What the Tech Is Going On?

I have a few large-cap stocks that I’ve been touting for a long time. Today, I give you a rundown of four of my favorites, so you can make the best investment decision possible and continue to earn gains for the long term.

I also discuss the blockchain. This is complicated technology, but I believe it will help shape the future of payment processing. Today, I explain my stance.

Then, listener Jerry wants to know how to invest his money safely, since he’s struggled with this in the past. I explain a strategy for investing his retirement funds so he can sleep easy.

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0:50 – Listener question from Jamie: Which one stock from a recent list of suggestions would I pick? I give you a small rundown on four picks so you can make the smartest decision possible.

1:42 – What I see happening with AT&T after its bad earnings, and why they have to get the Time Warner deal done

3:23 – Why I think you should keep your eye on Intel

7:01 – Listener question from David: Where’s Wall Street Unplugged episode 615 guest Danielle DiMartino Booth investing if she has nothing in the markets?

14:55 – Listener question from Roy: Roy wants to know if I think governments would outlaw crypto currencies. For me, I think the blockchain is an important technology for our future.

21:54 – Listener question from Jerry: Jerry wants to know a safe way to invest his money since his previous efforts have struggled.

25:14 – Why I think Jerry should look at some dividend funds.

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