The secret to a powerful network

I’ve met some amazing people in 20 years of doing something I love. A longtime listener asks how I keep such a powerful network of contacts. The key is something you may not expect…

I’ve been talking about growing my company, and this has led some folks to worry that we’ll take on too many subscribers… that it might become difficult to get into our recommendations. I explain why that will never be a problem.

And there’s no such thing as a perfect exit strategy, but you’ve got to have an exit plan in place to manage risk. I answer a great question on hard stops and trailing stops… and how I decide which one to use.

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Note: It’s not too late to invest in our digital security, Curzio Equity Owners… But if you’re interested, please act fast. We’ve now opened it up to outside investors, including large funds. And as soon as we hit our hard cap, the offering will close. Learn more here.


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