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Here’s Why You Should Attend Annual Investor Meetings

If you’re heading to any company annual meetings, I have some key pointers this week. In sum, there’s more to consider than just the company at hand… Sometimes, its results could be leading indicators of other trends in the economy.

If you or someone you know wants to become a stock analyst, I’ll tell you what these jobs really look like and the ideal attributes needed for success.

We also talk about how the data centers mining for cryptocurrencies can impact the data storage and server markets…

And why the team at Curzio Research finds it so important to get out into the field to ask questions before we recommend investments.

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0:52 – Listener feedback from Seth: Love the new Wall Street Unplugged All-Star Portfolio. Click here for a $1 preview for 14 days

4:50 – Listener question from Seth: How does someone land an entry level stock analyst position?

13:37 – Listener question from Michael: Any questions we should ask at the Steel Dynamics Annual Meeting?

21:24 – Listener question from Steve: Do the size of the data centers that do crypto mining create opportunities in IT?

26:57 – Listener feedback from Richard: Appreciates our boots-on-the-ground research, like what we saw with the auto industry

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