Andrew Horowitz Unplugged

Andrew Horowitz, founder of Horowitz & Company and The Disciplined Investor, talks about the negative implications of bailing out Greece, why taxing offshore assets will never happen, and why it’s time to buy select oil stocks.  Andrew also shares his favorite stocks to buy now and a popular company he’s looking to short. 

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Then, I’ll show you how to buy stocks like Netflix, Apple and Celgene early in their growth phase.  These stocks traded at expensive valuations 10-years ago, which is why most value investors ignored them.  Today, these companies are industry leaders.  They also provided early investors with life-changing returns.

In this classic educational segment, I explain how to identify the next industry leaders.  The methods include ignoring classic valuation metrics like price-to-sales, book value and price-to-earnings.


P.S. If you enjoyed this interview, be sure to reach out to Andrew on Twitter. Also, be sure to check out Andrew’s podcast on iTunes, where I am often a guest.


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