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Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly ...read more

This housing market thesis is B.S.

Experts predict the housing market is near a top, but Frank disagrees… David Johnson of Imperial Helium explains why the gas is critical to our economy… Two huge lessons from Best Buy and Dick’s… and the “new normal” for crypto.

The government is lying to you about COVID

Kyle Fry of Digital Markets breaks down the recent momentum in digital securities… and where the industry is headed. Frank reveals where he finds his data on COVID… and dives into the latest numbers on the Delta variant. Plus, what…

Get ready for a whole new Wall Street Unplugged

Wall Street Unplugged is about to get a major makeover... Plus, new ideas from Frank’s latest boots-on-the-ground research trip… Why some companies are losing customers due to COVID restrictions… What to do with a massive winner… And is Frank still…

The hunt for market outliers with Luke Downey

In-house analyst Luke Downey shares his strategy for finding the market’s best outlier stocks… and what members can expect from his new Big Money Report advisory… Plus, how the Delta variant could impact the economic recovery.

Ignore the fear-mongers… Buy every dip

Greg Yenoli, managing partner and director of copywriting at Curzio Research, says a massive shift is taking place in the advisory industry… Then, Frank and Daniel explain why you need to look beyond the headlines and price action… and what…

How Reddit upended Wall Street

Luke Jacobi, Benzinga director and Power Hour host, shares the origin stories of WallStreetBets and Benzinga… and a couple of under-the-radar ideas he likes right now. Plus, why you must pay attention to geopolitics when investing... Robinhood’s upcoming IPO… and…

Neel Kashkari is full of s***

Fed banker Neel Kashkari shared an op-ed slamming bank bailouts. Here’s why he’s full of s***. Then, Genia Turanova breaks down what to expect for current inflation… how to limit your losses in an uncertain market… and why you should…

The Fed can’t afford to be wrong on inflation

Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman explains why the ESG movement could be terrible for energy prices going forward… his take on Reddit retail investors… and a few of his favorite ideas right now. Plus, are China’s shipping delays priced into the market?

Bitcoin’s bottom is near

Frank Holmes, executive chairman of Hive Blockchain Technologies, joins Frank for a wide-ranging interview, from crypto regulation to institutional investors to ESG. Then, why bitcoin is near a bottom... and the impact of retail investors on meme stocks.

AMC just changed the face of Wall Street

The semiconductor shortage will cause a lot more pain for the auto industry… and certain stocks are set to benefit. Plus, dissecting this week’s latest “meme” stock saga: AMC… Exxonmobil’s push to ESG… and the biggest bitcoin event in history.

Marin Katusa: The future of the country is bright

Resource financier Marin Katusa is back to help break down a wide range of topics, including “crossflation”... why he sees a bright future for the country… gold and uranium… and the biggest opportunity he sees in the green energy space.…