What's really moving these markets

Moneyflow Trader, our elite risk-hedge service, is edited by Genia Turanova, a Wall Street veteran with more than two decades of experience as a portfolio manager and editor for multiple award-winning advisories.

Genia has a remarkable track record for making her subscribers money. And not just over the past few years (during one of the most bullish markets in a generation)… we’re talking over the course of her two-decade career.

Her proven performance through both bullish and bearish times makes her a stand-out in an industry full of hype… and the ideal new analyst for Moneyflow Trader, which is designed to help you weather any market conditions.

The strategy behind Moneyflow Trader is simple: While you can’t time the market, you can profit from its inefficiencies. 

Genia’s process pinpoints mispriced assets and sectors before the market catches on—mispricings on the long and short side that precede big market moves and lead to big paydays for investors.

With unique opportunities and sophisticated techniques, Moneyflow Trader will help strengthen your assets when the market is surging higher… And build your defenses against a market decline.

But bear in mind: this service isn’t for buy-and-hold investors. It’s for those who’ve accumulated a comfortable nest egg and are looking for ways to protect what they’ve earned… And for those who enjoy the excitement of leveraged trading.

An annual subscription to Moneyflow Trader costs $5,000, but for a limited-time you can receive 90% OFF.

Learn more about Moneyflow Trader, or contact our VIP Client Services team at 1-888-287-9461 (Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm ET) or at vipsupport@curzioresearch.com.