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How to Trade Companies Like Tesla

If you’ve never listened to my weekly special edition of Wall Street Unplugged: Frankly Speaking… here’s your chance.

Each week, I receive more questions from WSU listeners than I can possibly cover in any one show.

So every Friday, I host Frankly Speaking just for this purpose—to answer your top questions.

In this week’s episode, I stress some key things to consider when making changes to your portfolio. Specifically, I recap how to think about market moves when corporate earnings are announced. And I’ll tell you how I strategically position my portfolio among long and short-term stocks.

We’ll also take a long look at Tesla’s woes… and how to trade on news for this company and other momentum stocks.

Lastly, we’ll talk about how to measure the current value of a stock… when everyone else is focused on market moves.

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0:51 – Listener feedback from Mike: A sweet and supportive note from a fellow dad concerning the health of my daughter

3:01 – Listener question from Alberto: What percentage of my portfolio is long term vs. short-term stock holdings?

            13:48 – Facebook page for Live Videos

14:22 – Listener question: Thoughts on Tesla after its downward move and the recent recall?

26:12 – Netflix momentum concerns over debt

27:39 – Response to question from bearish listener Mel: Here are my positive thoughts on the markets

39:49 – Reminder about podcast schedule change



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