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You’re not safe without energy independence

Today I welcome back Chris MacIntosh, founder and editor of Capitalist Exploits. I always love having Chris on the show because of his incredible knowledge of all things macro…

Chris shares his thoughts on the Eurozone… including the possible creation of a European army and his deep concerns about its energy markets.

We also talk bitcoin… and why Chris says this crypto is piquing his interest once again.

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Note: You don’t want to be completely dependent on another country for energy—or anything else. Just as I predicted, China is fighting back on U.S. tariffs by cutting production of a critical resource it supplies to U.S. manufacturers—a resource used in our smartphones, hard drives, and even military defense systems.

But one tiny, $1 company could keep the world in supply… and after Friday’s G20 Summit, this stock could go through the roof. Read my report right here.


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