Bitcoin… options trading… and the Eagles QB

Options trading is a great way to limit risk while juicing your returns… if you know how to time it right. I kick off today’s episode by discussing the pros and cons of this investment strategy. (By the way, Mike Alkin’s amazing Moneyflow Trader service puts these theories into practice.)

Cryptocurrencies remain in a bear market… But today I explain why I’m optimistic about the price of Bitcoin over the next year.

As first quarter earnings season comes to an end, one listener wonders whether to focus on a company’s quarterly or annual numbers. I explain why I focus on the longer term… and how you can use earnings season to your advantage.

We all have to cut our losses from time to time, even when we believe strongly in a stock. I answer a great question on revisiting past investments… and how I go about taking a fresh view on an old position.

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Note: Last week, Mike released a special report to his Moneyflow Trader subscribers—to educate them on a sector that’s going to be a long-running theme… and offer plenty of opportunities to profit.

Next week, he’ll be sending out his first trade recommendation on this theme. If you’re already a Moneyflow Trader member, keep an eye on your inbox. And if you’re not a member, you can learn more about this service here.


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