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To manage market jitters… know what you own and why

The show must go on…

Unless you fall off a 10-foot ladder while hanging Christmas lights. And then get the flu.

Yep, I had the double whammy last week. But a good thing about being laid up in bed is I had plenty of quiet time to think. (See… I’m not always a contrarian!)

Market volatility is high—and it’s coming from many different fronts: slowing growth fears… trade wars… escalating Brexit uncertainty… growing unrest in France… just to name a few. 

The first step to easing uncertainty in a volatile market is to become intimately familiar with your own portfolio…  

I also knew there must be something of value that’s being overlooked amid the chaos.

And sure enough, I found one sector that’s worthy of more investigation.

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  • Ladders? I quit.
  • A little TV nostalgia for ya
  • The Jets finally won
  • Managing market jitters
  • Potash forecast

Note: We’ve got a lot to catch up on… but (shockingly) I was able to keep today’s podcast to just an hour long. If you’d like to dive deeper into my investment strategies, go here to learn about Moneyflow Trader. The unique system we use in this advisory is engineered to take advantage of a down market like this.



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