What's really moving these markets

The government is lying to you about COVID

Kyle Fry of Digital Markets breaks down the recent momentum in digital securities… and where the industry is headed. Frank reveals where he finds his data on COVID… and dives into the latest numbers on the Delta variant. Plus, what…

Bitcoin’s bottom is near

Frank Holmes, executive chairman of Hive Blockchain Technologies, joins Frank for a wide-ranging interview, from crypto regulation to institutional investors to ESG. Then, why bitcoin is near a bottom... and the impact of retail investors on meme stocks.

Madness is all around us

Frank and Daniel discuss the pent up demand for all kinds of services as economies reopen… the next major piece of legislation the market is looking forward to… non-fungible tokens… and March Madness.

Cancel culture has hit Wall Street

Frank issues a warning to smart investors about ignoring negative noise… Ed Karr of U.S. Gold Corp. breaks down the recent massive moves in bitcoin and gold… and why he’s bullish on both assets long-term. Then, Frank shares a new…

This digital market will be 10x the size of bitcoin

Stephane De Baets, CEO of Elevated Returns, explains the enormous potential for security tokens… some recent wins for the sector… and why this could be a multitrillion-dollar market in the years to come. Plus, breaking down the excitement around bitcoin,…

Jamie Finn

How to make a fortune in the security token revolution

Jamie Finn, co-founder of Securitize, joins Frank in a podcast exclusive. Finn explains how digital securities allow investors complete control over their portfolios... along with higher yields. Plus, why bitcoin’s record high benefits everybody… and the massive potential of tokenizing…