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My biggest investing mistake

I talk about my successes on the podcast… but I also share my #fails. Not just for the sake of transparency, but for the sake of learning.

A listener wants to know one of my biggest winners and my biggest investing mistake. I break down one sector that offers huge opportunities for investors, if you know how to navigate it… and tell the story of the globetrotting boot-on-the-ground research mission that wound up teaching me an incredible lesson.

I also revisit an old portfolio holding—a “political whipping boy” and one heck of a frustrating recommendation. Warning: Epic rant ahead… plus a lesson you must never forget.

I have a major announcement regarding some changes coming to the Frankly Speaking podcast. If you enjoy the show, be sure to pay attention.

(Transcript to come)

Note: Police departments around the world are testing an incredible new device… like something out of a sci-fi movie… or something a superhero would use. (Watch me trying out the device.) But it’s also a big story with huge implications for society—and could be wildly profitable for early investors. Learn more here.


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