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The chances of a second-half recovery are now zero

The consensus has called for an economic recovery by the second half of the year. But the chances of that happening are…


Remember: There’s a big difference between the stock market and the economy. [0:30]

Then Scot Cohen, executive chairman of Wrap Technologies and a money manager for over 20 years, returns to the podcast. If you’re a new listener, this is one of the most incredible small-cap companies I’ve ever covered. [22:47]

Anyone who invested in COVID-19 biotech stocks has a reason to be worried… Here’s why you should be looking to take profits following massive moves higher in the biotech space right now. [54:47]

Inside this episode:
  • Rant: Chances of a second-half recovery [0:30]
  • Guest: Scot Cohen, executive chairman of Wrap Technologies [22:47]
  • Education: Take profits in biotech [54:47]

Transcript to come

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