Wall Street Unplugged
Episode: 795September 16, 2021

What I learned as a fly on the wall among America’s political elite

I just returned from a quick business trip to Texas, where I had the opportunity to meet several elites… from the state governor to well-known billionaires. I share details of the great trip… and explain the power of a massive network. [0:30]

Vaccine mandates continue to dominate headlines. Daniel and I discuss the various impacts of possible mandatory vaccines for air travel. [9:15]

China—which has caused volatility across industries in recent months—is now taking aim at the casino sector. We discuss why uncertainty is terrible for investors… and debate whether it’s time to build some exposure to China. [19:00]

With uranium prices continuing to surge, our interview with Amir Adnani from a couple of weeks ago couldn’t have come at a better time. I explain why you want exposure to this sector… [26:13]

Inside this episode:
  • My meeting with several elites [0:30]
  • How vaccine mandates could impact travel [9:15]
  • China is taking aim at casinos [19:00]
  • Why you want exposure to uranium [26:13]

Wall Street Unplugged | 795

What I learned as a fly on the wall among America’s political elite

Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged looks beyond the regular headlines, heard on mainstream financial media, to bring you unscripted interviews and breaking commentary direct from Wall Street, right to you on Main Street.

Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s September 16th. I’m Frank Curzio, and this is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast, where I break the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets. So, a new format. Going to go right into it with Daniel. Want to get some feedback on a new format, so separate to three different days. Today’s a day that Daniel and I talk about the biggest stories in the market, what’s going on, how to play them, how to make money, fun segment. Daniel, bring you in. What’s going on, buddy? How’s everything?

Daniel Creech: Frank Curzio. Doing well, sir. How about you?

Frank Curzio: Tired. Really, really tired coming in last night.

Daniel Creech: I bet. I got to admit, we’re going to have to do different rooms here in the studio because I don’t even know if I can be around you anymore. I mean, you’re a bigwig now. I don’t know how much you’re going to the super-secret meeting you just got back from, but wow.

Frank Curzio: It was. I mean, that wasn’t the purpose for me to go there. It was a much bigger purpose to meet somebody, but it was actually a fundraiser for Ryan Zinke, who’s running for Congress in Montana. So, they had this party in Dallas and it was one of the craziest things because they had it at, the guy that I was going to meet, his best friend owns a house and the house had to be a hundred rooms. One of the biggest places I’ve ever seen in my… The ballroom was probably $5 million alone. It was 60 people. Then next thing you know, Governor Abbott walks in and he’s like, “Hey.” He’s dressed down, hanging out. And I mean, the people that were there, it was almost borderline uncomfortable, but I loved Abbott.

Frank Curzio: He was a great guy. He was really, really cool. And listen, I’m not a political guy. I don’t like being around those circles. But one thing is sure, when you see people like that, it was another level. And I’m not saying for me to say that, but I’ve talked to leading CEOs. I mean, the people that were there, I would say, maybe out of 60, more than 10% of the crowd were billionaires.

Daniel Creech: Billionaires with a B?

Frank Curzio: B with a billion. Yeah. So, it was really cool.

Daniel Creech: That’s good company.

Frank Curzio: I met a lot of these people, great contacts. But for me, getting in those circles, I mean, these are the people who you could talk to. If they like ideas, they’ll throw millions behind it. They’re in the biggest trends. Just one guy, I didn’t even know his dad was a billionaire, but he’s funding his son, who’s one of the top gamers in the world for Call of Duty. He’s a fantastic kid, and he was telling me that the reason why he’s based in Dallas, because you have that split second difference, which is the difference between winning and losing. And he makes millions of dollars a year. And his dad’s funding him with a whole new platform ,and it’s going to be really cool new format. I thought it was amazing what they do. And they’re coming out with their company pretty soon and raising money for it. One of the largest real estate developers, who’s building his own fricking city in California. I’m not kidding you, building his own city. Not a couple of buildings, his own city.

Daniel Creech: We need a Curzio City.

Frank Curzio:

We do need a Curzio City. We do need that.

Daniel Creech: What benefit do we get from this? Now that you’re rubbing shoulders with all these… Do we not have to pay taxes for a while?

Frank Curzio: I don’t. You still got to pay taxes. Sorry.

Daniel Creech: Damn it.

Frank Curzio: Yeah. I couldn’t put in a good word for you.

Daniel Creech: All right. That’s all right.

Frank Curzio: I was really impressed with the governor. I thought he was down to earth. He was really cool. They were talking to have Ryan against someone who I met on a business trip already. Great guy, former Navy seal. And just talking about that aspect. And when Ryan got up there, he was talking about these people and who served. The Afghanistan thing is huge. It’s so huge. We left people behind. It doesn’t matter who the president, whatever. That’s something that every single… Nobody does that. So, that was a big topic. And he was just telling us how a lot of people feel. And, from that point of view, from the military point of view and that was pretty powerful.

Frank Curzio: Governor Abbott’s going around shaking hands, just hanging out with everybody. It was like 60 people, so it wasn’t a big party. And this house was, if you saw the old Dynasty, times that by 10. I mean, easily over a hundred million dollar house. It was something I’ve never seen before, but it was almost like an uncomfortable kind of thing. Not my crowd. But I do know that, covering all the industries, I’ve always had great conversations with all of them. It doesn’t matter what industry they were in, I was able to talk to them and it was fantastic. And building those contacts and having people like that and being able to have those contacts to raise money. Another one was software engineers, cool kid, a young guy.

Frank Curzio: I was like, “How many employees you have?” I think he had 125 employees. I said, “How much revenue you doing?” And he’s like, “150 million a year.” And he’s like, “I’m not looking to go public at all.” And this is a software development IT thing, and he said he can’t find anybody to work for him because it’s just so hard, the labor. But he said that no one’s really doing what he’s doing in the oil industry. And yeah, he’s just a really good guy. And he’s like, “I’m not going public. I like the way we are right now. It’s really cool. But we are looking for people, and we just can’t find people.” He’s like, “Even from India, whatever, I can’t get anyone here.” And just meeting a lot of really cool, down-to-earth people as well. You have the arrogant there and they’re like, “Hey.”

Daniel Creech: You get that with poor people.

Frank Curzio: Which is fine. Yeah. You get that with everybody. But it was cool. But the reason why I went there is the person I’m talking to has helped me out a lot with a couple of things that we’re going to be doing with our company.

Daniel Creech: That’s great. Hey, two things I got to ask. One is what was the adult beverages there? Were you all doing martinis or was it beer there?

Frank Curzio: There was everything.

Daniel Creech: Everything of course.

Frank Curzio: There was three bars. He has three bars. It’s not like they set up bars. They’re actually bars with all top shelf.

Daniel Creech: Nice.

Frank Curzio: Everything. Wine, everything. But everything obviously top shelf for a party like that.

Daniel Creech: The other thing I think about is, what’s the saying? You’re seven people away from knowing everybody in the world basically. Is it seven?

Frank Curzio: Yeah, I think so. Is that the Kevin Bacon game or something?

Daniel Creech: Yeah. But what you just said is like, man, everybody you just met there, you’re one person away from everybody they know. And when you’re in a room like that and people are traveling all the time, it’s kind of neat. It’s fun to think about how small the world is in a sense like that.

Frank Curzio: It is. It provides good podcast guests. And some of these guys are down to earth, some of these guys came from nothing. And, for me, the networking is huge because these guys have massive people within their network. And, for me being on both sides. We mentioned it last week, right? Where we know that the big technology companies are funding the Democratic platform, but they also are funding Republican platforms. They just donate more to whatever party they want because they need those connections and everything. But you really have to be in those rooms, even though it’s uncomfortable.

Daniel Creech: You’ll get used to it, Frank, it’s all right.

Frank Curzio: I wasn’t too uncomfortable because everyone was drinking at the end and having a lot of fun and stuff and it was really cool, but it was a great party. Great ideas. I might be able to get two, three guys on my podcast, but it was definitely worth it. I also met a few companies before that, had meetings set up. Think I saw Shooter McGavin, which is the highlight of my fricking trip, Shooter McGavin. Oh my God. It was awesome. I looked at him and I sent a picture and someone was like, that’s not him. I looked at him. I don’t know why that was more important than meeting the governor. For me, it’s just Shooter McGavin.

Daniel Creech: Happy Gilmore is a great movie.

Frank Curzio: And I just did a TikTok video thing, which was cool, with Adam Sandler. Going back and forth, like Shooter I’m coming after you. It was just great. So Happy Gilmore, but it was funny. Then a couple of New Orleans Saints players walked into where we’re eating breakfast, which was a hole-in-the-wall place that had… They had serving five omelets and stuff, five egg omelets. There’s all this great, great breakfast. It was unbelievable. And yeah, these guys walked in because they’re practicing in Dallas, but Dallas is like… I could tell you, Dallas is definitely, definitely the gold digger capital of the world. I mean, holy cow.

Daniel Creech: Gold digger capital of the world.

Frank Curzio: Of the world, by far. By far, and I’ve traveled and holy cow, holy cow. And we were in a high, exclusive area in Dallas, but holy cow, it was like…

Daniel Creech: Yeah, you were at a hundred room house. I would say you’re in an exclusive area.

Frank Curzio: Yeah, it was…

Daniel Creech: So, for all you subscribers and listeners, isn’t this great? Frank’s down-to-earth, rubbing shoulders with football players, governors and all that. That’s wonderful.

Frank Curzio: Yeah. I mean, and going on a plane was not the easiest thing either, and that’s a good segue for this, guys. I’m going to be able to provide… They were asking me about stock trends and stuff, and we’ll get to uranium in a minute because we had Amir on in the first and some of the gains that we saw having them on, just before all these things really took off in uranium, uranium spot price is at $50. We go over that in a minute, which is incredible. I think that did two weeks ago to 32, 31. But have some great ideas, private ideas as well I’m going to share with Curzio One, and also with the Curzio Venture members, and things that we may be able to get into. So a lot of deals going on and people talking about that, which is fantastic, but I’ll get more into that with subscribers.

Frank Curzio: But the COVID thing and getting the vaccine, it’s a big deal. I got my first shot, and I got to get my other one in probably about two weeks. But talking to a lot of people and going over… Again, it is Texas. Texas is similar to Florida. I would say Florida is a little more hands off than Texas. There’s a lot of places who were mandating masks where I was in Dallas still, but that’s just in Dallas. But, again, they just…

Daniel Creech: Finish your thought on the flying thing because the segue there is that, what? Fauci or Fowchee, however you say that guy’s name, is for, according to recent reports, about mandating vaccines to even require domestic travel. So this guy, who is not vaccinated, is going to Arizona in a couple weeks, and I had to buy my ticket quickly because, if they make that rule, then I’m going to be restrained to wherever I can drive. Which limits overseas travel, Frank.

Frank Curzio: It already, I mean, overseas travel. Even if you have the vaccine, they make you test. They do everything. But you’re right, it’s-

Daniel Creech: It’s a good thing for me I’m okay with being bored here at the good old US of A.

Frank Curzio: Yeah. I mean, you asked me a question, you were like, would you ever mandate for your company people get vaccinated? Absolutely not. I would never do that. So, that’s just my company, but they are doing that at a lot-

Daniel Creech: That’s good for all my fans. At least I’m going to have a job for a while then.

Frank Curzio: But, for me, look, I can’t go to consumer electronics show. I can’t go to… This was okay in Texas, but there’s other places that I’m going in probably New York and also to Baltimore to meetings set up over the next probably month, month and a half. And I’m not going to be able to go indoors, unless you get vaccinated for New York. So, for me, I hate it. And I was always like, and every time we talk about COVID, daniel@curzioresearch.com, you can email him, because I always get…

Daniel Creech: Send me your love.

Frank Curzio: Send the love, baby, send the love. But, for me, I want to know this is a very simple study. So, people who had COVID already, like myself, what’s a percentage of those people getting the Delta Variant? How long do those antibodies last compared to people who got the vaccine who didn’t have COVID? So, they didn’t have COVID, got the vaccine, and they’re getting the Delta. They’re getting infected with Delta. So, for me, I want to look at it as what’s the percentages? How long? And that’s pretty easy to find out. We talked about this, Dan. That’s a pretty easy statistic to find out. Because if you have COVID, they’re going to mark you down as having COVID. If you get the vaccine, you’re in a record database. It’s just typing it in and spitting it out.

Frank Curzio: They won’t give us those numbers for some fucking reason. We know what reason, but why is this political for? Because I think they think a lot of people that aren’t taking the vaccines are anti-vax, and I would say the majority are not. Some people are, but for people like me, I would just want to know if I really need it. And even when you have Doctor Fauci and you have Gottlieb going on saying, we don’t know how long the antibodies last, the natural antibodies. So luckily, I have great contacts, like I said, with my doctors and stuff like that. And one of them sent me the results of a test that was done in Israel, which is the first country in the world to fully vaccinate a majority of its citizens against COVID. Now, they’re seeing one of the world’s highest infection rates from Delta, which is very interesting.

Frank Curzio: So, they did a study comparing exactly what I wanted. That people had the vaccine who are now getting COVID again. And those antibodies with those people, how does that work with the… From the vaccine? To those who had COVID, have natural antibodies, and are getting Delta, getting COVID again. So, the point is to see how long antibodies protect you compared to the vaccine. And it showed well, natural immunity does decline over time. Those who did not have COVID, so these are the people that did not have COVID but got the vaccine, these people had nearly sixfold increase in getting the new Delta Variant compared to those who already had COVID but were not vaccinated. That’s a freaking big deal.

Daniel Creech: That is, yeah.

Frank Curzio: That’s a big deal. All right. So, that’s a study with the largest country-

Daniel Creech: So you didn’t have it, you got the vaccine, and then you got it?

Frank Curzio: Basically you’re almost six times more likely to get Delta if you’re vaccinated compared to if you have COVID and not vaccinated.

Daniel Creech: Gotcha. Okay.

Frank Curzio: Showing that the antibodies, while they were declining, they still work. They work better than the vaccine. Now the thing is, how long? They don’t know how long. Maybe it is nine months and fine, then get the vaccine. That’s fine. I’m not saying anybody with underlying conditions. That’s a pretty big deal. But the fact that we won’t release those numbers, is crazy to me. I mean, it’s absolutely crazy. And the reason why they won’t release those numbers is because, like Biden said when he got on TV, he’s like… For the hurricane, remember before the hurricane hit. The best thing you could do for the hurricane, the best way, get vaccinated. What?

Daniel Creech: That makes sense.

Frank Curzio: But anyway, it’s this whole meant to push it. But listen, the bottom line is this, from an investment standpoint and from a personal standpoint, if you haven’t got it, if you want to travel, you’re going to have to get it. That’s the way they’re going to make it. I see this boarding flights, you’re going to have these passes that you’re going to have to flash. That’s going to happen. It’s almost a guarantee. So, for me, I have to get it. I just wish I had more data I knew. It’s not that I believe, now that I’ve got the vaccine, I’m going to die or anything. It’s just I don’t really know if I need it. I don’t know if my family needs it. We didn’t get COVID again from Delta and Delta spread in our area, just like it’s spread in a lot of areas here, and none of us got it. And a lot of people we know that got the vaccine did get it. So, it’s just interesting where you want to see some facts and figures. But we talked about this, Dan, the best way is to play it a lot.

Daniel Creech: Well, I don’t know how you can’t expose yourself to some pharmaceutical stocks, but as long as we’re on the thing of guarantees, how does the market not pull back? If you mandate this across for regular air travel, you got to be careful with gut reactions. But I don’t know why you would stay in travel and leisure stocks, because I don’t think that… Let’s use round numbers. Let’s say there’s 70 to 80 million people that aren’t vaccinated right now, give or take. What percentage of those are just going to go get vaccinated right away in order to get on an airplane?

Daniel Creech: I don’t know, but that’s the big nervous for me about I’ve been uncomfortably bullish for a long time, because we’ve talked about the Fed, and the programs in place, and the liquidity, but as more and more of these mandates start out, I don’t know how that doesn’t affect businesses, bottom lines, and margins, because you’re going to really have just a bigger wedge and split between Americans, corporations, and customers. And I don’t see how that that doesn’t significantly pull back in certain stocks that we’re already seeing, as well as the broader market. So, that’s a big deal.

Frank Curzio: It is a big deal. Not even that, even if you… I don’t know if that is such a big deal because you get to see people who you think are going to travel I guess are not going to travel anymore, maybe. But I still think it’s a big deal that, even if you get vaccinated, for me, international travel, the biggest thing is when you’re someplace else, you have to get tested, regardless if you had the vaccine. Or whatever, if you had COVID, it doesn’t matter, you got to get tested. And say, if you do have COVID, because you’re around a whole bunch of new people. Now, you’ve forced to stay there. And I’ve heard stories from people. It’s not just staying there for two weeks, which is a massive cost. It’s expensive for a vacation. You’re booking probably a week, 10 days, whatever. Now, you got to stay an extra two weeks. But they put you in a special facility and you’re overseas. People don’t speak English. It’s like, holy shit. Not going to speak your language. It’s crazy when you have kids.

Daniel Creech: This is in lieu of corporations already talking about travel, business travel, isn’t going to come back for at least another year. We’re talking pre-COVID 2019 levels. But how does that timeline not continue to get pushed out the more and more rules and regulations you put up? And that’s what’s just crazy to me on the travel and things like that. I’m not saying to sell everything right now. There’s still a lot of unknowns and unknowns are dangerous, but the way it’s going, just man.

Frank Curzio: And let’s dig into-

Daniel Creech: I don’t know how capital doesn’t fly out of that.

Frank Curzio: I can tell you why you would stay in these stocks, because we’re in a lot of these stocks and I’m not selling them yet, is because I just booked my trip and I’ve never seen it like this. So, a lot of times I use Expedia. I do fly Delta. I flew American Airlines, which was awesome. The only reason why is because I didn’t know Delta, at least the time I wanted to go, does not fly direct to Dallas from Jacksonville. So, I flew American Airlines and had a great experience. I usually fly Delta because their hub is here, new planes, but this was brand new planes. It was really, really good experience. They actually gave you food, a nice meal, which they didn’t do.

Daniel Creech: What? How long was your flight? What do you mean you got a free meal?

Frank Curzio: Three hours, and I’m in first class, not because I’m like-

Daniel Creech: Hey, I told you everybody. Frank’s a different guy. I told you.

Frank Curzio: No, no. I booked about five different trips that I canceled. And when I canceled them, which was a Dominican trip as well, they give you credits. So, they don’t give you… So, you have these credits over certain times. So, I’m just using those and just being able to upgrade, it makes it a lot easier. So, they don’t do that for Delta, which was interesting. But when I booked a hotel, usually when you go through Expedia, they say their full price is this. Then they were charging an extra, this doesn’t include 35, 40, $50 a night extra. I was like, all right, what the fuck? So now, I booked a hotel. It was $150 a night for a hotel that we booked. Again, it was a pretty good rate for the hotel that we got. And again, it was in the middle of the week.

Frank Curzio: And by the time I checked out, so you can do those two days. So, it was 300, it was $480 by the time I checked out. And I was like, holy shit, that’s a big deal. So, the amount of fees that they’re charging on top of that is insane right now. And I went directly to the website and they’re like, it starts at $200. I’m like, but it turned out to be the same price if we went directly to the hotel. So, you’re looking at the fees that they are charging right now. These hotels are fricking insane, insane. And it’s going to get worse. I mean, I’m going to the consumer electronics show in January and that was always $6 a night. So, I go there for seven days. It’s a big event, four, five days.

Frank Curzio: I have lots of meetings set up, everything. We get the media badge, it’s cool. We have access to everything. And man, it used to be $50 a night extra, $60 a night extra, $70 a night extra, which adds up. I mean, now it’s going to be a hundred dollars a night extra, holy shit. But you’re seeing the fees within all these platforms get raised tremendously. So, that’s probably why you’re seeing earnings explode in this industry. But again, when you look at COVID and stuff, it is scary. And when you look at travel-related stocks, let’s do the segue that you talked about with the casino names and how much these companies have gotten killed.

Daniel Creech: Yeah. And you’ve talked about this a handful of times. Wynn is well off its highs, just like other casino stocks. And over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about China’s cracking down on everything from online education to video games. Now, casinos. I was reading yesterday, so MGM Vegas… How would you dumb this down real quick, Frank? Vegas is nothing compared to Macau gambling revenues.

Frank Curzio: Yeah, I wouldn’t say nothing, but it’s…

Daniel Creech: I don’t have the number right in front of me, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to…

Frank Curzio: 10 years ago it surpassed them. But it’s…

Daniel Creech: It’s wild.

Frank Curzio: Yeah.

Daniel Creech: But China announced this 45-day consultation period where, in the next year, you’re going to have start bidding for these licenses. And the big investor takeaway here, and I’ve been on this China thing, and we’ll keep this short with Soros, as I’ve joked about a couple of weeks ago. And he’s going after BlackRock and all this kind of thing. And it’s just funny to watch all these guys throw mud at each other. However, the big takeaway here is the unknown is a huge risk to investments. And now, you’re entering this period where I don’t understand how these aren’t just tradable stocks, Frank. So, I want to try to provide value for all you guys out there.

Daniel Creech: I’m not saying to avoid this like the plague, I’m simply saying this isn’t an infomercial, Frank. This isn’t one of those, buy it, set it and forget it. I would trade around these if you want it all. Or, I would just sit on the sidelines because now you have to worry about, Frank, you and I just built a huge multi-billion dollar casino overseas. And now, next year, we have to hope that we can negotiate with the government to get our licenses back so that we can operate this multi-billion dollar facility.

Frank Curzio: I have a chart-

Daniel Creech: I want that deal, Frank. I want to be that guy. Hey, thanks for doing this. Now, what are we going to charge you to keep doing it?

Frank Curzio: And these things are-

Daniel Creech: What are you going to do? Are you going to pick up your building and put it on a container ship? You can’t rent right now and bring it home. No.

Frank Curzio: It’s crazy, the moves in these stocks too. I have it up right now. So, I mean, it’s one thing to say, hey, they’re down 30, 40% from the highs, but you’re looking at it was 135, now it’s 86. But even in the last month, when you’re looking at Wynn…

Daniel Creech: Just the last couple of days, look at that.

Frank Curzio: It was 103. So, this is the 13th and say the 16th. And it’s 86, so these things got killed in Las Vegas Sands. Now, why am I bringing those two up? It’s because I’ve visited Macau. I’m very familiar with this trend. And there was only three licenses given to US-based companies. MGM was one of them. But Wynn and Las Vegas Sands became as close to pure plays, even though Wynn and Las Vegas Sands have their resorts in other places around countries and stuff like that. But they went all-in on that.

Frank Curzio: So, they were able to get granted three licenses. And in Macau, they built out these amazing hotels. I visited them. Incredible, incredible. Much better than the Vegas hotels that they built. And now, you’re pulling back. So, again, China finding ways to hurt everybody else, pulling back in different industries, just crushing everything. Guys, you got to be careful. Dan, if you have exposure to China, be careful because, as big as China is, and a lot of companies and especially Apple is in bed with them. And they have to be because, again, that’s the biggest growth market in the world so everyone wants to be involved with them and they’ll cut corners and do whatever. But you need to be careful, not just China. But the bigger lesson here, I think, is just when you’re looking at different countries and people… Usually, China doesn’t do what they’re doing right now.

Frank Curzio: It’s not as crazy. But when you invest in mining companies and it’s an unfurling mining district, the government could turn around and say, okay… The mine could be the best mine in the world. Holy shit, these guys are dead right. Huge grade, massive. This things worth $2 billion and the market caps a hundred million, that thing goes all the way up, 10X. And then next thing you know, the government’s like, well, we’re going to take 70% of that and you’re dead. You got to be careful. So, with these companies going all-in on that growth market, and now you’re seeing shit like this come up, it’s scary. I disagree with you. On the other hand, and to the point where I don’t know if I’d have… If you have specular money, whatever, buying these things at this discount, I would think.

Frank Curzio: Because at the end of the day, you got to have few people coming in. It’s going to be less revenue to the government over there. These guys with the government, they make their money just like our government makes their money. So, they’re going to make their money but are you going to really crush these guys to the point where it’s hurting yourself?

Daniel Creech: That’s a good point.

Frank Curzio: That’s why cigarettes aren’t banned. Because they know people are addicted. They can raise the prices tremendously. And now, you’re actually seeing cigarette companies actually grow their earnings a lot because they’re able to pass on those… They didn’t ban it completely. They just said, hey, we’re taking more money from you. And that’s what the governments do. So, they won’t want to just say, okay, outlaw it, no way, no cigarettes, because then they lose tons of revenue. So, seeing these things down from 130 to 80, at least Wynn and Las Vegas Sands getting crushed, again, people could have said two weeks ago that-

Daniel Creech: I like this-

Frank Curzio: I saw a lot of people on CNBC say, it’s a buying opportunity for many of these stocks.

Daniel Creech: I can tell though, it’s getting low enough to where you’re looking at it. I like that. I see the wheels turning. That’s good.

Frank Curzio: Well, listen. This is just classic for me. What I’ve learned in markets. When everybody’s talking about a risk, and Tesla’s a good example of this. I love watching Twitter and people say the batteries will blow it up, and false accounting, and Elon Musk is an asshole, and all this shit. They’re saying the same shit that they’ve said for the past four years, five years. Okay.

Daniel Creech: Good point.

Frank Curzio: It’s just like Herbalife, same thing with Ackman saying, “It’s a Ponzi scheme. It’s a Ponzi scheme,” for three years. Three years. If you couldn’t figure out it’s Ponzi scheme, not that a Ponzi scheme. It’s illegal. It’s just, hey, I’m selling it. You want to get more people to sell and everybody makes money. Whatever. You could debate that.

Daniel Creech: Frank, don’t say Ponzi. Say pyramid. It sounds better.

Frank Curzio: Pyramid. It’s a pyramid scheme. That’s what I said. But I think he did say Ponzi.

Daniel Creech: He said Ponzi, yeah.

Frank Curzio: He said Ponzi, but it was more like a pyramid. But anyway, you’re right. So he… For three years. I’m like, if you couldn’t figure it out and you got the government after him, you did all this shit.

Daniel Creech: I’m with you, yep.

Frank Curzio: Then, finally, he sold. But when you’re looking at this and saying, okay, what’s factored into this. The whole fricking China story is factored into these things. I mean, the market cap that these guys lost. I mean, 40% of the market cap. You’re looking at a lot of this stuff. When is it priced in? And a lot of times people look at it and say, holy shit, things are bad. But a lot of this is priced in where you just need a little bit of good news, the government to ease up a little bit, and you can see this thing really, really go.

Daniel Creech: And one quick thing here, last thing on the investor takeaway there, is the nice thing about investing is, when prices go down, your risk goes down along with that. So, as Wynn keeps dropping, if MGM keeps dropping, the risk to your point is being baked in. It’s in the process of being priced in. And that’s a good thing. It’s hard to buy when things are running down. But to Frank’s point, that’s when you want to look at it. I would still use it as a hedge and a trading opportunity. We have to timestamp this Frank, because I just don’t think the crackdowns are going to-

Frank Curzio: We’ve had several come on this podcast and say it was time to buy one of the China stocks. And it looked like it was going to be good and it winded up crashing. So, it’s going to catch a falling knife here, but-

Daniel Creech: Absolutely. But I do like the thing though, when prices drop, so does risk. And that’s a big takeaway and people need to write that down somewhere because that’ll help you out in the future.

Frank Curzio: And watch the insiders. I like to see insiders purchase here because they’re purchasing. Then they know that, hey, I would be a lot more comfortable buying it here than waiting for the trend to be in your favor. But if I see insiders buying, obviously, I’m not going to be buying it unless they think this is completely over sold and China’s going to ease up a little bit. But, again, it’s speculative. But a lot of this stuff is priced in. Wait out a little bit, maybe wait for it to move five, 10% higher. You’re still going to be perfectly fine.

Daniel Creech: I was going to say, you-

Frank Curzio: From 130 to 90, it’s 80, whatever, that’s the way to play it. And the last thing I want to get to today, which we got three minutes left, is uranium. So, we had Amir on and uranium has gone parabolic. It’s incredible to see what that entity with Sprott and buying those physical pounds off the market. Guys, I hope you listen with Amir. Price has just started going up. I think they were 31, 32 and now the spot price is at 50. They continue to go higher. And this is not a GameStop or AMC thing. This is a move based on a fundamental change in the marketplace. Let’s take a massive supply off the market, which is Sprott and their new entity, buying uranium. And how much did they raise Daniel? How much was it?

Daniel Creech: Well, the upset is about 300 million. And the Sprott uranium fund that we had talked about with your, excuse me, with Amir, and then in the Dollar Stock Club… And they upsize that offering, or that’s not the right term, Frank, but they put it to 1.3 billion. So, they raised an extra billion or got the okay to.

Frank Curzio: Okay, guys, that’s not just mom and pop money coming in. That’s hedge funds, massive hedge funds, big, big money going into this industry. And they are in it long-term because you’re seeing that it’s one of the first times, in over a decade, where you have price discovery for uranium. You didn’t have that. So, electricity companies who need to lock in these freaking prices. They need mass supply of this stuff. And a lot of supply has come off the market. They stop just providing uranium for Cameco cut backs, Cigar Lake, and their two biggest projects and all that. But now you’re seeing everything come together because electricity companies, with the prices going up, they’re being forced to go in there and buy this because they’re like, holy shit. Now, we need to lock in these long-term contracts.

Frank Curzio: And that was like the bearish thesis a little bit. For me, I was like, man, at $30, how come the electricity companies aren’t coming in, where we’re seeing supply and demand bounce completely in the bull’s favor? Now, you’re seeing that it’s a perfect storm. I hope you listen to the interview with Amir. That was on September 1st, guys. When we did that, Uranium Royalty was the company talked about. His company was $3. It’s over five. That’s 66% gains in two weeks. UEC was 250. It’s 370 today. That’s 50% gain. Azarga Uranium, which is one of my holdings I talked to you guys about. Azarga and UROY are the two, Uranium Royalty, two companies I own. That was at 30 cents. It’s over 60 because they’re getting taken over and, based on the conversion, the company that’s taken them over, people are buying that and it’s going higher and higher and higher.

Frank Curzio: And that’s a hundred percent gains. 60 cents, a hundred percent gain in a couple of weeks. That’s what I love about what I do. Is I try to get into things and you could have bought them a little bit earlier and did okay, but guys, those gains are incredible in a couple of weeks, by having the right people in the pockets, having the right connections, and getting into these things before everybody else. We did it with so many different trends, especially over the past six, nine months. And it’s something I pride myself on, bringing you guys stories ahead of everybody else. The people who uranium, ran uranium for the last seven, eight years, 10 years, good for them. But they also missed out on a major market move for us getting at this price and seeing these kinds of gains for a lot of you.

Frank Curzio: If you follow our advice, I’m really, really happy for you. I’d love to hear from you, frank@curzioresearch.com, about some of those gains that you made, not just for me, but for yourself. Because I know a lot of you invest in uranium and get a lot of calls on per diem. I mean, I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. This isn’t the AMC thing where you got a Reddit crowd and just try to force short sells. This is actual fricking demand coming in that needs to be done and prices going higher, forcing the issue.

Daniel Creech: Yeah. It’s not because of Reddit, but the Reddit WallStreetBets crowd, if not involved yet, they are and they will be. So yeah, get exposure. The takeaway there is have exposure to uranium. It’s not over.

Frank Curzio: Nah, good stuff. All right, man. So, we want to keep this at 30 minutes and we are just at that mark right now. So Daniel, thank you so much for coming in. We’re going to be doing this every Thursday. Guys, let us know if there’s topics you want to talk about. Any questions, frank@curzioresearch.com. Let us know. We like discussing it, how you make money off these trends. And yeah, this is probably the most popular segment in terms of emails and what we get. And we both love doing this. So Dan, I want to say thanks so much for coming on board and…

Daniel Creech: Cheers.

Frank Curzio: Yeah guys, listen, we’re a hundred percent transition into our new format. So, I want to hear from you, frank@curzioresearch.com, always open to making this podcast better for you. We do so many more things. We are doing some more great changes coming up. Not really changes, but just filtering our content, breaking up these parts of the videos into smaller segments. It’s a minute 30 seconds. Putting them all over social media. Just rebuilding our website around this. Really, really exciting times. But yeah, we’re going to start having it. We’re going to get a producer in here who’s going to be doing all the… Because I do a lot of camera work and stuff. So, it’s getting real now. It’s getting to be a real show. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and that’s thanks to you. So again, I’d like to hear from you, frank@curzioresearch.com. That’s it for me. I really appreciate all the support. And I’ll see you guys next week. Take care.

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