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My favorite trade over the next six months

It’s Labor Day weekend!

Be sure to spend time with family, drink beers with friends, watch some college football… and don’t talk politics!

And if you’re not hanging with friends and family… you always have my Frankly Speaking podcast to listen to.

I start off today with a question from a friend in the financial services business. He asks what my favorite trade is over the next six months.

It’s a pick I’m sure most of you will ignore… But I explain why this overlooked tech company could rocket higher—even if its earnings aren’t so great over the next two quarters.

For all you sports fans out there, football season is upon us. I give my thoughts on the upcoming season… and whether my beloved Philadelphia Eagles will get back to the Super Bowl. I also share my favorite fantasy football sleepers that you should add to your team right now.

Marijuana stocks have skyrocketed over the past several weeks. If you listened to me back in May… you’re probably sitting on 60%-plus gains right now. But instead of recommending this super-popular sector today… I break down another sector that has much more upside potential in both the short and long terms.

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Note: As I mentioned on today’s show, some of the most incredible stock ideas I’ve heard from my guests come out in conversations “off-air.”

So I created this to get you in the room while the mics are off. It’s a simple way to share behind-the-scenes intel from my network of insiders. Check it out at



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