Wall Street Unplugged
Episode: 911June 23, 2022

Don’t scan another QR code until you listen to this

Adam Russell

Adam Russell, cybersecurity expert and cofounder of REV3AL, joins me to discuss cybersecurity, cryptos, DeFi, and the metaverse.

In this wide-ranging interview, Adam shares what led him to start REV3AL—a company that authenticates digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to protect investors from fraud. He explains how easy it is to get scammed by QR codes… and which apps you can trust.

Adam also breaks down Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0 in layman’s terms… and the difference between “open” and “controlled” metaverses.

And he explains why the metaverse will eventually go mainstream… what it’ll look like in five years (think The Matrix or Ready Player One)… and why cybersecurity will be needed at multiple levels.

Inside this episode:
  • What got Adam hooked on the metaverse? [4:42]
  • Why you must be careful with QR codes [9:00]
  • How REV3AL provides investors peace of mind [12:50]
  • Why the metaverse needs multiple layers of security [19:35]
  • Adam’s bad experience in a “controlled” digital casino [29:50]
  • What the metaverse will look like in five years [34:30]
Frank Curzio, founder and CEO of Curzio Research, is one of America’s most respected stock experts. His research is regularly featured on media outlets like CNBC’s Kudlow Report, The Call, CNN Radio, ABC News, and Fox Business News. His Wall Street Unplugged podcast—ranked the No. 1 “most listened-to” financial podcast on iTunes—has been downloaded over 11 million times.

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