Frank Curzio's WALL STREET UNPLUGGED Podcast

Powerful lessons from a memory master

I have an incredible first-time guest for you today…

Chester Santos [15:38] is a U.S. Memory Champion… known as “The International Man of Memory.”

Chester travels all over the world, speaking to institutions and businesses on how to improve memory. While you may not have perfect recall of all Kentucky Derby results since 1875 (like he does)… you can still learn how a better memory will help you get ahead—no matter your profession…

This memory master even shares an example of how to improve your own memory in real time… Follow along, and see if you can pass the test!

Today, instead of a rant, I share a personal story with you. I know there are millions of people with similar stories… And it even relates in a way to markets and investments.

In my educational segment [43:55], I explain how screwed up our healthcare system is. And why it’s time to have some exposure to this industry. I throw a lot of figures at you, but stay with me. It’s critical to understand the risks involved with regard to our economy and stock market.

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Note: As I mention on today’s show, I just released my favorite way to profit from this broken sector to my Curzio Research Advisory members. If you’re not yet a member, learn more here.

I also mentioned that Curzio Research is looking for an experienced digital marketer to help us grow our marketing team. If interested, send me a note here and tell me why you’re the person for the job.


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