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The Best Place to Find New Stock Ideas

The results of the Fed’s stress test are in. I kick off today’s show by explaining these much-anticipated outcomes.

I tell you what the biggest banks can do with the billions of dollars they have on their balance sheets… and why it’s a great time to invest in this sector.

But I’ve got lots more to talk about…

As you may know, I’ve been bullish on oil over the last several months. If you’re also bullish on oil… I share the best companies to focus on.

With financial news running 24/7 these days, it can be difficult for investors to separate actual news from “hot air.” I share some of my tricks for sifting through headlines… and finding unfiltered, no-B.S. stock ideas…

And for all you sports fans out there… the World Cup is going on now. I give my two cents… and what teams to keep an eye on.

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