Anthony Scaramucci

Former White House insider breaks down the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus

Anthony Scaramucci (“The Mooch”), former White House Director of Communications and founder of SkyBridge Capital, gives his thoughts on whether Congress’ historic $2 trillion stimulus package is enough… and whether President Trump should be doing anything else at the Federal level. Plus, Frank explains how to position yourself today for the next big market opportunity.

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Lenore Elle Hawkins

Lenore Elle Hawkins speaks from quarantined Italy

Italy is the latest country to put its citizens under quarantine due to the coronavirus. Lenore Elle Hawkins, chief macro strategist for Tematica Research, discusses the country’s quarantine… and a few of the sectors she’s keeping a close eye on as the market moves lower. Plus, why the market is still expensive at current levels despite coronavirus volatility.

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Coronavirus: Market Meltdown?

What you need to know... and what you need to do.