How to Protect Your Portfolio From Clutter

Sometimes, deciding when to abandon one position and add a new one is difficult. This week, I share some ideas on how to better manage your portfolio and protect it from clutter.

I also share my feelings on the Tesla earnings call, where Elon Musk seemed to get annoyed by analysts’ questions. It’s fine that Elon ignored these, but I’m still very cautious about Tesla’s prospects. Today I explain why.

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0:52 – Listener question from Jason: Is it better to take on a new investing idea or stay with an existing one if a portfolio becomes overwhelming to manage?

5:32 – We’re going to focus more on portfolio management

13:34 – Listener feedback from Neil: Loves the addition of Mike Alkin

21:16 – Listener question from Dirk: What are some positions to play a downturn?

31:07 – Listener question from James: What do I make of Elon blowing off questions from analysts during the earnings call?

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