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Episode: 1020March 6, 2024

How to outperform Bitcoin over the next year

After hitting an all-time high on Tuesday, Bitcoin plunged over 10%… for about 2 minutes, and is now rallying back to previous highs. I breakdown the volatility, including some cryptos surging 200% in days, and how I would use pullbacks in crypto to your advantage as we approach the upcoming halving.

In fact, in last month’s issue of Crypto Intelligence, I shared 5 crypto recommendations… they’re all up an average of 50%. My pick this month is an AI cloud play that is backed by heavy hitters like Andreessen Horowitz. Not already a Crypto Intelligence subscriber, join us here and get today’s pick

Apple’s stock is down around 15% from its high, and mainstream media is panicking. I recap the bearish argument… the dismal iPhone sales data coming from China… the effect the upcoming Presidential election could have on the U.S. and China trade wars… and why you shouldn’t get overly bearish on Apple. Hint: A Trump presidency would be bullish for both Apple and China.

Turning to AI (artificial intelligence), ChatGPT is an amazing product, and introduced millions of consumers to AI. But as I share today, a new and better AI product is already stealing all the thunder.

I continue to pound the table on why ALL investors must have exposure to AI. And if you are worried you missed the opportunity in stocks like NVIDIA, you’re wrong.

In fact, we’re still in the early innings of AI. That may be hard to believe but I share a lot of data with you and explain why all industries can benefit from, or be disrupted by, this incredible technology. 

The opportunity in AI is incredible. That’s why I’m launching a newsletter focused on this secular growth trend. 

I’m calling it Curzio AI. I share all the details around our new product and how you can get a special offer when we launch in just a couple of weeks, visit curzioai.com for all the details.

Inside this episode:
  • Bitcoin hits new all-time high [0:58]
  • Ignore the short term volatility in cryptos [3:00]
  • How to outperform Bitcoin over the next year [12:24]
  • Everyone is bearish on Apple [14:48]
  • Why a Trump Presidency could save Apple [22:27]
  • ChatGPT introduced millions to AI [27:31]
  • Claude is eating ChatGPT’s lunch [30:07]
  • Introducing Curzio AI [44:06]
Frank Curzio
Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 12 million times.

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How to outperform Bitcoin over the next year

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Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged looks beyond the regular headlines heard on mainstream financial media to bring you unscripted interviews and breaking commentary direct from Wall Street right to you on Main Street.

Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s March sixth.

I’m Frank Curzio. This is the Wall Street Unplugged podcast where I break down the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets.

Great show for you today.

I’ll talk about the Bitcoin correction.

It lasted for about two minutes.

We say goodbye to Apple’s biggest growth market and also I’m gonna talk about ChatGPT, greatest invention that come from AI thus far.

But it may already be an outdated product.

Definitely want to hear that segment.

But I wanna begin with Bitcoin surge to 69,200 all time high.

Everything looking great.

Twitter crazies on fire, all came outta the woodworks.

Arrogant we’re right.

All these crazy memes and showing videos of people from 10 years ago, five years ago, three years ago, saying Bitcoin’s going to zero.

It’s like everyone, it’s like, I’m not that type of person.

Like if I’m right, I’m right.

It’s kinda like a basketball game.

Like, you know, when I played, you would talk s**t you hate.

I hated my, my, you know, my competitors like you.

They just weren’t my friends.

I, I played like the Larry Bird Magic Johnson age when I played against them, I was p****d afterwards.

It’s like, okay, cool.

Especially, you know, if we beat them, I would never, you know, step on their neck and rub it in and stuff like that.

I mean, you saw a lot of that meme coins like Pepe Doge, the Trump token.

I dunno if you’re familiar with that.

I mean, you should have seen the gains on these things.

And Pepe was up 700% for the month and was up only, only 13400% the past year, if you notice for the last six months pound on a table of why you need to be in this sector.

’cause it offers you returns that you can’t see in the stock market anymore.

’cause some of these growth companies come out at IPO valuations of billions and billions of dollars in 20, 30, 40 times sales.

Maybe you catch a winner here or there, but most of the growth has already taken place in crypto.

You could see these gains.

I’m not telling you to buy meme coins, I’m not telling you that.

Just realize it’s normal for the s*******t of the s*******t to go the highest.

When you see a sector or market in the screaming bullish trend, it’s like on the way down, these things get hit the most, everybody partying.

But that partying lasted for about six seconds before you could actually post the Bitcoin.

Hit new all time high it corrected.

What does correction mean? Technically, if you read the textbooks, it’s a 10% decline from the highs.

And this is right when it broke to new highs.

So once it did immediate sell off was triggered, wiped out 250 billion in market cap, the crypto space.

And now Bitcoin bounced right back.

It’s at 66, 60 7,000.

That pullback from 69 2.

It fell below 60,000, 59 level like that same day.

Now, some interesting things I wanna mention here.

One, it’s the first time that Bitcoin has achieved a new all time high before the Bitcoin haling event usually happens after.

I dunno if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I thought it was interesting also, when do you see that even as a trader? When do you see, you always see like, here’s the highs and you wanna see a breakthrough.

And a lot of times it tested, it, tested it, tested the high test, the high test, the high it comes back down.

When do you see something blast through that? Because now it makes sense, right? You have these sellers and once you break through, they turn into buyers, right? So you, you usually, when you see that breakthrough, that ceiling, it’s, it, it usually goes a lot higher.

You rarely see a massive pullback of 11, 12% immediately once you break through the high not touching it, we see it touch a lot, touch a lot, and then come back down maybe a second, third time it’ll test it, it’ll break through or whatever.

That’s normal patterns.

It’s a craziness is, but there was massive cell programs as soon as it broke through.

And why is that? So if you had to sell a s**t load of Bitcoin, you had a massive, massive amount of to sell, when do you wanna sell it? The best time to sell it is when something breaks through the high, because that’s when all the traders come in.

That’s when the liquidity’s at the most, and you could dump the s**t outta this and get the best price because the liquidity is there.

The liquidity event.

Now a couple things, right? Crypto tracked futures.

So over 550 million in losses in that 24 hour period.

Meme coins racked up the most.

I just told you how, how high they went.

leveraged bets on crypto.

So this is crypto futures increased to over 66 billion in a week while funding rates on some tokens skyrocketed to over a hundred percent annualized, meaning funding is about traders pay when they borrow additional money to place bigger trades.

So you just needed a mile sell off for all these margin calls.

So you have this massive liquidation flushing out tons.

I mean at at the bottom it was like a billion worth of of leverage derivatives.

And this is across all assets.

This is coin glass reporting this yeah, buyin show huge sell orders and they were clustered at, at prices it was over 300 Bitcoin, to be sold at 69,000.

More than 500 at at 70,000.

I mean, just, you know, you saw these coming a little bit, but that’s, to see that type of sell off was, was insane.

I don’t know if it was, you know, trying to find out, try to dig a little more to see, but that, that’s, that’s a rare event.

I mean to, to see that much breaking through the highs and to see Bitcoin get nailed, like that was surprise.

And then you had all the Peter Schiffs and all the haters of Bitcoin say that’s it.

And JPMorgan, we told you it’s pulling back, expecting to pullback.

And what happened that lasted for like two seconds.

I don’t care about short term s**t when it comes to crypto.

I don’t know where it’s gonna be.

It’s gonna be wild.

That’s why I’m clear bullish on this sector, sold the crap outta my newsletter Crypto Intelligence the last six months and good for you who followed it? I mean, even our last recommendations on five recommendations where we had a special event, two special free events, webinars recommended five on on February 7th.

The average gain of those is 50% the average.

Great timing, we’ve been talking about this for a while, but don’t get caught up in stuff like this.

This is the crypto market.

It gets a little crazy if you wanna buy memes by beams, I’m not recommending in my newsletter.

Those are things, those are lottery tickets to me.

The, the, the research, you’ll see the research.

My issue comes out today.

I recommended a new name that’s backed by, originally backed by Andreessen Horowitz.

Panera Capital.

Bain Capital.

Now it just raised more money last year.

This is an AI cloud play.

You wanna see AI in the crypto space? Holy cow.

This is where it, it’s pretty amazing.

It really is open source.

I mean they have a platform that goes right on top of WordPress.

They have 1100 people using, businesses, large businesses using this no centralization.

And it’s faster.

The APIs are faster.

I mean, everybody’s talking about how great this stuff is.

They sell products.

They also are in, you know, deep in, which is, you know, selling physical assets.

So they have GPUs that they rent out to other people at a much, much lower cost than what you’re seeing every place else.

Even with cloud storage and stuff like that.

And this is a great, great name that hasn’t really participated as much.

And what I love about this is a token economics of fantastic where this is the only name I know and if you crypto crazy out there, wanna correct me on this? That’s fine.

Only name I know outside of Bitcoin that actually also has a HALFING event and they do it every two and a half years.

And that Halving event’s coming up in 12 months.

What do you think is gonna happen? These are the names and the technologies you’re seeing and it’s gonna get bigger and bigger and more technologies.

That’s what these things are.

The software companies are gonna get funded.

Why? Because it’s a super bull market in crypto and it’s a secular bull market where when we see And then what happens is the market crashes, right? We have this crypto winters.

You’re not gonna see that because you had those crypto winters ’cause demand kind of wanes right now.

You have Bitcoin ETFs, constant flow coming in, MicroStrategy buying more Bitcoin here and there just raised more money.

Was it yesterday? Which he is gonna use to, to buy more Bitcoin.

You’re gonna see as tax laws are changing this year of how you account Bitcoin on, on, on your books.

It’s not intangible asset, which is a horrible way to account for it.

That’s why MicroStrategy reports losses every year.

Now it’s gonna be the same as a tangible asset, an investment.

Which means that a lot of companies, I believe are going to put a very small portion of Bitcoin on the balance sheets.

Makes sense.

Also, you have Ethereum ETFs coming, they might not get approved right away.

The S sec C’s gonna flex this muscle and try to pretend that they’re doing the job.

Which, you know, they suck at as we saw throughout the whole crypto industry five years to regulate this industry.

They still haven’t done it.

Maybe, you know, I have the schedules for all of them.

There’s like six of ’em.

And the final ruling is around between May and August.

Might take a couple more months, like Bitcoin took a little while.

But that’s another major catalyst.

Once that happens, it’s gonna open up the whole ETF market leverage.

ETF, leverage ETFs, structured ETFs, MA actively managed Bitcoin ETFs or or or crypto ETFs.

Constant news flow.

Constant, constant, constant.

This demand, I mean $30 trillion is now having access, gonna gain access to, to ETFs.

The whole thing’s not gonna come in.

And maybe 3% won’t come in 1%, 2% is a difference maker.

And as this goes higher, don’t you think more and more people are gonna want exposure to it? As I said, you know, six months ago, Bitcoin great, right? Thinking about where the puck’s gonna go.

Let’s buy Bitcoin, let’s buy Ethereum, let’s do well with these things, right? Pitching a newsletter in a newsletter and Crypto Intelligence newsletter and now at six to 8,000, everybody wants to buy Bitcoin.

What I’m looking at is where the puck’s going and where the puck’s going is the altcoins.

These technologies, the structure of these companies, of these new altcoins are a million times better than they were.

You got all the garbage wiped out, all the b******t.

Everyone’s just trying.

Again, you’re still gonna have that in all industries, but it’s not gonna be as big.

Now you have these new technologies that are funding, they’re getting funding, you’re seeing the connectivity.

There’s protocols where, you know, that’s where the hacks take place with the bridges.

There’s different blockchains, hard to communicate with each other.

Now you have names like Chain Link that are allowing, you don’t need those bridges anymore.

Meaning that you’re preventing hacks and it’s seamless.

And now they’re working with the largest banks in the world through the SWIFT system.


Chain link working with Swift system.

Are you kidding me? Just this whole entire market where now you’re gonna see ownership, ownership of your content on the internet and things that you create, which is the metaverse, but the metaverse is just this, you know, terrible term.

That’s what NFTs are gonna make a big comeback.

All this stuff’s gonna get funded going forward.

So buy Bitcoin, own Bitcoin.

You’re not gonna be a millionaire unless you’re putting in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And if you are, maybe it goes to 300,000, 400,000.

I don’t know.

I’m just saying I think it’s going to a hundred thousand.

I think it’s gonna happen over the next 12 to 18 months.

And if it does, what happens when Bitcoin goes higher? We see even after the Halving for 18 months, the rest of the market outperforms Bitcoin by three to one.

A massive amount.

I’m not talking about, you know, 6% to 2%.

I’m talking about Bitcoin up 600% after the last Halving in 18 months.

And the rest of the market up 1800%.

These are where the gains are gonna come from in crypto.

We want to be where the puck is going that where the puck is right now because everyone’s talking about Bitcoin and it’s great and Ethereum is doing great.

There’s so many great technologies studying for so many years and now you’re seeing new companies come out and they’re getting funded.

That’s why you need an allocation to this sector.

Again, five recommendations.

I love it.

I pat myself on the back here, but I love to see subscribers make money.

Five made ’em one issue, average one’s up 50%.

And the one that we just recommended, I’m really, really, really excited about.

It’s a great name in all the major trends.

Cloud AI, deep in game Phi, great community of developers, amazing management team 2023 is a banner year for them.

And yet you didn’t really see a massive movement.

You’re just seeing that movement now over the past couple months.

’cause everything’s coming together for this company.

Those are the names that I’m seeing.

Really cool, exciting names that you can get in at a hundred million, $200 million valuation, 300 million.

But if these things get it right and go to a 10, 15, 20 billion, it’s a game changer.

Instead, you’re looking at investing in five, six, $10 billion companies that IPO for most investors that could buy, that’s the only time they could buy when IPO is.

Unless you have access to the private markets and credit investor, you know the right people, which that not a lot of people have access to some of this stuff, but not all of it.

This is how you could make a fortune.

That’s why you need an allocation of your speculative capital.

Don’t sell your freaking house.

Don’t be stupid.

Don’t go all in.

Especially if you see over the past six weeks, eight, three, four months.

Don’t be stupid.

Please don’t go crazy.

And the greed factor, jump in.

That’s what happened here.

I mean, look at the matter of leverage in these freaking crazy tokens.

Are you kidding me? A lot of these now what? Now you just got wrecked.

You lost your money, you got your margin call, you have no money left, it’s gone.

And now you’re gonna miss out on this long-term trend that’s gonna be intact for a very, very long time.

Let’s get to Apple.

Everyone, everyone, everyone.

Now bearish on Apple.

What happened and bearish on this name for 12 months and been wrong the first six months.

Just you know, again, numbers guy and looking at everything and saying, you know, Apple barely grew sales and earnings for 12 months.

This is going to mid 2023 and yet it’s market cap increased by a trillion.

I mean, holy s**t, how do you do that? Right? That’s pretty incredible.

Bringing up articles numerous times.

iPhone sales were slowing.

iPad sales slowing had the biggest growth market.

China, which Apple was very dependent on.

I mean it’s been in a tailspin, we’ve been part on that for, for what, a year and a half, two years.

China’s a lot worse than what everyone’s saying.

The real estate market.


Great information from great people.

Thank you so much for being able to cover this market.

That’s what this is about.

It’s a network.

It’s not about me taking credit like I’m a genius.

It’s having access to the right information.

How do you do that through all of you? ’cause you’re all in different industries.

Many of you own your businesses, many of you are on, on college campuses and you listen to this.

Some of you’re in the military, many of you are doctors.

I mean all these different sectors that real time information, when you email me, it’s incredible.

I could look at so many different names based on the information you, you email me and and recommend stocks.

And I, I could tell you everything about the numbers.

You’re gonna know more about these industries and real time.

It’s not inside information, it’s just having access to the information at the right time that’s publicly available.

But man, China’s been a s**t show.

But now we have proof how bad China is.

’cause there’s a lot of people out there going, well it’s not so bad.

Well, I mean those are the people that ignore the comments from who? Levi’s, Nike, Starbucks, who have major presidents in China.

Look at those names.

There’s a report, and this is from Counterpoint Research suggesting iPhone sales dropped 24% in China.

What’s interesting when you look under the hood for this data, you could say, well China’s a s**t show, right? It’s terrible.

I mean the economy’s terrible.

It means it’s consumers are probably holding back and iPhone’s a a big expense, right? It’s a high end phone.

Don’t have the money to spend on it.

That’s not it.

It’s Yahweh taking massive market share, seeing sales for its new smartphones and headsets.

Were 64% year over year.

If you remember, Huawei was one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world pre COVID.

And really I won only, only the major competitor for Apple.

There was a couple, I don’t have to say za me and stuff like that, but but not as big.

Probably was was that, that was the competitor.

It was like, you know, Verizon at and t before T-Mobile came around.

But after COVID what happened? Us placed sanctions on Yahweh and their phones.

They weren’t allowed to get the best technology and they really sucked.

They’re not able to get the best chips.

They didn’t even have 5G, which makes it much slower.

So everyone’s like, all right, I’m gonna go to Apple.

And that’s how their market share surged.

Now Yahweh has 5G in their headsets, have access to the great tech greatest technology.

Their phones are great.

The new generation, which who knows how they get the chips.

I’ll let you your imagination run Well, but it’s terrible news for Apple because buying a headset that’s like a two year commitment.

It’s not like, Hey, I’m buying, I’m buying Reebok instead of Nike this time.

Then you’re like, yeah, you know what? This kind of sucks.

I’m just gonna go back to Nike.

And you’re like, okay.

And you come out with a better product and people are like, all right, I’m just gonna, it’s like a two, two year at least, right? Most of the time.

Three year commitment and you lost this person.

So it’s not like Apple can launch an iPhone.

That’s incredible.

And people are gonna be like, wow, this phone I just bought, I’m gonna throw in a garbage because I want this one.

They’re not gonna do that.

So you lose market share.

It takes a long time to gain that back.

Now Apple shares down 15% from the all time highs of close to $200 and basically done nothing over the past six months.

While I won’t say the Mag seven anymore, ’cause you’re seeing a big sell off in some of those names, especially Tesla.

But Meta, Nvidia, Microsoft Surged.

Now here’s what I see when it comes to Apple from my perch.

Every time you try to count this company out, they come back with a vengeance every time.

I’m not sure about the timing.

I’m not telling you to go out there and buy it.

Maybe it has a little bit more downside.

I’m not sure what we’re gonna start seeing positive news from Apple because it’s been a s**t show for a while.

But, but but hear me out.

Over 2 billion people use iPhone products or Apple’s products, right? Includes iPhone, iPads, watches.

Apple has all the data and tracks all the data on these people.

Since everyone carries their iPhone around every second of the day and makes sure it’s right next to them when they go to sleep, their phone’s always within hands reach all the time.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

So they’re gonna be a monster, monster, monster winner in AI and they’ll get it right.

You say, well, they’re kind of late to the party.

Wait, wait till, I have to tell you in the next sec.

They’re not late to the party.

I mean they’re late when you look at chat GPT and Google and stuff like that.

But I mean this sector is just, it’s changing so fast.

It’s like you could have everything set up and be like, wow, this system’s better, this is better, this is better.

They’re gonna be a winner.

And AI, because they have the data.

Remember that when it comes to AI, it’s data.

If you have the data, you’re gonna be a winner.

You’re gonna be able to predict.

And they have a massive, massive amount of, of data.

Probably top five in terms of all the data in the world when it comes to corporations.

They also have 70 billion cash.

Remarkable securities on its balance sheet generated a hundred billion dollars in free cash flow last year.

A hundred billion dollars in free cash flow.

Imagine that.

Holy s**t.

Apple also controls the app store, which is a toll.

Every company has to pay forever no matter what.

’cause they own the phone that gives ’em pricing power.

Everybody’s p****d off.

They wanna assume it doesn’t matter, right? Look at Facebook, look at Meta Meta’s like we’re p****d off about the privacy policies.

Well, too bad Spotify, we’re gonna see you all right? You could sue us, but it’s gonna cost us really nothing.

It’s not gonna be a big deal.

We’re not gonna change.

App stores are very, very powerful tool.

They’re pricing power for cloud.

Anyone who has an iPhone and uses cloud, how do you get that data off of cloud onto a new system? It’s not easy.

Believe me, I know.

Have a phone starts.

It’s not easy to take all your data, it’s easy to transfer your data from phone to phone.

Takes a little bit.

You chip, gimme the cloud ID and boom, it transfer’s.

Very easy to get to a new phone.

Takes a little while, maybe an hour, depending on how much data you have on your phone.

Could take a little bit longer.

I know I do this, but going from iPhone and taking that cloud data and putting into a Samsung ho, ho, what does that mean? It means that they have pricing power.

They could raise prices on that.

And they could do that with not just cloud, but almost every service they provide.

Apple TV streaming, Apple music.

Apple fitness.

Also, what do we see yesterday? The elections.

Hey Trump, right? Kicked ass as expected.

Nikki Hailey just ended her campaign.

So Trump is now officially the nominee.

So right now against Biden right now.

And a lot can change.

He’s ahead of most polls.

I think he’s gonna be ahead even further after tomorrow because that’s gonna be Biden’s State of the Union dress to 7:00 PM And I have to say the last 10 times I saw him speak it, it it, it was bad.

And I hope he’s not like that.

But the reason why I think it’s gonna be bad and he’s gonna be all over the place and you’re not gonna know what’s going on is because he also won the nomination.

Why wouldn’t you come out and speak to your base? I mean, it’s a safe place.

These hundreds of people that love you, you get, I mean think about it.

That’s the politician’s dream, right? Celebrate an achievement that I did.

I did.

That’s what you say, Trump, I did this, I did this, I did this, I did this.

Politicians love saying what they did specifically.

And this is the greatest opportunity.

They’ll never admit when they’re wrong, ever.

But a great opportunity to go in front of your base and say, Hey guys, now we’re taking on Trump.

What? How do you not make a speech? I mean, that’s a great opportunity.

I don’t know, I just thought that was crazy.

But the reason why I’m bringing this up is for investment purposes.

And people get all crazy when it comes to politics.

Holy s**t, you said this, you said this.

Yeah, but you said this but you said this.

Yeah, you know, I’m just sick as s**t and I really, you know, limited my time on these platforms ’cause I have to know what’s going on.

But I could tell you if Trump wins, if Trump wins, I think it’s gonna be really, really good for companies who do business in China.

I really do.

I actually think China itself is gonna be a big buy.

You might say why? That’s crazy.

And it’s not because China is still one of the biggest economies in the world.

Not the biggest do the second.

So they’re in such a weak position right now, especially when it comes to bargaining power.

I mean real estate is in channels, everything.

And I know people who are bearish on this market.

Again, China’s not disappearing and it’s down tremendously and it’s got its ass kicked and it’s horrible.

But Trump’s really good at exploiting this and if he’s smart, he’ll find a way for America to benefit from China making a comeback.

’cause both of those economies working together.

Holy s**t.

I mean that’s what we all want.

It’s gonna be good for all of us.

It could be the form of ease of restrictions on foreign investments which have been pulled back.

Lots of restrictions, lots of tariffs.

I mean easing those trade restrictions.

If China agrees to buy more goods from the us especially in industry like agriculture.

I mean there’s so many things you could do when when someone’s sitting there and they have this massive asset of they can make anything they want and we are gonna buy it at the us.

We’re gonna buy it, we’re gonna buy it.

Know how hard it’s to produce stuff in the us.

Yeah, we’re passing the chips act.

We’re gonna pass this.

You know how much it costs to produce something in the US compared to places like China.

Now you could say it’s Cambodia and Taiwan, I mean not Taiwan, Cambodia and and Vietnam.

But if China wins, I think this is gonna be really good for Apple.

I really do.

I think China could become a growth catalyst again, maybe 20, 25.

But every time we doubt Apple, what happens? It finds a way to kick your ass.

Plus, I can’t find or remember a time covering Apple for for many, many years when sentiment was this negative on that company.

Which means what? Which means expectations are low.

No one’s expecting anything.

iPhone sales are terrible.

China’s terrible iPads, everything.

Services didn’t grow as much as I did.

Earnings are not growing as fast.

Sales aren’t growing.

You’re a little expensive.

It’s just so many things, right? There’s no one’s saying anything positive.

The only thing that’s positive is the AI, but they have to come up and get this right? If they could just show a little progress on AI, if they see a little more growth in China, China, that that turns just a little bit, the stock’s gonna pop because expectations are so low and it significantly outperformed its peers, which are those four or five mag seven stocks.

However, I don’t think Apple’s is just gonna show progress on its AI initiatives.

The amount of data they have is insane.

Plus the productivity gains.

They’re gonna see gains that Microsoft Meta Amazon have seen using AI.

If you’re looking at revenue per employee.

And when has that metric been a big deal? It is now.

You never hear him mention that.

Look it up for Microsoft and Meta holy s**t and surging for these companies.

So you speak of AI and why I think Apple’s gonna get this right very quickly because they have a huge war chest.

How were we introduced to this magnificent trend? It was through ChatGPT and ChatGPT’s main competitor is Gemini, which is barred Google’s barred.

And that was the ultimate disaster of a launch.

And it wasn’t like, oh we made a mistake of people programming it.

No, you took the same program you have for search and put it into this.

And when people started looking and seeing that, they’re like, what the hell is this? That’s what Google search is.

It’s the same thing I had this long post because the CDC just came out and said, oh you know what, now we could treat C like the flu.

They actually f*****g said that.

You believe that? Unbelievable.

I mean, look what they did to kids.

Closed things down, fired nurses destroyed people’s lives if you disagreed.

Even though they were taking, yeah, they they had to get the shot right? Even though, you know, nurses were like on the front of this whole entire thing, right? Treating people.

And this was not FDA approved through 2020.

It was not FDA approved, but if you said you didn’t wanna take it, I mean your life was destroyed.

Look at Ice Cube, look at Aaron Rogers, all this stuff.

Now you’re saying that it’s like the flu.

So I went back and, and tried to post and I, I did a simple search.

This should be a simple search and you could tell it was suppressed of how many people got the flu in the flu season of 20 20, 20 21.

First time COVID hit and I knew what the number was around, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

It should have been easy.

It was like 1600 people, whatever it was, it was some the lowest amount on record going back to like 1913.

Yet if you look at the past four years, an average of what? yet it was so low.

Why? Because it was about 28 to 30 million people that got COVID, which told you that it was a form of a flu.

It was very easy to see right off the bat.

I can’t find this.

Why can’t I find that information right now? Why do you wonder why Jim and I am barred? I mean that that’s how, it wasn’t like, oh we had like these programmers we’re gonna, we’re gonna fire ’cause they messed up.

No, you said, Hey, this is how we program searched when everybody searches on Google.

Let’s just put this right here.

And then people started looking at pictures and all this stuff and, and they were like, what the hell’s going on? It’s not, it’s giving me stuff I’m not even asking for.


So you look at ChatGPT, great, great product, but now you have a company called Anthropic, remember that name? It’s an AI company founded by OpenAI members who left the company and they just launched its newest version of a competitor, which is Claude.

And a top version of Claude is better than ChatGPT.

Now I want you to think about that for a minute.

ChatGPT had the biggest launch of any technology product on the planet in two months.

It got a hundred million users.

We’ve never seen any, anything like that on any scale.

And now has 180 million users.

I think it’s even more than that.

I think it’s over a billion users.

I’m sorry, but you, you’re looking at, at at billions of people that are using this and when did this come out? This was just launched.

This isn’t an old product, right? We got different versions getting better.

But this pretty much launched to AI revolution where it was like, holy s**t, did you see ChatGPT? Look what you could do.

You could do all this stuff on it.

It’s amazing.

And already there’s a better product in the market.

And by better, I mean I’m not saying well it’s better ’cause I think it’s better.

This is tested content writing.

Look, Claude responded more quickly, less robotically than chat GPT when it came to coding.

And people would test this game Bolt the same task code a colorful currency converter as an app.

And Claude did just that.

It was colorful, it was nice, responded to directions perfectly chat GT’s version of the app was plain.

They tested for creative writing closed much more accurate compared to chat GBT when given instructions to write certain types of sentences.

And I think they said write 10 sentences with you know, the end in the letter th or whatever.

And I think Claude was able to do five or six of them and and ChatGPT did four Crazy.

I mean this is how quickly this is changing where you could have your whole everything set up on a certain system and another system could be much, much better.

So crazy is that’s how early we are in this amazing trend.

And you look at Anthropic, who’s the owner of Claude? Who do you think its biggest investor is? Guess who this is really cool Amazon, nice job.

And then Google great hedge for them since Bart sucks.

You look at OpenAI value to 80 to a hundred billion and look, they’re gonna improve that version and it’s still gonna be good.

But to see that a product like that, I mean launched to AI, right? This whole revolution that brought it on a consumer level, right? This whole scale where everybody could use it and try it and go, holy s**t, this is amazing and we got to see it upfront and they launched it for free.

And you think products for free, remember it’s the greatest thing that they did.

Let’s launch it for free.

All these people are gonna use it.

What do they think they’re doing when you’re using everything you type, everything you do, they track, they have all the data, more data, track it, make it collect even more data on everybody, which is awesome and making it even better.

So how you do that internally, you can’t do it compared to a billion people using this thing and everyone just typing stuff at the same time.

How much faster is this thing gonna learn? The best decision ever.

But this is closed source, it’s not open source.

Somebody owns it but OpenAI valued at 80 or a hundred billion, it’s gonna be a nice win for Amazon and it feels like they disrupt these markets.

And you’re like, where’s Amazon gonna go next? Right? It’s retail and then you know, supply chain logistics.

One day shipping, you know, Amazon marketplace Alexa was launched, which a is definitely gonna change that AWS holy cow.

And people say, well Microsoft, they still, they’re still the leader in cloud and now they’re starting to build that up.

You see growth even come back.

It’s starting to come back for Amazon where we’re slowing, you know, from 30% to 20%, 18%.

Now it’s starting to to grow, run a percentage basis again.

But now AI and holy cow, you wanna talk about someone collecting data on you every purchase you make, everything you do, tracking your package.

Holy cow.

I mean they have everything, everything.

Think about your wife, you, I mean we get paper towels, toilet paper, just kitchen stuff delivered now every month.

Dog food every couple of weeks.

You know it’s automatic but they know everything about you and they, they’re gonna be able to tell, okay, the person that buys this product, there’s a 70% chance they’re gonna buy this product next and then a 30% chance they’re gonna buy this product next.

And when you combine all that and you have all this data, now you have these AI programs able to figure out and crunch all this data in seconds and tell you exactly what that consumer is going to purchase.

Not just one purchase but this, this, this, this.

Because of all the patterns and everything and how you purchase products.

Holy cow, it’s amazing.

So not even the first inning of the revolution in AI, I don’t think you missed it.

I mean I know this because I cover the industry in depth now providing you stories like this one with Claude, which I’m not hearing in mainstream media.

You probably gonna hear a couple days from now.

The applications are endless and you no longer need to know coding.

I mean it puts you at a significant disadvantage for companies that dunno coding.

You have to hide developers and sometimes they’re from the Ukraine or way and and you hear so many s****y stories or they finished a product or maybe they steal it or what.

It’s so hard and hard.

These guys in house is hundreds of thousands of dollars but now loves a playing field.

’cause you don’t need to know coding to integrate this technology into your company.

We’re doing it right now.

Curs your research.

Military applications, I know scary but endless.

The Department of Defense has said identified 180 possible military uses for AI, only 180.

Again, scary s**t.

But Palantir just signed $178 million order with the army today to help power AI enabled ground stations.

You really think it’s the only contract they’re gonna get over the next 6, 9, 12 months.

Two, three years.

Think about the research industry for stocks.

What do you have? You have Bloomberg Capital IQ, FactSet, Thomson Reuters.

These guys charge you a fortune for this s**t.

A fortune.

I know because I paid a fortune.

These companies are content aggregators.

What does that mean? They pull public information from everywhere from companies, their balance sheets, income statements, charts, stock price, hundreds of fundamental ratios, right? Putting into formulas, estimates that these companies provide, which are given on conference calls.

Why do you need to pay 25,000, $30,000 a year for these systems when AI can create them for you? You have to pay for the APIs and stuff like that.

But it will cost you a fraction of the price to do this.

And you own all your research.

Again, this is public information these companies put together to make it easy for you.

And I could type in what’s Apple’s, whatever, what’s Apple’s estimates for the next three years Earnings, whether it’s a free cash flow generating, but it’s all available.

It’s just, do I wanna go and look at a 10 K and and look and read through the transcript, which you know I do when I actually recommend the company.

But now it just combs through this as fast as it can.

All this is public information.

What’s gonna happen to that industry? Holy s**t.

I’d be worried I’d be signing people at three to five year contracts at like Finance, real estate, healthcare, biotech, CRM platforms.

Why did Salesforce’s Snowflake report such weak numbers? And Salesforce went up ’cause they announced a big buyback and, and and stuff.

Okay, I get it.

But the numbers weren’t that good for someone who should be really, really benefiting from AI.

And Snowflake said that their margins are gonna be down How is that possible? It’s a company with, you know, a million PE that was supposed to grow the stratosphere.

How is that possible? How are you telling me you don’t have pricing power? Now you can build your own CRM platforms using AI, numerous platforms that do this.

You can do a fraction of the price, got a customer service department gone.

Companies are using it right now.

You’re seeing it.

They’re actually bragging about it saying Wow, we replaced hundreds of workers by using this stuff.

Because you could actually go into a program, select an A person and they have like 20 people you could choose from and you could call them, you could talk to ’em direct, they’ll come on, right? It’s a fake person.

It’s all AI generated and now they’re gonna be able to answer your questions and it’s gonna get smarter.

So maybe, okay, did work the first time, second time, third.

Now after a month, two months, three months, it’s gonna have all the answers.

You don’t have to pay for custom service, which a lot of this shit’s a nightmare.

Holy cow.

I mean when’s the last time you actually spoke to someone on the phone? And when you do, they barely speak English, can’t even understand them.

And then every new person you get on the phone, you have to give all of your information to again, another person passes me on to seven people at all.


Well we’re taping your phone call.

Just wanna know, okay, who are you? What’s your name? What’s this? It’s like I just said that seven F times.

Gimme a break.

Look at figure AI, which I mentioned New startup just raised $675 million to build watt human-like robots.

You know what that would do for a company like Amazon, which is why they’re one of the biggest investors in this company.

Along with who? OpenAI, Microsoft, Nvidia.

So you’re looking at consulting firms, leading consulting firms, right? Everybody can have estimates or whatever, but the leading ones, biggest ones a calling for this industry and AI to be in the multi trillions.

I know you’re thinking, well you know what, Frank, I, I missed a boat in Nvidia, I missed a boat in in super micro computer.

Remember you’re buying, you know, Microsoft, Meta, Google maybe AMD, which is really scary.

It’s AMD I mean when you look at super microcomputer, they’re putting up the numbers.

Their earnings are growing tremendously.

Nvidia earnings growing tremendously.

You could argue that these stocks are not expensive.

They’re not, even though their stocks have gone up tremendously because their earnings have surged.

AMD stock has surged and they’re supposed to this year reported the same earnings I reported two years ago.

So if you’re buying M-A-A-M-D, you’re not really buying it as a current AI play.

You’re buying it as you’re hoping it becomes an AI play.

’cause right now it’s not.

And that stock is trading through the stratosphere, which is scary.

But I’ve seen companies now and looking at this in small mid caps starting to implement this technology and what are they seeing outta nowhere? Companies I follow, I’m like, oh I remember that company.

All of a sudden I see something like 30%.

I’m like, what the hell happened? And this is this earnings season.

At least four or five companies I could identify.

I’m like what the hell happened? This company is reporting losses all a sudden reporting gains and all the analysts covering them.

And sometimes you have like three or four, you don’t have 30 or 40 like with the Microsoft and the Google and stuff like that and the bigger companies and all of ’em caught off guard.

Like what the hell? Just how, how did that happen? When you look under the hood, you could see it.

And they’re not saying AI generated this amount of Salesforce.

You’re not gonna see that.

And I think that’s what people get confused about.

But they’re seeing margin surge and they’re seeing that in a divisions that they’re implementing AI in.

And if you want proof of that, even on a bigger scale, look at the revenue to sales year over year for Meta and Microsoft.

And you wanna talk about an explosion alter.

These companies laid off tons of workers, Meta laid off.

they laid off a year ago, another 1900 in gaming.

So they’re seeing sales go up while margins surge and earnings absolutely skyrocket.

Now more specific, listen to this so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

This is why for a guy like me, and again to find this stuff, you have to be a fundamental analyst and most people aren’t talking about it.

’cause when you go on tv, they’re traders and trading’s cool, but a lot of ’em are traders.

You go to YouTube channels, they’re traders a lot easier to be a trader than a fundamental analyst, which takes many, many, many years to understand what these companies are doing.

I mean you could learn simple fundamental analysis, but really dig it in to see, okay, what are they hiding? What are they doing? But when you look under the hood now I’m saying I’m holy s**t, here’s when you look in the hood.

Listen to this please.

Meta reported sales of 135 billion in 2023.

That was slightly higher than 2022.

But earnings grew 69%, Why do you think that happened? Amazon, if you look at Amazon increased sales Do you see how much money they generated last year? Just to put this in perspective, in 2022 they had a net loss of 2.7 billion.

Amazon reported net profits of 30.4 billion last year.

Holy s**t.

And yes, s**t, when I see something like that, something that doesn’t make sense, like how in the hell did that happen? Is this a one time or did you sell what happened? No, this is what AI is doing for these big companies that have all the data.

And you might say, okay, maybe I missed the boat.

Amazon hasn’t participated as much and think it’s still a great buy.

But if you think you missed a boat, you think this is in a bubble, you’re crazy.

Some names are in a bubble.

I agree.

But you’re seeing AI filter down to small and mid-tier companies that have been around for a long time that also have a lot of data.

And this is the reason why we’re launching new newsletter solely based on this trend.

And I’m calling it Curzio AI because I can’t think of a better f*****g name, sorry.

Curzio AI is the name of it.

Ready wrote my first beta issue that goes out to Curzio one members that’s part of that, you know, elite membership.

And we asked for feedback and their feedback has been like, holy s**t.

I’m like, I know you’re gonna see lots of great ideas.

I ran screen a small cap names under $5 billion market cap.

You can get away with 10 billion.

I didn’t want to go that high.

And you’re gonna see companies like 10, 15 billion.

I’m probably gonna cap it at that.

So mid cap companies as well.

They can grow mark caps tremendously.

I have 220 small cap names right now all starting to use AI, which will completely change the landscapes of their business.

And I feel like nobody’s talking about this and why, it’s why I mentioned just a min minute ago.

You have to really dig into the fundamentals.

And a lot of people don’t do that.

’cause when you do dig into fundamentals, it it, it opens up the door to you to be more of a bear.

It does like the chanos, holy cow.

You wanna talk about guys like a reed Stu mean Citron, Andrew left.

Great guys.

Fundamental guys like could dig through numbers, but you have to dig through the numbers and figure out, okay, why did this company beat, why did they beat by so much? How did they do this when nobody saw this coming? And this is how, and you’re seeing when you dig in, you go to the website and you start looking and dig in technology.

It’s showing the AI capabilities that make sense.

They have a lot of data on their clients.

A lot of these co some of these companies been around for a hundred years.

They just have lower than $5 billion market caps, which is a big company.

But we’re used to seeing trillion dollar companies.

And the good news for you with this product, you don’t need to to, you know, again, if this is all over your head and it’s too many numbers Frank and s**t like that doesn’t, I’m gonna do all this s**t for you don’t have to.

All you have to do is buy the name of tell you about.

It’s all you gotta do.

The official launch launched about two weeks away.

Most of the names make it into this newsletter are gonna be names likely that you haven’t heard of.

Maybe a few of the ones that I’m seeing on my list because they rarely mentioned on CNBC.

Everybody talks about the big guys, but companies that get this, right, right.

Four or five that I saw already got this right.

I mean, you’re gonna see incredible stockings if you’re looking at super microcomputer, which is one of the ones that like, you know, outside Nvidia, that’s the second best.

That was a $5 billion company 12 months ago.

It’s 66 billion today.

Up 1100% in a year.

I wouldn’t buy it here because you know, they, they’re basically making these computers and tailored to everybody, which you don’t have a big moat.

You could have a lot of companies that do this and Dell and stuff like that.

And you’ve seen Dell stock through the roof.

It’s not like Nvidia has the technology and nobody can really compete with them.

I don’t see it for at least years away, maybe another five years away and everyone’s catching up.

They’re two generations ahead.

But these are the names that you’re gonna see in this portfolio.

Launching it in two weeks.

It’s a higher end product since there’s tons of research.

As you could see it goes into it a lot of my time is provide a, a nice special enterprise to Curzio Research members or members who sign Up at www.Curzioai.com Okay? That’s for free, free if you sign up, just so you’re gonna get all the information when we launch.

And plus releasing lots of cool stuff on the news I’m seeing in AI, which is a ton.

You’re hearing it right here.

You’re not seeing it every place.

It’s just different sites that we’re able to pick from who are great in this industry.

And man, this is the stuff we’re doing.

It’s really, really exciting.

So again, www.Curzioai.com if you’re interested in seeing it.

Two weeks we’re going to launch this.

And also I have a special interview set up already, a couple weeks from now.

Only ’cause this person went on vacation.

Would’ve did it earlier.

He’s the director of AI for the Mayo Clinic.

Get ready for your brain to explode.

’cause I spent like 40 minutes on the phone with him just talking to him.

I mean two phone calls and a bunch of emails.

I said, listen, I would love to interview you.

I mean, he’s got lots of private ideas.

This is a guy that sees, he told me, you gotta see the ideas that come across his desk.

I think it’s every Thursday or whatever that just come across his desk that implementing AI into so many facets, facets of, of healthcare and biotech and stuff that he’s using.

He’s been doing this for a very, very, very long time.

Actually that’s gonna be available to subscribers along with lots of interviews with some amazing leaders in this space.

So I’m looking forward to the launch since the first newsletter I launched under my name in seven years, I believe that seven years.

Why? Because usually when you launch newsletters, they go out to your whole list.

It’s a new product, it’s where you generate the most money.

So why wouldn’t I launch 30 or 40 like a lot of my competitors is because I only offer products and really pitch my products when I think there’s big opportunities for you.

I don’t get paid by these companies, recommend them.

If I don’t show you gains, then you’re not gonna subscribe to my work.

So I’ve been doing this for 30 years, so a lot of you have been listening to me for decades.

I see lots of opportunities for you.

I’m gonna be invested in a lot of these, just like the opportunities I saw in crypto six months ago when I was really, really pushing that even two months ago.

But AI, it’s happening.

I mean listen to, to Mark Cuban’s interview is really cool.

He’s like you, you either gonna have companies that are AI or you’re left out.

That’s how big this trend is.

And he’s pretty good when it comes to that part of business.

Seeing trends in technology, living through them, knowing when to get out.

That’s how I became a billionaire.

Listen to that interview.

Start educating yourself.

’cause when there’s super early stages, you need to have capital allocated to the sector, especially small mid-cap names.

Those are going to see.

I’ll give you the potential for the biggest returns if I get this s**t right, which I hopefully do.

So again, you can sign up at Curzioai.com to receive all my AI updates, especially when the newsletter and officially launches.

So guys, that’s it for me.

Questions, comments, email me at frank@Curzioresearch.com and see you guys tomorrow on Wall Street Unplugged Premium.

Take care.

Love this episode of Wall Street Unplugged.

I think you’ll really love Wall Street Unplugged Premium.

The Wall Street Unplugged Premium is my members only podcast where I dive even deeper into this week’s events.

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