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Episode: 651January 9, 2019

An insider’s view on why 2019 will be a breakout year for digital securities

    digital securities

    I’m having a great time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). There couldn’t be a better time to be here, after the market has pulled back significantly from its highs.

    I’m seeing a lot of great opportunities in individual companies that are growing earnings and revenue… but their stock prices are down over 25%.

    And even though I’m on the road, I have an amazing guest for you today. I welcome Robin Sosnow to the podcast for the first time.

    Robin runs her own law firm in New York City… has joint partnership in Digital Securities Law Group… and has been instrumental in helping me prepare for the launch of our security token, Curzio Equity Owners (CEO).

    Robin’s one of the best digital securities attorneys out there. On today’s show, she explains how she got into the business… and shares a couple of “aha!” moments where she realized how big of an opportunity this new market can be.

    She also breaks down the difference between security tokens and utility tokens… what type of regulation we can expect to see… and why digital securities will have an incredible 2019.

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    Note: We’re getting super close to launching our Curzio Equity Owners security token. With the CEO token, accredited investors will have an equity stake in one of the most scalable and high-margin industries in the world… and exposure to the  multitrillion-dollar digital securities market.

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