Don’t make this mistake when searching for income

Some of you may already know Genia Turanova. She’s Curzio Research’s new Moneyflow Trader editor, where she shares how to profit from falling stocks.

But for those of you who aren’t familiar with her work… Genia is a 15-year market veteran and an incredible analyst with a great track record. She knows all about hedging markets, but she’s also great at finding income plays. Listen as Genia explains her methodology… and shares some of her favorite ideas right now [15:52].

In my educational segment, I share how to piggyback off some of the best investors on the planet. Plus, I give you a giant list of stocks you need to start researching immediately [41:42].

Inside this episode:
  • Guest: Genia Turanova, editor of Moneyflow Trader [15:52]
  • Educational segment: How to piggyback off the best investors [41:42]

(Transcript to come)

Editor’s note: In this week’s episode, Frank talks about 2-Second Trader, Curzio Research’s soon-to-be-launched weekly trading advisory edited by Rich Suttmeier. You’ll hear a lot more about it in coming weeks. But if you haven’t already, check out Chart of the Week—where Rich uses his proprietary trading system to tell readers when to buy or sell.


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