A front row seat to a multitrillion-dollar revolution

Today I welcome first-time guest Carlos Domingo. Carlos is CEO and co-founder of Securitize, which provides end-to-end solutions for anyone looking to tokenize an asset. It’s also the company we’ve partnered with to help with the upcoming launch of our Curzio Equity Owners (CEO) security token offering.

Carlos explains why digital assets will be a multitrillion-dollar market—a must-listen for anyone looking to learn more about security tokens… the recent trends taking place within this space… and how to generate potentially life-changing returns in this incredible growth industry.

Speaking of trillion-dollar opportunities… I just booked my ticket to The Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I’ve attended this amazing conference every January in Las Vegas—for over six years now—and it’s always a great experience.

On today’s podcast, I share my secrets to finding some of the greatest tech trends before they go mainstream. This includes Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), cloud, virtual reality (VR), smart cities, and more…

As these megatrends unfold, I’ll also show you how to find the companies with the most upside potential.

(Transcript to come)

Note: I can’t tell you how excited we are to be the first in our industry to offer members a security token. With the CEO token, accredited investors will have a stake in one of the most scalable and high margin industries in the world… and exposure to the multitrillion-dollar digital asset market.

We don’t have a definitive launch date for our token yet… But we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments here


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