Navigating This Crazy Earnings Season

I’m sensing a lot of nervousness from listener emails. As earnings season continues, we’re seeing large moves—both up and down—after companies report… And this has investors worried about a market pullback.

It’s important to pay attention to investor sentiment…  

What is everyone talking about?

What are investors feeling?

A long-time subscriber asks why I continue to hold a certain position in my Curzio Research Advisory newsletter…

Listen as I give you a peek inside the portfolio and explain why I still like this company.

I also talk about a company that has the worst sentiment I’ve ever seen. I break down why this is a significantly teachable moment—and how to use it to your advantage.

As an investor, it’s crucial you have a plan in place to avoid catastrophic loss that would damage your portfolio… and affect your decision-making as well. I consistently stress the importance of stop losses.

Now, there’s no perfect system. But I give a great example of why I believe you must have a stop loss system in place.

(transcript to come)


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