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China’s new digital currency will disrupt the world

Major corporations are more politically motivated than ever—and this dangerous trend will come back to bite many of these companies in the a**. Some blue chip names could get hurt the most as profits face pressure due to boycotts. [00:55]

Then, John Petrides, portfolio manager at Tocqueville Asset Management, highlights some of the biggest risks investors face in this bull market—including higher corporate taxes. He also breaks down first quarter earnings, and shares his favorite sectors and stocks to own over the next three to six months. [23:02]

Next, regulators in the U.S. have been slow to adapt to cryptocurrencies. Now, the U.S. is in a tough position as countries around the world are taking full advantage of this now $2 trillion market. This includes China, which just announced a new digital currency. Here’s why this will disrupt the world…

And finally, with Daniel out of town, I welcome my nephew, Joe Davide, back on the podcast. We discuss Joe’s portfolio… the mistakes he’s making… and how a few simple changes will maximize his profits and help him become a better investor. [54:33]

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Inside this episode:
  • Rant: Why politically motivated corporations represent a dangerous trend [00:55]
  • Interview: John Petrides of Tocqueville Asset Management [23:02]
  • Educational: China’s new digital currency [54:33]
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