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The Risks Vs. Rewards of Hedge Funds

Welcome back to Frankly Speaking.

There are a lot of myths surrounding hedge funds, particularly how much yield they create vs. how much it costs you to invest in them. Today I debunk some of those myths, and remind you of the risks vs. rewards of hedge funds. Remember, the better they do, the more risk they take with your money.

I also discuss some big changes coming to Curzio Research. We’re getting ready to unveil some exciting new products… and share some special offers with our subscribers.

On today’s episode, I also stress the importance of ignoring the market noise. Brexit… tariffs… it doesn’t matter. You can always ride these waves with proper portfolio management.

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0:51 – Listener question from Max: Are we seeing a fundamental shift in the hedge fund industry?

4:26 – Hedge fund pricing

9:10 – Hedge funds are encouraged to take more risk with your money.

19:09 – Listener questions from Kurt: Is a substitute for those who can’t afford Capital IQ?  Will Curzio Research bundle products?

27:20 – Listener feedback from Jack concerning a position that was previously touted.

30:24 – Ignoring noise in the market

31:25 – Portfolio management

35:43 – Listener question from Bruce: If returns on REITs are so high, why isn’t everyone flocking to them?  What’s the catch?



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