Live from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas

On today’s podcast I discuss the biggest technology trends I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  I break down what stocks will be huge beneficiaries of the Internet of Everything, Virtual Reality, Wearables, Connectivity, Smart Homes and 3D Printing.

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Then, I have a great interview with media and technology expert Greg Kahn.  Greg has worked with some of the largest advertising and content companies in the world including Disney, Omnicom, BBC America, L’Oreal and T-Mobile. He was also my executive tour guide at the CES.  Greg breaks down the most popular gadgets at the CES and tells listeners which trends are game-changers – and which ones could fall flat on their face.

This week’s Wall Street Unplugged Podcast will include dozens of stock ideas and give you a front row seat to the biggest technology trends that will shape our world over the next decade.  We advise taking notes since there is a ton of information to digest.


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