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A $25 billion embarrassment

If you had the opportunity to spend $3 billion and get back $25 billion over time…

Would you do it?

Turns out, there are a select few New Yorkers who think it’s a terrible idea.

Today I discuss the news that Amazon will no longer build its HQ2 in New York… and what this says about our current political scene.

In 2017, J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Bitcoin was a fraud…

But this week, J.P. Morgan announced it’s creating its very own cryptocurrency. This is just another example of how blockchain technology is disrupting the financial industry like never before.


It’s official! We’ve launched our industry’s first digital security, the Curzio Equity Owners token (CEO). I’ve been working on this for months… and investor response has been fantastic. I tell you all about it on today’s show

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Note: It’s been several months in the making, but the biggest deal of my career is officially underway… My team and I are working hard to create one of the largest independent financial research firms.

If you’re an accredited investor… and want to participate in the growth of my company by owning an equity stake… click here.


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