Wall Street Unplugged
Episode: 816November 4, 2021

Ignore valuations… Focus on these 3 factors instead

Luke Downey, Editor- Big Money Trader

My friend and colleague Luke Downey—editor of The Big Money Report here at Curzio Research—joins the show to help me make a big announcement… [1:35]

But first, Luke shares the story of how he began following the “Big Money”—the growth stock strategy that helped him retire from Wall Street at 31—and what led him to his latest macro prediction… which proved to be spot on. [2:55]

It can be hard to commit to buying growth stocks, since they tend to trade at such high valuations… But Luke says you should look past valuations and focus on three other factors instead… [6:20]

If you think it takes big money to follow the “Big Money”… think again. Luke gives two examples of how he turned small positions into massive gains… And shares exactly how he uncovers great ideas like these. [9:05]

OK, onto the big announcement… Luke’s new options trading advisory, Big Money Trader, is launching soon. Here’s what subscribers can expect… [15:20]

And if you’re not familiar with options, don’t worry: Luke explains why these trades don’t need to be scary. [24:50]

Inside this episode:
  • Luke Downey, editor of The Big Money Report [1:35]
  • This strategy helped Luke retire from Wall Street at 31 [2:55]
  • Look past valuations and focus on 3 other factors instead [6:20]
  • How Luke turned 2 small positions into massive gains [9:05]
  • Big Money Trader is launching soon… Here’s what to know [15:20]
  • Why options don’t need to be scary [24:50]

Wall Street Unplugged | 816

Ignore valuations… Focus on these 3 factors instead

Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged looks beyond the regular headlines, heard on mainstream financial media, to bring you unscripted interviews and breaking commentary direct from Wall Street, right to you on Main Street.

Frank Curzio: How’s it going out there? It’s November 4th. I’m Frank Curzio, host of the Wall Street Unplugged Podcast, where I break the headlines and tell you what’s really moving these markets. I have a great interview for you right now. So, my buddy, Luke Downey… So, if you’re a subscriber or have gone to our curzioresearch.com website to view all of our free content and past podcasts, you should be familiar with Luke. There’s a ton of free content for us. Also, there’s lots of videos, which I love, because this helps educate investors. We liked him so much that we hired him to write a newsletter for us, which is called The Big Money Report. And, a lot of you who are subscribers to the product, are doing very well.

Frank Curzio: This is a product that you’ll see a lot of cool growth names in, that many investors, that I realized over my career, are afraid to buy or stay away from, mostly due to valuation. But as you know, these are the names that are driving the market higher over the past 10 years. Luke doesn’t buy these names blindly. As a system, he took years to build, that helps people like you everyday investors, invest not after the big money, which is the institutions and major funds, but right alongside it. So, thus far, this product has been doing incredibly well. Luke is doing an incredible job, starting to get lots of fans, that love the work you do. Luke, enough, right? Enough of the compliments, buddy. Let’s bring you in. How’s everything going?

Luke Downey: Frank, everything’s going great. I love that little intro. That was great, man. Thanks.

Frank Curzio: No, I appreciate it. I mean it, the work that you do and the performance of the newsletter is fantastic. And, I want to start here, right? Because, you did this on September 20th. I’ve seen your market calls. A lot of people might say, “Well, I subscribe to the newsletter. I like to get individual ideas. I love your market calls because they’ve been very, very good.” On late September, you said, and if you put yourself back in late September, I know right now, I think it’s 14 out of 15 days, the S&P would be going up. And, everything’s going higher. Everybody’s bullish. But back then, the market came down. You saw the bears come out. They were nervous saying, “You could come down further, rates are going higher.” You said, “Based on history, look, there’s a good time to buy.” And you said, “Buy them,” I think it was ARK Internet Fund, and also the Russell, right? Which is a way to play this move higher that you saw coming, and maybe a couple days early.

Frank Curzio: But, if you look at that performance since then, it’s double what the S&P is. Both of those plays. How do you see these market moves? And, what are some of the indicators you use? Because some people might be like, “Well, he’s just guessing.” And, but the sophistication and how much goes your system, and how much you’ve worked on in the hours is incredible. And it’s been really spot on, many, many times and people can go back and see that research, Curzio Research. How do you do it?

Luke Downey: Frank, this is great. This is a good segue to talk about what I’m doing every single day. So, you look, if you’re not familiar with what I do with Curzio, I just follow the big money. And, that’s what I learned to do while trading on these Wall Street trading desks. One thing I noticed was that a lot of the smart hedge funds, money managers, pension funds, they would be attracted to the same type of stocks. And they would buy them day after day, after day, and sometimes for over a month. And what I noticed was whichever direction they were going, the stock tended to follow. So, if they were buying a stock, a growth stock, a group of stocks, a basket of stocks, they would tend to go up. And, that is really what I do every single day.

Luke Downey: So, in the morning, I wake up, I get my coffee. The kids are still asleep, right? It’s pitch black. And I’m looking through a lot of data, and the data that we look at, it’s a little sophisticated, but I’m able to pick out patterns that are happening, just by looking at the price action and the volumes, which is indicative of where the institutions are moving. So, if we rewind the tape, we go back to September, remember it was doom and gloom. People were not getting bullish. But what I started to notice, right, was you look in the data. There were just a few little high growth stocks that started to get bought. And listen, I’ve been doing this for a number of years. When there’s a couple of them that start to lead, usually, and specifically it happens out of nowhere. Usually, you see more of those high quality growth stocks that tend to follow.

Luke Downey: And really, what’s happening behind the scenes, what I used to do was anytime you start to see these growth names start to rip higher, 10%, 5%, 20%, they get a buy signal. There’s a bunch of portfolio managers that are short those stocks, right? And so, they have to start covering, and then it starts this stampede. And then, before you know it, the bears are gone and then everybody’s like, “Wow, there’s a lot of undervalued stocks.” And then they start piling in. And that’s really what prefaced that piece that we wrote, which is free. If you’re not consuming the free Curzio Research pieces, you’re missing out. And that’s why I was telling everybody, get your rally hats on. And you know, yeah. It was a couple days early, but look where we are now.

Frank Curzio: Yeah, no, it is a great call. And for me, I’ve always realized the mistake is, when I saw Apple trading at 60, 70 times forward earnings. Netflix at 120 times forward earnings. Me, personally, I stayed away from that. And I’m a perfectionist where, I’m getting better. I try to get better every single day. And people are like, “Wow, you’re good at stock picking.” It’s every day, you have to be able to adapt and learn. For me, I always looked back and said, “Why am I missing these names? Why didn’t I see the valuation?” Where now, if you look at Microsoft, yeah, they’re trading at a premium to the overall market, but yeah, these companies fit into their valuation because of their total addressable market.

Frank Curzio: How did you come up with this system to follow some of these names? Because I mean, you can go back. I won’t even go back before the credit crisis, but since then, the move and growth compared to value and how these names… And how you get that premium, right? You get that massive premium for growth. And if these guys execute along the way, that’s where you see like the Nvidias and all these crazy stocks, and a lot of these things that you shit on in the past. I mean, how’d you figure this out because it seems, for this conversation has to be explaining to investors of why you need to be investing in these things, even though they’re expensive, and that’s not an easy conversation. How do you have that conversation with regular investors?

Luke Downey: Definitely. So, when I started out investing, I started out like a lot of other people, right? They probably started to day trading. They probably started messing around with penny stocks. I did that as well. And, I got my butt kicked. Right? And then along the way, I started to realize that, who do I want to be as an investor? Okay? Do I want to be hot and heavy sweating every day? “Is it going up? Is it going down?” I always knew that the big stocks, right, the big winning stocks, they tend to just go up year after year. And it’s just a handful of these stocks. Right? You can look back at Walmart, Coca-Cola. These used to be growth stocks. Home Depot used to be a crazy growth stock. This isn’t. Now, it’s a run of the mill. They trade like Staples.

Luke Downey: But, when I got on these Wall Street trading desks, everything started to change for me, because prior to seeing how these institutions trade and me trading on behalf of them, I began to realize that the lines on these charts are not random. And in fact, typically, it’s the order flow of these institutions that are determining what this stock is doing every single day. So, I knew this because I was handling the workflow. Basically, what we were buying is, I dictated the price for that day. And so, then I started to think, “Okay, well, big money is very important, right? We need to be on the same side of that because they all move in packs, whether it’s up or down.” And then, I began to look back in history and say, “Well, what were some of the qualities that some of the greatest stocks of all time had?”

Luke Downey: And, I could narrow it down to three things. One is, they had great earnings or revenue growth, right? So, their business was expanding every single year. And then, the best ones tend to have a lot of profits, right? They tend to make a lot of money. So, if you marry that together with the big money, because the other thing that all the great stocks have, is smart investors are buying them along the way, right? So, those are the three traits that you can pretty much guarantee that a great stock is going to have, looking back. Right? And so, I came up with a way to rank these stocks, give them a numerical score ranked from one to a hundred, if you will. And the highest scoring stocks means that they have big money. That means that they are great growth stocks. That means they have great fundamentals, great technicals.

Luke Downey: And then, the cherry on top, which I think makes me a little bit unique is, I actually listen to the earnings calls. I listen to the guidance, and I put myself in the position of a portfolio manager. I try to sit and think, “Okay, what is the positioning of this stock?” Right? And then, “Where do I think this stock is potentially going in the years to come?” So, and I’ll use one example. Seven years ago, I was sitting there and I was like, “Man, Netflix just seems like an amazing company.” Right? And I could see the big money was there. Fundamentals were there. I literally only bought 10 shares. And on the same day, I bought 10 shares at Tesla. And now, seven years later, just talking about Tesla, a $2350 investment is now I believe worth something like $60,000. So, you don’t have to have big money to find these great growth stocks. Right?

Luke Downey: And Netflix was a ten bagger as well. So, that’s what we’re trying to do. That’s what I love to do. And, it’s been a great ride. And speaking of all the growth that’s going on now, I think the whole world is transforming in terms of technology. Everything is moving to this technological advancements, and you can see that everybody is paying a subscription for just about everything they do in life. And they’re just these companies that dominate their lane. And the big money is all over it. So, let’s get along for the ride.

Frank Curzio: Now, and this is great stuff. This is why I wanted him to write a newsletter for us. So, I’m on the website now, and pay subscription. I’m not going to show again. I’m not going to give away all your picks here, but it’s The Big Money Report, and guys, this newsletter, we made very affordable. It’s for a hundred dollars, under a hundred dollars for the entire year, just to, because you want to see, I wanted you to see Luke’s work here, and understand it, right? Because it’s difficult, because people don’t know anyone. Everyone out there that markets, they say, “My performance is this, and I’m the greatest trader in the world.” So, I said, “I want people to really see this.” And these are some of the stocks I’m talking about. And I give only the, look, you have only a couple losers in the portfolio, just like everybody else has losers in their portfolio. Most of these are winners.

Frank Curzio: But, companies like InMode, I mean, that’s not on anyone’s radar. Avantor. You have Ulta Beauty here, but Dynatrace, okay, these are up. These are up, these are holds, right? So, I’m not giving away anything for free, but these are companies that don’t hit people’s radars. And, one of those names is Crocs, which by the way, it’s a funny story when Crocs, because Crocs does such an up and down ride. Now, it’s absolutely going gang busters and you’re up a ton in it, one of your biggest winners. But, I was at, with Jim Kramer hanging out when I worked for him, and I just got married, was on my honeymoon and went to Hawaii, and this stock just crashed. So, I think it was like 2007. And I remember just texting him from my honeymoon. I said, “The only text I’m going to send.” I said, “Listen, Crocs, everybody is wearing them. Everybody owns them here. Everybody loves them. It’s just like, I can’t believe.” But anyway, this is a name that has gone incredibly higher.

Frank Curzio: Again, a lot of these names are off people’s radars, but it just goes to show you that this is where the growth is, and you have to be invested in growth. You have to be willing to adapt. Value, okay, I get it. You see these value stocks and you like to buy it, and people like to buy them, but this is where these companies receive huge premiums. But just to show you some of those names, I mean, how do you come up with those names? What’s the screening process, not giving away your secret sauce, but talk about that. Because people might be like, “Oh, he’s just pulling out some growth names.” There’s tons of growth names that are not in here, and there’s others that are. So, what separates some? Again, looking at those numbers, listening to conference calls, you said, but what are some of the big differences in investing, in where you might avoid Zillow, which got crushed out of nowhere, compared to some of these other names that made the portfolio?

Luke Downey: Yeah. So, it’s a pretty multi-pronged approach. First of all, everything is going to start with how the stock is trading. And I know that it’s hard to explain that, but we built a mechanized process to basically be a net that we cast out every single day. And, we look for all of the stocks that are getting bought and sold. And this is basically just data analysis. We are assuming that this is what’s happening, and there are a handful of stocks that come on the radar. So, I group those by what’s getting bought. Then there is a score that is attached to them and the highest ranked stocks, the ones that are scoring really well in fundamentals, that are scoring really well in technicals, they all float to the top.

Luke Downey: And then what’s really interesting is, there’s a lot of new stocks that came along this year, but very few of them are going to score really high. Right? So, we’re able to weed out a lot of the names that just don’t look that good on paper. They don’t have a long trading history. And so, day after day, I start to see the same stocks getting bought. So, that tells me there’s probably an institution behind that, right? Because a lot of these newer stocks, these smaller stocks, if you’re a big institution, you can’t get in these things in one day, right? You’re too big. So, you have to break it up over multiple days. So, that’s where it comes on my radar. And then I go and do some due diligence. I actually look up the company, try to understand their business, try to figure out, how big is their addressable market? And then from there, I kind of put myself into a portfolio manager’s shoes. And I ask myself, “Is this growth rate priced in, yes or no? And, is Wall Street behind the ball?”

Luke Downey: And if I can say, “Yes,” that Wall Street is probably behind the ball, then that’s where we go, smack dab into these. And just like you said, there’s a lot of these names that are not on people’s radar, right? I’m on social media. I don’t have a big following or anything, but I can see the names that are trending. A lot of these names are not trending, and that is good thing, right? Because no one wants to be on the front page with some of these stocks. And you’re starting to see, when the juice starts to flow into these names, right, it’s some pretty big moves.

Frank Curzio: No, it is incredible. And, when I’m looking at your subscription page again, because this is very simple, right? So we provide The Big Money Report of Curzio Research, which you’re the editor on. And this is like simple buys, right? So, this is simple strategy. This is what you would buy, you get to see lots of winners. It’s a couple losers in the portfolio, doing extremely well. And, when I look at another company, again, I’m only giving away a hold here, is something that you recommend a little over a month ago, which is Mimecast. And that’s up 17%.

Frank Curzio: Now, this is great for average investors, but we are now going to launch another product, Big Money Trader, which is kind of The Big Money Report on steroids, where you’re going to provide option strategies where you see this, where you can take advantage right away. And for example, what I’m seeing, some of these gains, if you did use the option strategy that you… and very, very simple, right? We’ll break that down a second. I mean, the gains on these would be accelerated. I mean, just tremendously higher. Talk about that, because this is a product I’m looking forward to. You’re an option specialist. Options are red hot right now. It’s never been more busy in options. You’ve seen that across every exchanges, with the contracts trading, NASDAQ, every place. It’s unbelievable how many people are in options now, compared to just like two, three years ago. I mean, it’s a big deal. And now, bringing this to this portfolio to accelerate the gains on some of these things, is pretty incredible. And, you also have a system in place where you have a way of, reduce some of that risk, right?

Frank Curzio: So, why don’t you explain that? Because that’s a product we’re launching this month, that we’re very excited about. If, real quick, if you’re a Curzio One Investor, which is our premium membership, you’re getting beta versions of this right now, which is cool. So now, this is going to be officially launching this month, but talk about that new product and how it’s different from this, and the option strategies. Because to me, that’s really, really exciting. And that’s what a lot of people want. They want to maximize their gains when they’re right. And, I think that’s what this newsletter’s going to do.

Luke Downey: Definitely. So, with The Big Money Report, the first thing to know is that it’s more of a longer term strategy, right? I’m literally trying to pick up on some big themes that are happening with some great growth stocks. When it comes to Big Money Trader, and I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest trader in the world, but we’re going to use the same type of process that we use with The Big Money Report, but we’re going to kickstart it a little bit, if you will. And so to do that, some stocks aren’t going to be going up in a straight line. Sometimes, they’re going to come under pressure. Sometimes, they are going to come out of favor. And so, we are going to look for some really strong, risk-reward is very positive in our favor, option setups for those types of stocks.

Luke Downey: So again, we’re going to be looking at high quality stocks. These are going to be the names that we love, that we think are going to be the next big winner, but we’ll be able to take advantage of that with options. And what’s really great about that is, options allow you options. And, so one of my favorite strategies that I love to do, is to sell it downside put and buy an upside call. And that’s basically called a risk reversal, right? So, it’s like a synthetic long stock. And I know, some people may not have done that, but what it’s going to allow you to do is, let’s just say, it’s a great stock, it comes down, it was $70 before, now it fell to 50. We might be looking to sell a 45 strike put to buy the 60 strike call. And what that’s going to allow us to do is, what I would say, heads, you win and tails you win, right?

Luke Downey: So, if the stock blasts higher, we’re going to participate with that call on the upside. And if the stock falls lower, well, you’ll have that obligation to buy the stock, in this example at 45. So, you’re buying the stock lower than where it is already, right? You’re talking about a great stock that’s already fallen, and we’re going to be looking for setups where we can buy it lower. But if we’re wrong, it doesn’t go lower. It goes higher. We participate to the upside, and that is a great risk-reward strategy that I’ve done for years. And that’s one of the main themes that we’ll be looking for in Big Money Trader.

Frank Curzio: Yeah. It seems like even when you’re looking at that risk, even say, if that falls tremendously below your price, you’re still saving money compared to if you bought it at the actual price, instead of using this strategy. Right?

Luke Downey: That’s exactly right.

Frank Curzio: And, that is the worst case scenario, right? That is the worst case scenario. But so it’s not just the risk reversal option strategies. You’re going to be buying calls as well. And also just buying some of these names that you see that are mispriced, right? That come up in your system, that you need to get out really, really quick. And again, it’s more, we call it Big Money Trader, but, more to take advantage of quick movements, and stocks, and things like that. But, it’s not just options. It’s also, you got to be buying regular stocks to take advantage of short-term movements as well, right?

Luke Downey: Totally. So, there might be people out there that don’t want to sell a put and buy a call, right? Listen, if you’re not comfortable with that, the other strategies that we’re going to be doing is just buying straight calls. Right? So, if a stock falls or it has, it’s breaking out to a level, the options look really nice. They look cheap relative to history. We might just buy a call, right? Participate on the upside, right? That’s going to allow you to leverage long exposure to the stock. And then also, sometimes the option market just doesn’t make sense. So, we’ll just go in, and we’ll buy the stock just like we do in The Big Money Report. But what’s really interesting, is we’re going to be doing two of these trades a month, I believe, compared to one a month for The Big Money Report. So, there’s going to be a lot more stocks coming on the radar with Big Money Trader, just because of the frequency.

Frank Curzio: Yeah. And, it’s going to sound funny what I say this, but I’m like, so, and this is how it’s going to be, right? I mean, that’s not a line for me. And I think you can attest to this. Whenever I bring someone on to write newsletters, I want them to write about what they want to write about, what they’re comfortable about, what they’re great at doing. And, that’s not me saying, “Hey, you know what, look, you should do this, or you should do that.” I mean, it’s the independence where you’re like, “Hey, you could disagree with even some of the things I’m saying in my newsletter or agree with them, whatever.” But, I learn about this stuff too, saying, “Okay, so what else is going to be included?” It’s not just a line. So, what else is going to be included? That for me, it’s I’m curious of what else going to be included because I want you to have that independence, and just, I like unleashing talent, and what you’re great at.

Frank Curzio: So, you have to see this product coming out. I’m very excited because I know that if we had those option strategies on top of The Big Money Report, just off of those picks since February, since you started that newsletter, I mean, you would see accelerated returns. I think a lot of people are going to be excited about this.

Frank Curzio: What about the educational portion? Because you are going to be doing some videos. I am setting up a text service for this because it’s a trading newsletter. It’s not going to be for every service. We’re trying to get that out as quick as possible. This way you could send texts right away, which I know Luke, that you’re pretty happy about.

Luke Downey: Yeah, definitely.

Frank Curzio: Behind the scenes, there is a process, it’s a publishing process where it has to get edited and go out, and it takes a little time. We know with options, every second counts. Right? So, but what else do they get? So, I mean, you have a guide there showing this, and I love the video component. Talk about that a little bit, because I could tell when you’re doing your videos that you really love it, and you come across genuine, you come across like you like it, and you’re educating, and you care and it’s all, you see that in a video. Sometimes you don’t see that in your writing. Some people are great writers, you can see, but just the video component, seems like you’re having fun with that. And that’s going to be a component of this as well. Right?

Luke Downey: Yeah. So, the videos are really interesting. So, just so everyone knows, behind the scenes, whenever you write a piece, and you’re going to be posting this to anywhere, Curzio Research, there’s a team of people that are editing it, making sure that it actually flows and all of that. Well, when it comes to video, we have this Lessons With Luke, which is really cool, and they allow me to do whatever I want. I mean, look, I try to educate. I want everyone to have fun. Look, I’m from Louisiana. I like to use simple words. Right? I am not trying to confuse anybody. I want to use things as examples in our real life, that we all can relate to. And so, I just try to break down some of the stuff that I learned while trading over, I think, almost 20 years. Might be over 20 years now, getting up there.

Luke Downey: And so, we’ll be talking about options. We’ll be talking about, there’s some videos that I’ve done where I break down how to buy a call option, how to do a risk-reversal. Right? And obviously, you’re going to have to watch it a couple of times to understand it, but it’s enough to get you going. And I think that, that’s one thing that people are missing out there is, there’s a lot of stuff out there about options, or Wall Street, whatever, it’s on YouTube. But just trying to bring that hometown, easy to understand language, I think just makes it a little bit more enjoyable. So, at this point, it happened, a lot of fun making these videos.

Luke Downey: And Frank, I will say that at some point, the more you guys let me do this, I’m going to start bringing in the rodeo clowns, and the costumes and all that. But look, I’m just trying to have fun. You told me before we started to work together, “Just be you. I want you to have fun. I want you to do strategies that you enjoy doing.” And that is what we’re doing here. So, it’s really an extension of my brain, whenever we put all this stuff together. But I mean, the team behind the scenes, that’s where all the glory should go, because they do a lot of work.

Frank Curzio: Yeah. I mean, yeah. They’re okay. I don’t want to give them too much credit. Right? Otherwise, it takes away the credit from us, right? But, I think how great the team is, and stuff. They’re great and get stuff out. I mean, I’m doing videos literally for all my products, and the next day, you’re getting it. And, that is impossible. Even in, I don’t even know competitors that do that, they get it out that quickly, but that’s how great our team is.

Frank Curzio: Say someone wants to sign up to this newsletter. Right? So, this is going to be a higher price newsletter, because it is option-based, a lot more work, a lot more trades. If someone who is not familiar with options, if you’re familiar with options, it’s a no brainer and people understand it. But say, if you’re not familiar, I mean, you have the Big Money Trader guidebook, going through that, and the videos. Talk about the educational component, because I think that is the biggest part. When people are getting into options, it scares them. And they think that every option means that you have unlimited risk, and you’re going to get crushed. And, they don’t really understand it, because they never really did it. But a lot of these people don’t know that you could do these option strategies, and it’s very easy, simply through your online brokerage account, right?

Luke Downey: Yeah. That’s correct. And, people may not realize this, but I have some options courses that I taught years ago, and thousands of people have taken them. And the approach that I took back then was to make sure that everyone understands their risk, whenever they’re doing an options trade. Right? And it’s not that options are scary. You just have to know what you’re doing. Right? And so, I get that it might be a little hard for people to wrap their heads around. So, behind the scenes, whenever you sign up for any of my products is, there is a trading guide. Where not only do we walk you through exactly how buying a call, what that looks like, and what’s involved, and what are the mechanics, but also doing a risk reversal trade. Right? And that’s also a little bit of a higher level strategy, but we go over it. Not only in the written word, but also we’re doing it via video. And I’m going to continue to make these videos, just so everyone is very clear on what we’re trying to do.

Luke Downey: All of the strategies that I do, whether it’s The Big Money Report, Big Money Trader, they’re all bullish, right? So, you don’t have to worry about unlimited losses, which is, if you were short some stock or you sold some call, that’s not what we’re going to be doing. We’re going to be making bullish bets. And so, your risk is limited, but you do need to know a little bit before you get started, if it’s all new to you. And I try my hardest to explain options, which can be so difficult. I remember when, the first week I started working on Wall Street on a derivatives’ desk and literally people were, they were speaking French, they were speaking Greek. They threw this big options Bible on my desk and they were like, “Learn this.” And then finally, I had to pull one of the guys over, which I’m friends with today. I was like, “You got to break this down into easy to understand language.” The way he taught me, I’m able to impart a lot of that wisdom into other people, because it’s not that complicated.

Frank Curzio: Nah, that’s great stuff. That’s great stuff. And, again, I really love the educational content, and everything you’ve been doing for us. I mean, look, you can tell you care. I think you come off genuine and that’s all I want. I want people to… Educating investors, you’re teaching them for me. I could always look in the mirror, and be very happy with what we’re doing for investors here. Again, we’re all going to have losers. We’re going to teach you guys how to avoid them, how to limit your risk, what you do. And I just love the work you’re doing, but I’m looking forward to launching your new service, Big Money Trader, this month. I think you see lots of demand for it, because especially from your current subscribers at The Big Money Report who, just accelerating those gains or option strategies would be unbelievable. So, I’m very excited to launch it. It’s coming out in a couple weeks, really good stuff. And I want just want to say, thanks for all the hard work you’re doing for us. I really appreciate it. And, thanks for coming on, man, it means a lot.

Luke Downey: Frank, I’m going to say, back at you, man. It has been a lot of fun. I like working with the team. I like what you’re doing. Wall Street is unplugged. I believe it. And so, I’m just glad to be along for the ride.

Frank Curzio: Nah, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. All right, man. So, I’ll be talking to you soon. I know over the next couple days and yeah, anybody with questions, comments, feel free to email me, frank@curzioresearch.com, and you’re going to see lots of emails coming out. This new product, we’re really excited about. So Luke, thanks again so much coming on. And I know you’ll join us again soon.

Luke Downey: All right. See you.

Frank Curzio: All right, man. So guys, listen, really exciting stuff with a new product. There’s a new backend product. We haven’t launched it in a while. If you’re interested to know, to learn more about Luke’s service, if you’re not a current subscriber, go to bigmoneyreport.com. Just put your email in the box. You’re going to get access to all this free content, everything for free. I want you to see everything that he’s doing first, before you decide to subscribe. Because I know, a lot of his current subscribers at The Big Money Report are going to be lined up to buy this newsletter, because of the performance of what he’s doing, and his strategy, and how easy it is to learn this stuff, which he’s going to be teaching you. So really great stuff. Glad I have him on our team. He’s a guy who could have went anywhere. He chose us. And, I really respect that, and just want to unleash him.

Frank Curzio: He said that doesn’t have a big social media following. I think that’s going to change. You’re seeing subscribers. I’m seeing more and more people email in and saying, “Great job, Luke. I love what he’s doing here.” So, it’s really cool to get guys like that working with you. And that’s what we want to do going forward, put the right people in front of you, help you make money and educate you. So, really happy Luke’s part of this team. And that’s it for me.

Frank Curzio: Again, to find out more information, especially on Luke, you could go to bigmoneyreport.com. Again, I’ll give you access to all those free concepts. You can take a look at, and then we’ll be sending out special offers to subscribers, and Curzio Research people only, which you’ll get if you’re interested. And, yeah. So, that’s it for me. I really appreciate all the support. Love you guys. And, I’ll see you next week. Take care.

Announcer: Wall Street Unplugged is produced by Curzio Research, one of the most respected financial media companies in the industry. The information presented on Wall Street Unplugged is the opinion of its host and guests. You should not base your investment decisions solely on this broadcast. Remember, it’s your money and your responsibility.

Frank Curzio
Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 12 million times.

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