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The biggest deal of my life

Welcome to 2019.

To kick off the New Year, I’m doing something a little different with today’s podcast. I’ve got a jam-packed monologue where I break down some of the biggest events in 2018. Yes, you can prepare yourself for one of my traditional rants… I also talk about what you can expect from Curzio Research in 2019.

In just a couple of weeks, we’re launching the first ever security token offering (STO) in the financial publishing industry. The Curzio Equity Owners (CEO) token will offer accredited investors an equity stake in Curzio Research… plus a dividend.

I’ll be sharing lots more details with you as our launch date approaches… including the amount we’re looking to raise, special discounts that’ll be offered to our subscribers, our incredible launch partners, and our plan to grow Curzio Research into an industry giant.   

More importantly, I explain why this deal is incredibly important to you… and the tens of millions of financial newsletter subscribers around the world. Once you listen to this segment… you’ll understand why this industry is in dire need of change!  

Lastly… I tell you how to get into some of the best STOs—many of which come with discounts—over the next year. You’ll have plenty of opportunities… as trillions of assets are likely to be tokenized in the future.  

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 Note: I’m so proud to be the first in our industry to offer members a security token. With the CEO token, accredited investors will have an equity stake in one of the most scalable and high-margin industries in the world… and exposure to the multitrillion-dollar digital asset market. 

I don’t have an exact launch date for our token yet… But the goal is the next few weeks—and we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments here.


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