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The most important lesson in investing

Volatility can be hard to stomach. Right now, we’re seeing 300 point moves in the Dow Jones index on daily basis… and some of the greatest companies in the world are down more than 30% from their highs.  

During volatile markets, it’s vital to have tools in place to lower your overall risk. After all, the last thing you want is to take a 70% loss on any position. And by limiting your losses, you have some dry powder to buy incredible names at significant discounts.

In this special podcast, I break down one of the most important lessons in investing—risk management.

Few people know more about this topic than Dr. Richard Smith, founder and CEO of TradeSmith.

On today’s show, Dr. Smith, who has a PhD in math and systems science, breaks down his favorite risk management techniques… and his strategy to take emotions out of investing. This interview is a must-listen.

Then in my educational segment (55:00), I do the unimaginable… I break down one of my biggest losers of the year. We’ll have losing investments from time to time… but today I show you how I was able to avoid a catastrophic loss for investors by using this one simple risk management technique.  

It’s a great lesson on how to become a better investor. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to me eat some humble pie!

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Note: This recent volatility has a lot of people asking whether we’re entering another 2008-level financial crisis.

The answer is NO. In fact, one famous hedge fund manager said it would take a meteor to crash bank stocks today… Read my full report here.


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