Wall Street Unplugged
Episode: 1025April 5, 2023

The truth behind the government’s crypto crackdown

Cryptocurrency regulation

March Madness is over—and what an incredible tournament it was! I start today’s show with a recap of the Final Four… and share some tough truths about recent NCAA championship games.

Moving onto more serious matters…

As I mentioned last month, Bank of America shut off our banking services with little warning and no explanation. It’s a result of the government’s crackdown on every business even remotely connected to crypto. 

After doing some digging, I’m shocked at what’s going on behind the scenes…

I explain how one government “henchman” has gone mad with power… why everyone with a bank account should be worried… and how this unconstitutional attack on the crypto space helped trigger last month’s banking crisis.

This isn’t the first time the government has targeted specific industries in the private sector. We saw the same thing play out during the Obama Administration with Operation Choke Point—when the government investigated banks tied to gun companies and payday lenders. I break down how one law firm successfully sued the government to stop the campaign… and that same firm is tackling the current crypto crackdown, which it’s calling “Operation Choke Point 2.0.”

This story is just starting to unfold… and Daniel and I will be uncovering more details in the weeks to come on WSU Premium. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can sign up here. You can’t afford to ignore this story.


Inside this episode:
  • A recap of the Final Four [0:30]
  • Start building your elite art collection [6:52]
  • Why everyone with a bank account should be worried [8:28]
  • How history is repeating with Operation Choke Point [12:30]
  • How the crypto crackdown contributed to the banking crisis [20:20]
  • Get all the details of this story with WSU Premium [29:14]
Frank Curzio
Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 12 million times.

Wall Street Unplugged | 1025

The truth behind the government’s crypto crackdown

Frank Curzio:

How’s it going out there. It’s April 5th.

I’m Frank Curzio. This is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast where I break down the headlines

And tell you what’s really moving these markets.

Hope all you enjoyed the NCAA tournament.

Favorite time of the year. Championship game is

on Monday.

This year there was no number seeds. I think it was the

first time that not any number one seeds made the Final Four.

But there was actually no number one, number two, number

three seats.

So everyone’s excited about this or

parody have the transfer portal

that allows you to leave a school and play that year and

you know, so if you’re good in like a division no one ever heard of you can go

to one of these big teams.

By the way, I just heard that.

Bill Self may be announcing his

retirement to health issues. I hope that’s not true the greatest coach.

Especially there right now. Hope that’s not true rumors about

We’ll see.

Maybe tournaments. It’s such a great time of the year.

And again when you listen to everyone they’re

like, this is great. You know you have these teams get in there. It’s so


I’m gonna say what everyone else is afraid to say,

but it kind of sucks.

It really does. I mean it’s nice if you see a team

get in here and there but not really to the championship. Yeah,

this Cinderella story like oh my God,

they could actually win and it’s great if it actually happens, but

how often does it happen?

You get some outside school. It’s never there when the

whole entire thing.

And when you look at all sports, you know, you have Boston you have

the Yankees you have the Patriots. Those are teams you either love or hate but

you always watch them either really hate them you love them makes exciting.

The dishes I’d say told me a Yukon right came out

of nowhere really they wouldn’t ranked number one.

Then the middle year again. I studied all these teams did a bracket and two

guys that I really respect picked Yukon. So

I went back and really looked at them and said why they just, you know, they started picking

up the middle of the year at the beginning of the million. They kind of fell and

they started pick it up again. They lost early in their tournament. I’m like ahead of

four seats up Division. I don’t know.

They bought everyone every single team they played they

be Gonzaga, which is a pretty good team by 26.

And then yeah the final four and they’re playing San

Diego State in the final being favored by only seven and a half points, which

I thought was a joke again because I got my 26 beat I

think was average point of victory was like 22 points.


was watching that game any fun. I mean he had fun maybe maybe

for like a minute they cut it to five

 and it was like two three points my Connecticut game is old, but the whole game from almost,

you know five minutes in

I mean the outcome was already.

Certain get it cut it to five but you didn’t

have that feeling like they were actually gonna blow it. Also, they you know, they didn’t want to blowing

them out.

Is that any fun for anyone watching the game like that? I mean,

I like to see a rating and I can’t picture him being any good.

I’m saying this year with NCAA Championship game, but for football, right?

You have Michigan blue whale have a

state of surprise and they played CCU you look forward to.

You know.

This Georgia Michigan matching but TCU beats, Michigan. I was

like Wow TCU man outside conference say making what

had to make the championship then they lose 65 to 7.

I mean come on, that’s a championship game. And you know,

what rather watch a great Super Bowl regardless of my

Eagles being in it, but you know, it was decided pretty much

by a touchdown wasn’t for some

Idiot ref making a terrible call.

Which I rant about but you kind of

wish for these things. But then you get these championship games that suck.

Right and you don’t want that you want these crazy games like the game before was

a buzzer beater right say neighbors state.

Florida Atlantic and stuff but you know, I get it and your root

for it, but do you really want that? I don’t I want

to really good championship game.

In this year, holy cow.

And even sucks for the woman’s tournament which you know, I never

 find exciting.

I just don’t I love woman Sports when it comes to tennis and

other things but basketball just was but yeah, yeah this

girl Caitlin. Who’s the Michael Jordan shooting

from Michael Jordan Price Steph Curry. And then

what do you do you give a like a technical? This is a first time did you

see the ratings on that game? I mean, holy cow is a great game can tell

us you great game. And what do they do? They give her

like a fourth foul on because she just pushed the ball out of the

Huddle and they call it like don’t you understand the situation like nobody

watches woman basketball very very few people. Just

look at the ratings is fact.

Now you have someone that you like holy cow want to see this is a great game Joel

over tiktok and everything. I mean just massive blew

away blow away every single championship

games ever watched easily and then the best

player you basically

You force her to play less time against a great

great team like Ellis. It’s just you know.


I don’t get it.

But for me watching games like this.

It’s not enjoyable like watching you condom. I even

tweet about like really seven and a half. You beat you blew out

Miami’s a good team. You kind of blew them out. Right? I mean they came

back even come back. I think it was 13 at the end.

But still that game was over every team that they played was basically over

half every team.

In last two or three they beat really good teams blow them

out, and now you’re playing San Diego State.

I’m like, they’re only fair by seven hit I should be fair by 15.

And watching that game. It was an exciting at all

and same again, Georgia blowing out

TCU. I mean people want to see that very judge me you want

to see that?

Well, that’s the times you teams on it. You just want to see really good game your sports

fan and and championships are really

s***** this year NCAA course the board.

Anyway, I’ll say it. Nobody else wants to

say but I’ll say it.

Those teams that get in the teams you hate

the Yankees, but yet, you know, I’m gonna watch them. I want someone to kill a Yankees.

I’m a Mets fan.

And that’s never make it hopefully maybe getting a

little bit better. Now Cohen’s a little you know, it’s nice when you worked like

a hundred billion dollars and just spending money on everyone and anything

which is cool. It’s nice. I don’t care. I’m a fan. Hopefully he

spends all his money goes broken advice every great player. That’s awesome. That should

be great.

but anyway

It was fun watching the game before I get to my monologue here,

which could be very personal.

A little bit of rant something you need you need to hear.

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As you guys know.

A few weeks ago I got a letter from Bank of America.

And it said I had a clear out my account for Curzio Research.

I didn’t break the law.

I haven’t been accused of breaking the law, I wasn’t accused of

anything except from being connected to the

crypto world by making an investment in a company.

That’s all I did.

And I had three weeks they gave me to clear out and all the tax season.

And when I called a number which they

gave me which they provided which you guys should know I played on this


They gave me no appeal process. No review. They just said f you

We’re closed, we’re no longer doing business with you.

and since then

I started doing a ton of research on why this happened.

And the s*** that I uncovered.

It should really scare the hell out of you.

Scare anyone actually has a bank account in the US.

Now, I’m not this fear-monger. I don’t make b******* claims to

scare people to buy my products. Anyone listen to me Wall Street Unpluggged podcast, this

podcast, for 15 years. I’ve been doing it just follow my career

for over 30s. They know that you know, you know this case where you’re new listener going. Okay

Trenton, I’m not I’m not trying to scare it. I got my

bank account close. I did nothing wrong.

Now it starts with a guy.

who I was unfamiliar with

and now

the whole world’s gonna get familiar with him. It’s gonna be because us because of

 me his name is Michael Hsu.

He decided that banks regulated about FDIC and even knows

 that warrant should no longer do business with people like me.

You might be saying who is this guy I never heard of him before this, right?


He’s probably one of the most powerful people in the world.

Because Hsu is a Comptroller

of Currency.

What does that mean? I heard that before I never

 knew what it meant.

It’s define as an independent Bureau of the US Department of

 the Treasury.

So OCC Charters regulates and supervises all

 National Banks Federal Savings associations

 and federal branches and agencies of foreign Banks.

They said we insure the banks we supervise operating a

 safe and sound manner provide a fair access to financial services. They

 say treat customers fairly this on their

 website and comply with aplicable laws and regulation the OCC.

receives no Appropriations from Congress

It’s interesting.

If you read the definition, you know that Hsu controls the money.

We all hear about the Fed.

The FED controls everything whoever’s running it.

Greenspan Bernanke Yellen Powell, whatever

hear about those people all the time the power they have over

 our lives over the global economy.

But if you look at what happened.

And you’re looking and you’re looking to Hsu?

I believe I’m pronouncing his name, right Hsu.

He controls them all.

He isn’t unelected dictator appointed by

 the president.

Running everything inside the office of the controller currency. Can

 this call the OCC?

I mean a bureaucracy if

ever there was one.

But in 2012 the OCC divides a similar

 plan to what they’re doing with crypto because here’s a

 guy and I went sorry, it’s January 27. You can

 look this up.

the FED wrote a letter based on OCC

and said

you know again a lot of lure jargon in there the research

 at homework for you basically saying that no one you better not do

 any business or crypto companies you can’t

As reason why every Bank even the big bank, so I can’t even blame Bank of

 America Bank of America was forced into this JP Morgan was for all these

 companies I would sign into a little bit of business.

And even a bigger ones like Signature.

It’s so great, bye-bye.

You were gone every single one of them.

And you look at this and you say what that yeah for me. I’m like what

 the hell is going on? I mean, did you supposed to be due

 process you’re supposed to be able to

call someone say wait what’s going on 100% of

 my review, you know, we’re financially we help people we’re independent. Okay

 from all the b*******. Why you come why would you

 do this to us?

Again, we opened up new bank accounts. We’re fine on that end, but it

 was a real pain in the ass. It was a shock imagine you’re running a business very

 busy. And also you’re like, well, you better close your bank

 accounts in three weeks. We’re gonna shut you down.

Send you a check.

And go elsewhere because we no longer.

Deem your business fit to do anything with

 our bank. We don’t want you to associate with our bank anymore. You’re like,

 wait a minute. You know what the f*** just happened.

But there’s a Playbook here because in 2012 the

 OCC devised a similar plan. There’s an aboministration

 they call the operation choke point.

So operation choke Point had one objective to Snuff out the

 kinds of businesses. They don’t like

they don’t care if they’re illegal or not.

Then at the pawn shops, when gun stores payday lenders

 gambling companies and told all

 the banks to lean on these guys to make sure you don’t provide accounts for them.

And people out of nowhere just said, hey, you know what, you’re done

 You don’t have an account at the bank. If you can’t operate through

 a bank the United States. You can’t really run a

 business. You can run a cash business. Okay, you can run different

 businesses I’m talking about if you really want to scale a business you need

 operations. You need ACH access. You need to pay your employees.

You can’t do that. If the bank says Fu you can’t do

 business with us, and that’s fine if that business is illegal.

The crypto is not illegal.

We’ve given

Kenzler, we give an SCC. We give the FCC. We give

 always right three four years. Andreessen Horowitz. It’s in 2019

 had this whole entire conference with

 regulatory authorities say, let’s regulate this. Let’s figure out

 rules in place. You have Coinbase you have Paxos. She

 have all these companies. It was at the Wyoming trying to fill out started State

 Charter Bank.

As a holding company to do business within crypto

 that was put on hold for two years that they actually sued the

 government for and said, okay. We need this approval. Why

 the hell are you doing this? And you know when they said no January 26

 the day before they sent up the letter the 27th that all the banks can no

 longer do business crypto companies.

but again, this is

A playbook

and it’s happened under the Democratic watch under again


don’t want to get political here, but this happened on the bottom Administration

 and then you’ll hear how it got


A couple years later on the new Administration and now it’s happening again picking and

 choosing what industries.

could do banking

with US Banks

So back, then they made them shut down.

You look at Bankers. Now. They said you know for criminal at first,

 I’m not gonna do I’m not gonna shut down this the beginning and

 actually there’s you know,

they came back the government said your decision and move forward result and

 immediate unplanned audit of your entire Bank. This is

 a direct quote according to the banker.

a direct quote

So in the end OCC crippled and closed so many

 businesses hundreds if not

 over a thousand businesses.

This is back again.

not long ago

a few years ago right on a purely subjective moralistic


campaign illegal

to look at the same. Well, how could they get away with this? Well, they didn’t because there’s

 a law firm called Cooper and Kirk look

 him up. I didn’t know who they were. What the most powerful.

law firms in Washington

Okay guys that defended more cases Supreme Court

 arguably. What a toughest lawyers toughest.

litigators against Supreme Court

And they only take cases that they could win these guys a huge massive. I

 didn’t know that.

so this Law Firm decided to sue

all the government authorities

FDIC OCC Federal Reserve

Saying this is unconstitutional you’re closing businesses without due


We’re out listening to them, right this is against the Fifth Amendment

 and went after them and you know what they beat the government.

They beat them and it took three years almost

 four years from the beaten.

And when Trump got elected, you know, not that Trump had ideas.

 That’s when it got overturned.

And it got overturned it was a pretty big deal. I’ll explain

 why in a minute.

Because now a lot of these industries that had handcuffs on


Start a boom in the booming now.

But today the government’s like I don’t care we’re doing this again.

They’re doing it again with crypto shutting down an industry

 because of an agenda without due process.

As being called operation choke point two.

And guess what?

last week

Cooper and Kirk

announced at the suing the government again. They created 34

 page white paper detailing how this is unconstitutional and

 going after them again the same basis.

Now again is the big deal because it took three to four

 years to settle for those other Industries. But look what happened to a

 lot of those Industries upon Industries a boom and it’s regulated. Now. Look

 what happened to the gambling industry.

I mean you look at the gambling industry. Holy cow. I mean


the history when you’re looking at legal Sports and talk

 about online sports betting if so, if you look at May 2018,

 so this is like a month or two after this settlement.

They said now that the absence of a federal regulated system.

Which the federal government decided to regulate and said none of you guys can own

 bank accounts and gambling especially online gambling.

Outside, you know Vegas and stuff like that, but now the federal regulate now

 that any absence of that the states they ruled that

 hey this is considered Constitution that the states of free to

 established their own sports gambling laws. And what happened in 2018.

Have you noticed if you’re watching sports on television

 what happened how they all promoting you have announcers in the middle of

 games saying? Oh, what are you gonna have second quarter? Oh, I got LeBron scoring 14

 points gonna have three rebounds. I’m taking the over they’re actually promoting

 FanDuel and whatever.

Whenever against it.

Totally against it.

We don’t allow gambling in sports. What’s not anymore. They could all make money off of it.

She look at my June 2018 what happened? All these states

 one by one.

So take advantage of this repeal.

In New Jersey, Rhode Island, Mississippi, West Virginia New

 Mexico say 30 States and District only allow Sports gambling.

With five more set to join in the coming months.

pretty crazy

now there was estimates when this passed 2018-2019 is

 estimate Saint gambling industry just online alone is

 going to be

like a 10 billion dollar that I think they had like, yes, so

 it’s for eight billion nine billion 10 billion dollars by 20

 25 2026. We’re in 2023 with 13

 billion dollars already just

on and we’ll talk about a market. This is how much revenue they’re

 generating meaning that that’s probably a big

 of 10% So you got the times that by a multiple of

That’s how big just online Sports gambling

 is because of them reversing this law.

a law that was complete b******* going after gambling

 companies because the government just said, hey, you know what OCC

came out and said listen this what we’re gonna do go shut down all these businesses.

 We don’t care. If it’s Legal we don’t care for people doing the right thing. We

 know that people aren’t doing the right thing like who isn’t doing the

 right thing every industry has criminals and in every industry across

 the board every industry.

You’re gonna shut down even the good players if people

 are doing the right thing, but this is when the Innovation is coming from.

You have to ask yourself. Why why would they do this?

There’s got to be a reason there’s got to be an agenda here. And

 why and if you look at creating your own digital currency, maybe

 that’s why maybe shutting down all the

you should know all the stable coins and going at the stable coins.

 They trying to work with the government to back these stable coins by

 Treasuries, U.S. dollar, whatever and and the government’s like we don’t want

 to hear from you f you

Really? Why?

We do know that there’s 11.

Nations that now have their own digital currency. We

 do know that bank of Japan.



All piloting programs along with us.

I mean, it’s just to read like what is the reason behind this?

picking and choosing

because you could argue and and not argue for me. I

 would say that this is fact.

But the government closing Banks like Silvergate which

 no fraud was discovered. Can they

 had access to the biggest player in the industry. They sold the treasuries for

 a loss. They covered a billion their biggest clients. Saved

 the bank and then

all sudden

the government cannot said, nope.

Everyone better get at the hell out of that bank. All the major ones all that

 you had Coinbase leaves Silvergate Paxos So

 they all left Silvergate at the same time because they were told you better leave.

 Oh you’re done and that’s why Subway.

It wasn’t forced.

but they were like we had no choice to liquidate now because

 you just

cut off all like they’re growth.

So Silvergate closed, right then you saw the run the

 bed then what happened? You saw someone get closing so Signature.

Signature stocks started getting nailed. Now. You have all these accounts is

 at least five billion dollars worth

 Andreessen Horowitz and all his businesses and he’s in crypto. They’re the

 biggest Venture Capital firm in the world have ties everywhere.

And they see what’s going on. So we get they see what’s going on with Signature.

How they’re getting letters being saying that you you

 have to leave no more. You can’t do business at all.

 So what happened?

Well now they have all this money Silicon Valley Bank and they removed it

 and you look at 200 billion in assets, but it probably five

 to ten billion was removed and

you talk about web 3 who have the biggest ties of

 social media?

And they went on this whole social media and saying wow silicon bank

 and you know, we just saw five, ten percent of the

 assets leaving. Then you’re saying wait a minute. This bank isn’t

 insured which by the way is a definition of

 the OCC.

To make sure we have a safe environment for banks. That’s your

 f****** job, right? That’s your job. Instead. You’re

 going after the crypto companies and what happened?

And I can pull up information on in five

 minutes of the exposure to how much.

Bank assets a very publicly traded bank and how much is insured?

So now you have Silvergate now. You’re like, wow, we just saw what happened

 to silvergate right? So if Silicon Valley, but we sold out the Silvergate

 where silvergate

was forced to close and then sell treasuries before maturity

 and have big losses on me. Like wow Silicon Valley

 lot of their assets aren’t insured.

This is how this whole entire thing was caused.

The whole crypto Community all the big names knew that

 Silicon Valley was gonna be in huge trouble. They knew because they

 had their accounts also at silvergate and signature and said, holy

 s*** and then You Close Signature didn’t allow them to sell

 their assets their crypto has straight you clothed them immediately, but you let


First Trust what some of the other Banks right just hey, you know,

 let’s see if they can work things out immediately Signature was

 closed like holy cow. Like they just took it over immediately.

And so you better solve all your crypto assets immediately right

 now close them Silvergate.

I’ve got took as a New York whatever New York Community,

 whatever it took over.

I believe it was signature and now they have till today which

 they gave them I think two weeks

 and said everyone at this bank better have their account

 closed or we just closing it for you and gonna send them a check. I like we did

 they did to us you could argue and be right that

the begging crisis was led by what you did to crypto

 because of the OCC the person that’s supposed to protect the


to safeguard them

So what do you think’s gonna happen?

To me. I don’t think it’s gonna take three years. I think it’s gonna take a year year and a

 half but this has to get reversed unconstitutional.

And when it does it’s gonna open up avenues for

 the right companies just like you saw

 a FanDuel just like you’re seeing what all these companies within gambling this

 massive growth, right? You have a lot of companies that

 again that it just

roll ups issue more shares buy

 more companies getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and

 bigger and bigger and it hasn’t been the best result for some shareholders, but you’re gonna

 see huge winners.

And we’re not talking about 13 billion dollar market, we’re

 talking about a trillion plus market a market that

 went to three trillion.

A market that even the biggest crypto players understand that

 needs to be regulated. But this is where the Innovations

 coming from.

This is just about 2% of what I uncovered so

 far all the letters.

Michael Hsu

all the s*** started happening as soon as he was just putting

 in this position.

Remember this supposed to be perfectly independent.

And he came in.

No surprise.

The middle of 2021 when all this stuff started happening

 through 2022 and then finally came out this decision.

a coordinated effort

now the previous


Of the COO.

Or CCO, right. The previous guy Brooks actually came out

 again Sue. He said this is definitely a

 coordinated effort by the government to shut down crypto a

 coordinate effort.

Again, it’s supposed to be separate from everything.

This is the guy who ran.

Comptroller currency ran that Division and he’s actually

 saying holy s***. He can’t believe this.

But the stories that I’m uncovering the people like, you know,

 even Barney Frank is you know, who’s on the Signature board saying, holy s***.

 I mean these guys

they can’t really tell this story.

We can and these are the stories that we’re going to cover Wall Street Unplugged Premium.

These are stories again.

If you’re looking at where independent, we don’t

 have an agenda.

We’re not being paid by anyone from the outside parties from anything right

 that that’s saying all where you can’t say that you can’t say this. You can’t

 say that I watch CNBC yesterday covering Trump

 and everybody.

This is a financial news program that I want to see financial

 news updates. They’re covering Trump and they bring on one liberal guy.

 Then I bring on one another no like both sides just

 saying. Wow, this is crazy and then you can be right after

 he speaks, you know.

If there is a rain mint and I can’t believe that he still has

 support after you know, the Insurrection all this s*** and I

 don’t want to hear that s*** on CNBC. I mean, I loved it

 when it wasn’t a biased channel.

I feel like it’s you know.

Part of MSNBC now, I don’t want to hear that now I’m

 watching that channel and I shut it off. I just shut it

 off. I’m like I can’t watch this today. I don’t want to hear it.

I mean both sides have an agenda. They all have an agenda.

 It’s not they used to bring on them. It’s 60 Minutes. Remember Meet the Press.

 They should bring up Democrats Republicans. No longer only one

 side it.

Fox Business one sided. No, there’s no debates anymore.

 Nobody debates.

That’s not us.

We go with the truth is that’s what we do a COVID like I couldn’t believe I

 couldn’t believe and this is early on now everyone believes it.

Early on I’m talking about when this first happened February March and

 the emails getting from doctors.

April you know, this is about my kids is

 about my mom being sick and holy s***. You know, I’m worried about

 this. I’m reporting things and doctors giving me reports and

 studies and saying don’t mention my name because I’m gonna get fired.

 Are you kidding me? I thought everyone should be on

 the same side here. Obviously, we’re not obviously we’re learning tons

 of stuff. Right all the sudden. No, it doesn’t prevent everyone

 for getting covid. No. No, you need like nine boosters first.

and we’re going to put the you know, the

the person on the board is gonna be the leader.

He’s gonna be the spokesperson on the board of Pfizer.

 That’s gonna tell us whether we need this shot. I mean, come on. Holy

 s***. You want to talk about agendas. You want to talk about biases?

Not us. We can go after people like

 this and we are and I am

because you’re gonna hear a lot more about this. The story is not going away.

The more importantly it’s gonna create great opportunities for

 you when s*** like this happens. That’s when you make the most money when you see laws


the reason why the politicians

Make a fortune or for all this Insider information. They know

 which company’s gonna benefit and not benefit by the laws

 changing or which laws they’re gonna Implement and pass.

Obviously, he’s got a benefit a lot of companies. Obviously, they’re getting

bribes lobbying dollars from

 those companies. We see it. It’s all there. We’ll know it.

But this story this is an incredible story.

It’s incredible story coupon did a

 great job fighting it beating the government and they’re going after them again.

And it’s not gonna take three years. And when this this

 is regulated, they’re saying okay. This is a framework. This is what you’re supposed to

  1. Just like we saw with the gambling industry p***

 shop industry. Look, there’s like two three major players there

 billion dollar companies now.

We have a regulated system.

And a lot of these companies want that because I realize how big

 this industry is and your eliminate all the b******* the black market

 and all the garbage within crypto.

This gonna be a multi trillion dollar industry.

And we’re gonna get ahead of this thing.

And that’s where things get fun.

So these are just we get one story. I’m bringing in Wall Street Unplugged


That’s our podcast. We talking a lot more detail tomorrow

 with Daniel about this if you’re interested in WSUoffer.com. It’s $10

 a month. You can subscribe one month and say Frank. I don’t like you and then

 I don’t like this podcast or whatever.

You can cancel that’s all it is $10 a month made affordable for

 everyone out there. And now that I attach a newsletter to

 which is trading newsletter becoming trading idea every single week.

through Dollar stock Club.

But again, these are the stories that we’re gonna

 touch up on and you should get familiar and you should be worried.

Because for them to shut down accounts, so people who aren’t doing

 anything wrong who work in their asses off. That’s a really big deal

 guys. That’s something I never thought. I’d see I never thought I’d

 see the government.

Put banks out of business.

Why they didn’t do anything illegal. Nothing was

 proven yet. No fraud was proven.

And you just put them out of business all because of

 an agenda.

We got some guy up there and saying okay, this don’t see

 guy just thrown out there and saying

writing a letter on a 27 cents every bank. It’s saying you

 guys better get the hell out unless you want to get audited and I

 want you to sell everything crypto. Wow, where did

 that come from?

We’re gonna talk to people on the inside. I’m gonna be interviewing people on the

 inside again. I’m not going anywhere with the story. It’s gonna be really really exciting and

 more important. I’m gonna teach you how to make money off of

 this. So learn more, tune in tomorrow.

And feel free if you’re out there.

If you’re into crypto.

If you have connections or whatever, feel free to email me.

Okay, so I get the best information from is from you so many

 people within these industries.

Tons of emails for people that got their accounts closed crypto companies. I couldn’t

 believe this happened. There’s so many hundreds and hundreds maybe with thousand businesses out

 of nowhere of companies that are doing the right thing.

Feel free, man, send me an email frank@curzioresearch.com.

That’s frank@curzioresearch.com.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Take care.

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