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By Curzio ResearchJune 21, 2024

Trump and Biden’s latest standoff will send crypto surging

Biden v. Trump

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump don’t agree on much…

But they’ve recently started singing the same tune about a surprising topic…


As the presidential election approaches, both candidates are suddenly positioning themselves as “the crypto-friendly president.”

Today, we’ll dig into this surprising turn of events… and how it’ll impact Bitcoin heading into the election.

The blockchain battleground

The 2024 election is turning into a watershed moment for cryptocurrency. 

For the first time in history, digital assets have become a key campaign issue… as both Republican and Democratic camps try to attract younger, tech-savvy voters.

Interestingly, this is a pivot for both Biden and Trump—as neither has been particularly pro-crypto.

But as the election looms and it becomes clear that the vote will once again be incredibly close… both camps seem to recognize the importance of appealing to crypto-friendly voters.

While “crypto voters” hardly make up the majority… poll results show there are enough of them in critical swing states to ultimately impact the outcome of the election.

(It’s also worth noting that crypto investors represent a wealthy voter base—which means more political donations and campaign dollars.)

As an aside, Biden’s sudden pro-crypto pivot is particularly interesting, considering that during his four years in office, he’s been decidedly anti-crypto.

For one thing, he’s had the past four years to establish crypto regulations, and he hasn’t.

More notably, his administration was behind “Operation Choke Point 2.0”—aka, the government’s efforts to go after any business remotely associated with crypto (including ours).

Now, suddenly, his team is showing up at crypto meetings and roundtables.

Put simply, his about-face is likely to piss off the anti-crypto lobby he’s been catering to throughout his administration.

For Frank and Daniel’s full discussion on the “Bitcoin election,” tune into the latest WSU Premium.

But regardless of the behind-the-scenes politicking, the situation is good news for crypto…

How to profit from crypto’s coming surge

Whether either Trump or Biden would actually support crypto in office remains to be seen…

But given the sudden bipartisan support heading into the election, crypto assets could easily surge as the rhetoric heats up and campaign promises start flowing.

Don’t wait for the election cycle to kick into high gear—consider allocating a portion of your portfolio to Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies today. For some of our favorite recommendations, check out Crypto Intelligence.

(As always, consult with your financial advisor to determine the right level of crypto exposure for your risk tolerance and investment goals.)

By positioning yourself ahead of this potential surge, you could ride the wave of one of the most significant financial trends of our lifetime.

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