Ep 279 – Frankly Speaking: Marijuana stocks, boom or bust? (Plus FCU.TO, IBM)

We aren’t holding anything back on today’s podcast episode.

I jump right in to discussing a hot topic right now, marijuana stocks.

But as you will hear on the show, I’m telling everyone to beware! Most are down big and it’s not the time to short any of them.

[app_audio src=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/sainvestorradio/WSU20Ep2027920Frankly20Speaking.mp3″]

Then, I answer a couple of questions from the listeners.

McKenzie asks about the resource sector.

Tom asks what I think about the uranium sector (Hint: I’m bullish).

And I’ll cover a question from Jack on IBM. I’m not a fan and I’ll tell you why.

All that and a lot more.


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