How to use stock charts to predict the future

I’m a fundamental analyst. Numbers speak to me.

But that’s just one way to invest.

Sometimes the numbers don’t tell the whole story… That’s when pictures help.

My guest today is David Keller, former chief technical strategist for Fidelity Investments and founder of Sierra Alpha Research. David has charted the price movements of thousands of stocks over his career. 

For him, stock charts are a window into the behavior of the crowd. More than just an historical representation of where a stock has come from… a chart gives off signals about where a stock could be headed.

Join us [33:14] as we talk behavioral finance and how investor emotions work their way into stock prices.

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Note: And for the Caddyshack fans, I share my Carl Spackler approach to dealing with the raccoons that are getting in my garbage. Hint: The raccoons always win.



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