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Why I Love Earnings Season… And the Three Sectors to Buy Today

We’re starting to see inflation move higher. It’s still in check, but a shocking number of companies noted higher prices during the previous quarter’s earnings.

Meanwhile, second-quarter earnings are just around the corner… On today’s show I break down exactly what you should be paying attention to.

I also give you three―yes three!―of my favorite sectors to invest in right now.

Plus, I explain why sector downturns can be a positive for the companies that survive.

After all, what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger.

It’s fantastic to see so many great questions coming in from our incredible network of listeners.

A subscriber asks about a big winner in Curzio Venture Opportunities portfolio. I give you all the details on why we sold half the position when we were up 100%… and why we’re holding onto the other half.

And if you don’t know what Curzio Venture Opportunities is all about… you’ll learn today why you should become a subscriber right now.

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