This is not another credit crisis

The markets are in freefall.

In just two days, the Dow Jones index dropped over 1,200 points. The financial media is talking about how this could be the start of another major market collapse.

But before you sell every stock in your retirement account… please listen to today’s podcast.

I answer several questions from nervous investors… and break down why corrections (just like this) are a normal part of the markets.

I explain why there’s no need to panic or fear that another credit crisis is on the horizon.  

You’ll see how these major market downturns usually lead to incredible buying opportunities. In fact, I highlight dozens of companies in the S&P 500 you can buy right now… that are trading below 12 times forward earnings and growing by more than 20%.  

I also highlight several sectors that are starting to see big inflows as smart money rotates out of high-flying tech stocks. This includes one “hated” sector that could see incredible momentum as interest rates march higher (hint: it’s not financials).  

If you’re worried about your portfolio right now… today’s show is a must.

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Note: It’s been 10 years since the financial crash of 2008. I know many of you still hate the financial sector and avoid these companies. That’s understandable… but from an investing standpoint, we’d be smart to put our personal feelings aside. Banks are in better shape than ever—and some of the best are currently dirt cheap.

In fact, we just recommended a strong bank with incredible upside—and a great dividend—to my Wall Street Unplugged All-Star Portfolio members.

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