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Welcome back to Frankly Speaking.

I can’t stress this enough: I care about and what happens to your portfolio.  

The reason you listen to me, subscribe to the newsletters, and read our research is so you can focus on your life and take advantage of our “stock brains” here at Curzio Research.

In this episode, we talk about what it means to have a stock brain. And we touch on other programs offering financial advice. If you follow other podcasts and tv personalities that give stock recs, make sure they care about what happens to you. There are plenty of people who give out financial advice… but many don’t think about how those calls will impact real people like you.

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0:57 – Listener Shawn asks all of you in the Curzio Research community to keep the Humble Broncos hockey team in your thoughts and prayers following the tragic bus crash in Canada.

4:19 – Listener feedback from Chris regarding my recent commentary on hedge funds and what can happen to your money in poor-performing funds.

6:55 – I notice that the hedge fund managers that go on TV have had declining performance.

13:09 – Listener question from John: Should we be listening to and following the folks on CNBC’s FastMoney?

15:20 – You have to follow the people that actually care about you and your money.

23:08 – Listener question from Chris: I think I have a stock brain. Is that normal?

27:35 – I take you through my stock brain when I read a headline, listen to a conference call, or analyze a company.

30:45 – Check out Thursday’s Wall Street Unplugged on why I don’t believe stocks will crash.

34:54 – Make sure you like our Facebook page for more live videos we’re producing.


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