback stocks” outperform the S&P 500. But we don’t want to buy every company announcing a major stock buyback. In this special report, we’ve compiled a list of companies that are buying back at least 6% of their float. (We’ll update this list every three months.)

The simple strategy that beats the market: How to get started

A buyback-focused approach is one of the few proven strategies for beating the market. It’s something most mom-and-pop investors have never heard of… but I want to change that. In this special report, I’ll explain how buybacks work… why they’ll continue to work for investors… and the first stock I want you to buy to take advantage of this strategy.

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