Frank Curzio
By Frank CurzioApril 24, 2024

Why is Tesla surging—despite terrible earnings?

Tesla (TSLA) reported its latest earnings yesterday… and the results were terrible.

So why is the stock soaring today?

I start today’s show by looking under the hood at the difficulties Tesla faces—from lower EV demand… to high costs… to Chinese competition…

And I highlight the single most important factor that continues to buoy the stock and ultimately makes Tesla a winner—regardless of headwinds.

Gold stocks have been on a rollercoaster recently—the yellow metal hit new all-time highs this month before pulling back. I explain what’s behind the action… why gold bugs are dead wrong about their thesis, despite the rise in price… why I’d take profits in gold and gold stocks right now… and why Bitcoin is a much better bet. In fact, I believe crypto offers the best speculative opportunity for investors right now.

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Frank Curzio
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Why is Tesla surging—despite terrible earnings?

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Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s April 24th.

I’m Frank Curzio. This is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast where I break down the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets.

So on today’s show, never ever, ever doubt Elon Musk, it’s time to take profits on gold stocks and why your regret not buying Bitcoin at these levels.

Let’s start with the big news from last night, which is Tesla.

First on deck at a big technology company’s report.

We’re gonna see a lot of companies report after about today, including Meta, but they reported last night and the results were not that good.

Earnings sales, kind of weak, but the stock is absolutely soaring today it’s up over 10% and I’m watching the media outlets and they have a lot of bears on and just a few bulls because everybody’s kind of bearish on Tesla these days and the bears trying to figure out why the results are terrible.

I don’t get it.

I get it.

I’ll tell you why it’s soaring.

When I listened to that call last night with Elon Musk, I saw a guy who was in total control of his company, total control, which you would think that maybe that’s not the case.

I listen to a lot of these calls, guys, 30 years.

I listen to conference calls, I love them.

And you have your ups and downs like every single company.

And when things are bad, the CEO gets on it and tells you, Hey, this is what we’re going to do.

It’s gonna be like this, it’s gonna be like that.

And for the bears, look the negatives.

I mean you knew going into the quarter, you knew those negatives, you knew what they were, especially since stock was down.

Wow, 40% for the year, year to date going into the quarter.

So demand for EVs was waning, which would cause lower vehicle volume.

Tesla lowering prices like crazy over the past nine months, which means lower margins, which that means lower earnings costs are still way too high.

Tough competition from China.

No clarity.

New models coming out.

That was a thesis going in for the Bears.

When Elon got on that call last night, they said, been dudes for a long time.

And when you see CEOs where the stocks in the s*****r, they had a bad quarter or two, they’re trying to turn around operations, you know, they’re all over the place.

They’ll come up with this plan and say, this is what we’re going to do.

Elon Musk didn’t come up with a plan.

He already had a plan in place and you could see he had it in place for the last nine months.

And let’s start with lowering EV prices.

I mean, yeah, that sucks to margins and Elon like any CO knows that their stock’s gonna take a hit when you do this.

But there was a purpose to it and it wasn’t being forced.

Oh my, we need to lower, we need to look.

It wasn’t being forced.

They were leading this.

They were the ones that were doing it first, lowering prices.

It wasn’t like everyone else lowering prices.

So we have to lower prices on our product.

It wasn’t like that.

They were lowering and everyone was following them.

What was the purpose of that? Basically pricing every major American auto manufacturer competitor out of the EV market.

And they did that.

These are companies spent tens of billions of dollars playing catch up to Tesla only to do another pivot.

I mean that first pivot was in 2016, 2017.

Everything they can to lobby against Tesla becoming a real car company, not allowing to have dealerships advertising all this stuff, ripping ’em apart, he’s bad.

National security, it’s terrible.

Every time there was a Tesla crash, they acted like it was the end of the world.

The batteries are on far just constant.

The meat it constantly, constantly lobbying efforts were amazing.

Destroy this company.

In 2016, 2017, GM Ford drew the towel and said, wow, Elon Musk really knows what he’s doing.

Cap is big than the entire industry and we need to do the same thing.

If we want a multiple similar to Tesla, instead of trading at eight nine times earnings, maybe we trade it 70 times forward earnings, usually autos trade under 10 times earnings for that industry.

Just to put that in perspective, SB 500 is roughly You see software companies trade about You see manufacturing companies, even airlines trade maybe eight, nine time earnings with with GM and Forge like to put things in perspective for you.

But they did a pivot and said, okay, we gotta go all in.

So I was spending tens of billions of dollars like crazy and in 2023, now what happens? They did another pivot.

So Inten began lowering prices.

GM Ford said we can’t compete and decided to either cut EV production or push it out until 2026 and beyond, even though they still still did not have the capacity to scale, they weren’t able to do it.

But knowing that the margins were about to get nailed, what did Elon do? He started cutting costs dramatically.

We found ways to lower production costs, could thousands of jobs.

And when you look on the call and what he said it, the Texas Gigafactory saw all time production of its model Y while at the same time cost of goods sold cogs and proved to all time lows.

Free cash flow was horrible.

Negative two and a half billion for the quarter.

A one and a half billion was from an increase in inventory as updating the model three.

But the other billion was 100% dedicated to AI.

And Elon explaining this was awesome because I’m listening to the conference calls and everyone is saying they’re getting into AI.

No one’s giving you freaking specifics.

It’s gonna result in pro result in productivity gains.

We’re gonna save a lot of money.

But they’re not specific.

They’re not telling you exactly exactly how AI is gonna benefit their business.

Elon tells you exactly what he’s doing and talking about AI is necessary to achieve vehicle autonomy and how it create its own ride hailing service.

He said the only way to have end-to-end neural networks is to train AI systems on billions of miles of real world data, which Tesla is currently doing and nobody else in the EV market or any car market is doing right now.

And he’s right.

In order to train these AI models, you need lots and lots and lots of data points.

This is why when you have large technology companies that stole all your data and been tracking you for the past 15 years, literally 15 years, even longer, they have the data.

Now throwing AI on top of that is gonna result in inference predicting what you’re going to do because you did this in the past and every time you do this, you do this to get more detail more perfect.

That’s great for advertisers.

They know exactly not just, hey, you like this product.

They know exactly when, what time you’re going to buy it, what everything.

That’s what this is about.

That’s why they’re trying to create these systems spending tens of billions of dollars to improve them every quarter.

And you look at a two and a half billion decline in free cash flow, it’s a lot for a quarter, but Tesla has 27 billion in cash and investments on a balance sheet.

So there’s no financing concerns.

You remove that overhang.

We’re in a high interest rate environment higher for longer.

You know, it impacts the most, it impacts autos.

Very tough to get loans must understand this, right? It’s gonna result in fewer people buying Teslas.

A cost of finance rises and it’s gonna stay at that levels for longer.

So he’s providing favorable financing term for Tesla customers getting ahead of this headwind.

You could argue that so are several other auto companies, but the getting away ahead of that headwind, the biggest positive of the call is the acceleration of the launch of new models from second half, 20, 25 to later this year, including more affordable EV models.

And he’s j you know, a lot of times he gets ahead of himself and I get it, the robax, you know, autonom vehicles and, and and you know, sometimes people are like, well you said this was gonna happen.

Well you have a plan like that.

This is what Tesla, this is what investors want to hear.

This is what they, what they buy Tesla for.

I mean if you look at another CEO on this call, they’re gonna talk about, oh the industry’s terrible.

And yeah we say he’s talking about everything he’s doing to build this company to have more dominance in the future.

And he’s saying the affordable EV models, he could have stopped there and he said no, the new model’s gonna be produced at the same manufacturing facilities.

Well we fill up a hundred percent of that capacity.

So they’re not gonna need to spend billions building more factories to scale, which is what Rivian ISS having trouble with because they so demand for their vehicles.

And now they’re like, okay, now we have to scale, now we gotta build.

You know, it’s, it’s tough to be in that position.

It’s a great position.

’cause I think outside of Rivian, nobody else in America is in that position of the Tesla other than Tesla in a position where, hey, I’m gonna order this vehicle and it’s gonna be there in a month or two.

I could tell you Ford, GM, other big OAM manufacturers, they’re not even, they’re not there at all.

You guys know Ford Lightning, the Mustang ba, you’re probably still on those lists, but Elon did a great job talking about the future, providing specific details on how Tesla is going to get there, how it’s in perfect position right now to execute on these goals.

The plan.

And that’s what every bull investor wants to hear.

It’s why they became an investor in Tesla because of Elon Musk and his visions.

And he laid it out perfectly as someone that’s not behind the curve but ahead of it and well ahead of it.

I’m not sure if you are a bear, what your thesis is to continue shorting this stock.

Yeah, I told you to avoid this stock probably four, five months ago after the, the previous quarter and cut production like man, it’s gonna come down pretty hard.

And it did.

If you’re a bear you might be saying, well it’s trading at 50 times forward earnings.

This was never a valuation story.

I mean if you, based on that, you have to look historically of where a company normally trades and this trades at 70 times forward earnings.

It’s trading at 50 times forward earnings.

There’s never been a valuation story.

Come on, if you, if you shorted it based on valuation, you’re living on a park bench someplace outside of the last six months, estimates have been lowered dramatically across the board.

So expectations have been lowered.

They be a lot easier to show growth on these depressed levels.

You had no news on new models.

I heard that.

You know, he’s talking to this guy, I dunno what it’s gonna happen.

That changed yesterday.

New model is gonna roll out well ahead of schedule and cooling.

A low priced ev, which is gonna fly off the shelves.

This is targets the biggest EV demographic in America, which is young car owners under 25 years old.

Climate change everything.

You see the schools, I mean these are EV people and they have plenty of cash in the bank.

So no financing concerns.

Now look, you may hate Elon Musk and think he’s an a*****e, hate him for personal reasons.


I don’t care.

Hold up a sign, do whatever.

That’s not what this is about.

This is about making money.

This is about your investment.

You gotta put that s**t aside when you’re investing.

But every time this guy has his back against the wall, he excels every time you bet against him, he delivers like Reed Hastings on Netflix, Larry Ellison from, from from Oracle, the late Steve Jobs.

Warren Buffett.

How many times is Warren Buffett the haters give him s**t when he underperformance for like a six month or an 18 month period? Gimme a break.

Don’t bet against winners.

It’s the dumbest strategy in the world when it comes to investing.

Not to mention if you were a bear, pat yourself in the back.

You were right.

The stock was down 40% into the quarter.

Take the victory lap.

And I see this all the time.

When people are bullish or bearish when they’re right, they don’t know when to get the hell out.

I see it all the time.

I hated oil three years ago, four years ago.

And I had someone on my podcast telling me about oil and, and he was right in oil surge and he was all over social media.

This is great oils on, you know, and he should, he should take a victory lap.

And it went to nineties ish, nineties, high nineties.

And then he’s like, he became more bullish when it went from whatever it was at a time period, 30 to 90 or whatever.

Remember future pricing and zeros during COVID and stuff like that.

It was crazy.

He made a fortune on it.

But he was more bullish after being right.

And you gotta take a step back because all the reasons you thought to buy that stock or sect or whatever have come to fruition.

But you become even more bullish because it, the greed kicks in and it’s hard.

I’ve done it in the past.

Now reverse that with the shorts.

You were right.

They’re cutting prices and you see deliveries down competition from China, sentiment on EVs has got, has has gotten lower, right? It’s declined.

You were right.

The stock was down 40% going into the quarter.

Take your victory lap instead.

Now you’re coming out even more bearish than you were when the stock was at 2 40, 2 50.

But the stock trading what on the 1 55 level after it was trading at 300, 309 months ago, again, take the victory lap.

It was in the one forties, one thirties I think before the reported last night.

We have 1 42, 1 43.

Now it’s near one 60.

But be careful.

’cause a lot of times when you are right, that’s okay.

Listen, I’m not telling you to sell your whole position, but take a lot off and congratulate yourself and then if you’re really right, you make a fortune.

If not, if you lose, say you take 75% off, then it’s not a big deal.

You made a ton of money.

But for the bears that come out today, after this quarter where Elon Musk delivered, they delivered against very super low expectations.

Expectations and everything that everyone said was wrong with the stock, including me, it’s different now.

It’s well positioned with much less competition in the market.

The other guys aren’t coming back into this market.

No way they, they don’t even know how to, they don’t know how to produce these things.

We found that out.

They had five years, 2016, 2017.

Where have you seen all these EVs from other companies? Maybe a few here or there, but not like Teslas, which all over the place.

But don’t bet against winners.

Simple strategy.

Don’t bet against winners.

It worked for a little period a little bit, right? Last four or five months it worked.

I think he tell us is going right back over $200 a share.

Lot of positives from that call and that’s why it’s up today.

Even though they missed estimates.

’cause the estimates are about the past.

That was the worst quarter when you’re looking at the future, that’s what drives the stock.

It’s the guidance, it’s what’s going on ahead.

And he said a lot of lot of great things, a lot of great things that I’m gonna press the bulls and probably have him ante up and put more money into the stock at these levels.

That’s why it’s up.

Gold’s been pulling back from all time highs.

Oh no, after the LML hit 2,400, around 2323 30, that minor pullback, it’s been incredible run since Gold’s trading around 1800 ounce in November.

Again, now it’s pushed to 2,400 ounce.

But over this time, what have we seen? So the bulls, the people that own gold for the last 30 years have been all over social media.

All over social media and good for them.

It’s been such a long time.

But they’re pounding their chest and saying, I told you so.

You gotta bite gold like told you gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold.

Even though their thesis for holding gold has been totally wrong.

Like hold it for a store of value.

It is zero interest rate world.

That’s the worst thing you could ever do.

But all asset prices surged for over a decade.

Well gold did absolutely nothing.

Or it’s an inflation hedge.

I told you it was inflation hedge.

Well why didn’t gold, gold over 4,000 an ounce when inflation hit seven, eight, 9%.

What was that, 12, 18 months ago? Or buy gold ’cause the, the end of the dollar by the way, if that happened, you’re probably gonna get mugged and raped inside your house and get killed.

I don’t think it matters if the dollar collapses.

I don’t think you’ve seen what happens when just other countries de value that currency.

But that was a thesis for many, many of the diehards for the last 30, 40 years.

The end of the dollar.

So you need to own and store gold.

This a dollar crashes, a dollar’s been soaring this year.

Absolutely soaring or the thesis to own gold when real interest rates are low.

Oh yeah, gold traded at 1300 an ounce and did nothing from 2013 to 2017 when we illustrate would use zero, doesn’t matter, gold’s going higher and if it goes higher, you’re right.

And I mean that I’d rather be wrong on my thesis, but make money on the stock all day in the other way because that’s what happened with when it came to the economy.

Not a lot of people were telling you that interest rates are going much, much higher when they’re two 2.5%.

So it going much, much higher saying that they’re gonna stay there for much, much longer than expected.

Yet I didn’t think stocks will surge in a high and straight environment as every bullish thesis of 2023.

Everybody who was bullish, the number one reason was interest rates are coming down, they’re gonna start going lower into 2024.

We might not even see that through 2024 now.

But if you look at the price of gold, why has it gone up? ’cause central banks are loading up on it as if the US pulled Russia from the Swift system, which was a surprise to every country saying like, wow, what happens if the US doesn’t agree with our climate change policy? They’re gonna press a button to destroy our economy.

Wow, we better, we ourselves off a dollar a little bit.

It’s a central banks still buying gold.

So it’s a simple case of strong demand.


It’s that easy, strong demand.

Not all the other b******t that you hear about gold.

But lemme tell you something, when you look at the current setup of gold, I’d be worried if you look at gold and the dollar, they have had an inverse relationship forever.

Forever dollar goes lower, gold goes higher, dollar goes higher, goal goes lower.

And this dates back to the sixties, very, very long time.

But what are we seeing today? We’re seeing the dollar rise sharply.

In fact the dollar outside of a brief period, this is a three month period in late 2022, the dollar is at levels not seen since 2002, over two decades.

Case you can’t count and you have gold rising alongside of it, which almost never happens.

And to put this in perspective, we’ve only seen periods, and I’ll throw technology in there as well, it crashes and rates are going higher.

You say, well Frank interest rates kind of stayed high, but there was an anticipation that they were gonna go lower.

Again that marks are forward looking.

So technology started to rebound sharply.

So it’s interesting to see where technology is gonna go from here with interest rates staying higher for longer.

But when it comes to tech, okay, we’ve only seen periods where tech is going higher, gold and multiple raw materials.

I mean silver’s higher, you’re looking at copper, coke, raw materials are higher in general and copper’s killing it right now.

So you wanna see periods where tech is going higher, gold, which raw materials is going higher and the dollar’s going higher at the same time.

We’ve only seen this happen five times in the last 60 years.

So it’s extremely, extremely rare.

So we look at a dollar and a dollar’s surging gold prices should actually be crashing right now, but they’re not.

How long could this last? I mean this is a big disconnect.

Also, real interest rates, they’re at the highest level since 2007.

That means you can earn a very nice return just keeping your money in treasuries or interactive brokers, throw it in there.

They’re gonna give you 5% interactive brokers, which is much better than owning gold, which pays you nothing to hold it.

And you’re looking at gold and you’re excited and you should be and good for you near all time highs.

It’s always nice when you say all time highs, but let’s put that in perspective.

’cause gold’s only up 20% over the past 12 months, even though it’s an all time high.

That could be as the S&P 500, which is up 17%.

But if you include a dividend, it’s closer to 20%.

And then when you look at Bitcoin, Bitcoin over the same period is up 138%.

Now I want you to think about that, especially if you own junior miners and you play in a cycle here, I’m very familiar with junior miners and a lot of people, I speak at Vancouver conferences all the time.

Let my friends e listen to this podcast in Vancouver.

I’m probably not gonna be happy about this, but I really don’t care about them.

I care about you.

So gold pretty much had an all time high and close to it, meaning junior miners you would think should be up three x to five X right now.

Especially since the sector has been super depressed since 2012 13.

And if you look at the main junior mining ETF, which is GDXJ, it peaked in 2011 at 150.

Okay, that was 2011.

Remember these numbers, not a lot, remember this? So it peaked in 2011, the ETF was at 150 and gold prices hit 1800 an ounce back then.

Today gold’s over $2,300 an ounce.

And this is the market, the conditions you prayed for, the reasons why you patiently held junior minus for over 10 years.

The grand moment, the time to pound your chest and raise your middle finger up and say f you I was right.

This is why I held onto this.

I knew gold was gonna go higher into all time highs.

So GDXJ, you know where it is today again, one 50, $150 in 2013, gold price, 1800 today gold price of 2300, it’s at 41 up only 10% over the past 12 months.

That’s what all that patient has led to.

Now imagine if you bought Bitcoin in 2013, you could throw almost any asset class in there.

But people like to compare Bitcoin and gold.

Like you could own either one or the other.

Not both.

But imagine if you Bitcoin in 2013, well it’s around two 50, it’s up 18000% plus compared to 71% for the junior minors or or the perfect market for gold.

We’re seeing all time highs.

And I’m taking, I’m not taking the highs of 2012, I’m talking about the bottom of 2013 when gold crashed.

I’m not taking it.

You know how people say, oh my performance is from, I’m killing in my performance and and you look and this per and, and I’ve seen this on social media, like our performance is great and it’s highlighted.

I know these people have been around for 10 years, but it’s highlighted from like April, 2020.

I mean, gimme a f*****g break.

Who’s not up since then? Right? You could bought anything, any stock at all and you, and you could be up tremendously since then.

Maybe outside of gold or gold stocks.

But right now with the perfect market for gold, where it’s the all time highs and you’re not benefiting, I’m not saying this to be a DI won’t say the D word, but an a*****e.

I’m not saying I draw your face since I do own a few gold stocks, your private replacements still also gold coins as well.

It’s not a big position in my overall portfolio.

I’m just trying to put things in perspective for you, trying to help you so you can make more money.

You can go on more vacations with your family, buy a new home or a car, maybe have financial freedom.

And I know you’re conditioned.

People are always conditioned a certain way.

You listen to certain people, you listen to certain people who never really changed their mind, no matter what the conditions are, they’re the worst people to listen to.

The facts change.


That’s what smart people do.

You adapt.

That’s how come I’ve been doing this for 30 years.

’cause when I am wrong on things I change, which you’re going to be wrong a lot in this business.

You just don’t wanna get annihilated when you are wrong.

And by doing that and by preventing that, you gotta focus on change the reasons why you got something wrong.

But owning gold stocks, this is something I’ve been a part of for 20 years.

You know, some of the biggest people in mining, I’ve taken trips in helicopters, Ross Beatty hanging out with with Rick Rule at private dinners, Eric Sprott, Mar Katusa, Frank Ster, just, just the list goes on and on of the people that I was introduced to by busting my ass going to Vancouver four or five times, which is not easy to do from Florida, by the way, especially from Jacksonville to at least two flights.

And home is a nightmare.

But when it comes to speculating, guys, which every single one of you in every investment in the world should speculate with a small portion of your overall portfolio.

If you’re 99, speculate with a little bit less.

If you’re 25, speculate with a little bit more ’cause you have more working power, you could afford to lose it.

And by speculation, I’m not talking about buying a small cap, dividend paying stock, but an investment that if you are right, it could change your life.

That’s why we’re doing this.

That’s why we’re investing in the stock market or something you invest in.

If you are wrong, it won’t hurt you too much since it’s money you could afford to lose.

Okay? That is a definition of speculation.

And based on that, if you wanna speculate with your money, buy crypto and buy alt coins because the amount of money you could generate there is more than you’ll ever generate in gold in any stock ever.

Trust me on that, especially now because the fundamentals for crypto have never been this great.

And it’s not just Bitcoin, we just saw the Hal thing.

Everyone’s like has events and this day you gotta do this and that.

Listen, it’s, that was priced in.

We would talk about four months ago and four months before that we were telling you to buy Bitcoin.

And recently we’re telling you the four months ago to buy old coins and those recommended five of them.

And I think within a month the average gain on those was 70%.

So you see Bitcoin pull back into a half and everyone’s like, what’s going on? How come it’s pulling back? Well maybe it’s ’cause it went up 70%, now it’s up 40% the year to date.

I mean, compared to 15% for gold, everyone’s talking about gold.

It went up too far too fast.

Just like Tesla went down too much.

Maybe it should have been down 20, 25%, not 45%.

But you wanna speculate money, buy Bitcoin here, which is not much of a speculation.

It is, but it’s not crazy.

Not going away.

All coins are more speculative of that.

But buy all coins, because if you’re looking at the halving, which now happened, what Saturday, If you look at the halving, 18 months over the Halving after the Halving, all coins outperform Bitcoin by three to one.

So again, the last halving was when it was Saturday, it happens every four years.

So whatever, this is the fourth one I believe.

But the next 18 months after that, Bitcoin goes up an average of 600%.

I’m not saying it’s gonna go up 600% this time, but all coins go up over 1800% outperform three to one.

So Don’t worry about the 600% because that would be amazing from here over the next 18 months, which is definitely possible.

Definitely possible.

But let’s say if Bitcoin just goes over a hundred thousand, which I’ve been telling you about and I haven’t been saying, I’d never put a time, oh, it’s gonna go there in in three months.

It’s gonna go there.

Uh, in a month and a half right before the Halving.

Right after the Halving.

I don’t give a s**t about what month having six months, 12 months, 24 months, it’s going to a hundred thousand.

And if you believe that you have to buy all coins that say going to outperform.

They always do when Bitcoin goes higher.

And that’s where you wanna put your speculative dollars, not in gold stocks.

Especially since two major headwinds that are usually terrible for gold has always been terrible for gold for the last 60 years.

Rising dollar high interest rates, those two are not going away anytime soon.

Now speaking of Bitcoin and giving the details of why it’s gonna go higher next Tuesday, April 30th, It’s gonna be our third installment on our Crypto 2024 series.

It’s 100% free.

It’s 100% live.

Not one of those where, oh, it’s a tape version and there’s a PowerPoint presentation and you don’t even see the guy.

No, it’s me.

You’re gonna see my ugly face on there.

You’re gonna see the timestamp.

It’s live.

And during the presentation, I’m gonna show you, show you not tell you.

Anyone can tell you anything they want.

I’m going to show you by sharing my screen real time live.

Show you why Bitcoin going much, much higher.

It’s inevitable.

It’s inevitable.

And when it does, again, I wanna pound this in your brain because I wanna see you make money.

I want you to buy those alt coins and not all of ’em.

There’s certain, and you have to do your research behind them.

But the gains that you’re gonna see are incredible, which is what we’re currently seeing in our Crypto Intelligence portfolio.

Now, after the event, and I keep these events short, it’s not gonna be like 45 minutes, you gotta listen to me, no gonna be probably about 15 minutes, maybe 15 minutes, probably less.

And during our 15 minutes also, we share the best crypto AI opportunities.

And man, this is where you’ll really see innovation, open source platforms on the blockchain.

And there’s new AI coins being launched.

Most are b******t pump and dump garbage.

But I’m gonna cover the ones funded by some of the biggest venture capitalist firms and cooling several that are being run by superstars in the i AI industry.

That left Google, that left Microsoft, that left amazing jobs to come run these small companies within crypto.

Can we say all coins? These are software companies, but they left these big technologies to build these crypto platforms.

’cause there’s gonna be tons of innovation taking place when you have it on a blockchain.

You have open source.

Holy cow, that’s exciting stuff.

We have the short presentation after that.

I’m gonna do a live Q & A.

Pretty sure many of you listen to this, attended one of these events already.

And a q and a I take a while.

Hour and a half as long as you want.

You’re asking questions as long as you want.

If you answer two questions, I’m gone in 10 minutes.

That’s cool.

I get home early, I have my wife asking me a question actually live.

She’s asking me, what time are you coming home? I’m like, I’ll be home soon.

Got some more questions, questions to answer in the q and a.

You get to ask me any question you want about crypto and register, just go to

It’s easy.

So Tuesday, April 30th, 7:00 PM sharp.

Don’t wait to register, especially if you have a question.

So I’m gonna answer in order, what’s your register? You get to ask that question.

Put the Q right away, meaning I’m, I’m definitely gonna get to it very early in the q and a.

I’ll say your name, your first name.

I’m not gonna give away your address and everything else, just your first name.

A much better chance to, to answer your question.

If you ask it early on, when you register again, it’s free.

You could register now, register Tuesday at But Tuesday, 6:00 PM I could tell you’re probably gonna have a hundred questions in there.

And any question, almost any question, if one of those questions are like, Hey Frank, can you share all the current recommendations in your $5,000 a year Crypto Intelligence portfolio? I see a personal response from me that says, f**k off.

And it might not be from me.

I’m gonna say it’s not gonna be by me.

It might be by me, but I’m not gonna let you know that promise.

It won’t be me.

But seriously, if you have any real questions, it’s for the q and a.

It’s free.

Take advantage of it, okay? But if you register now can improve your odds of me answering the earlier you do.

So just go to to register.

Okay guys, questions, comments, I’m here.

Email me

As always, thank you.

Really appreciate all the support.

Thanks so much for listening.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow, the one only Daniel Creech on Wall Street.

Wall Street Unplugged Premium.

See it.

Take care.

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