What's really moving these markets

Daniel Creech

Daniel Creech has been researching financial markets and strategies for over a decade. As a Curzio analyst, writer, and podcast host, he’s passionate about teaching individual investors how to cut through media hype and build wealth securely.

Daniel contributes to Curzio Research Advisory, The Dollar Stock Club, and Wall Street Unplugged, where he and Frank break down the real story behind financial headlines. 

In WSU Daily and Curzio Crypto, Daniel highlights the biggest news in blockchain tech and related assets… including cryptos, digital securities, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Daniel worked as a financial broker and licensed insurance broker before joining the Curzio Research team in October 2017.

Joe Davide

Joe Davide is a research analyst with a passion for all things crypto. He contributes to Crypto Intelligence, Wall Street Unplugged, and Curzio Crypto.