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This Left-for-Dead Sector Is Poised for an Exciting Recovery

My guest today is Amir Adnani, founder and CEO of Uranium Energy Corp.

The price of uranium has been in the doghouse for the past seven years, falling from a high of $137 per pound in 2007 to around $25 today.

Supply cuts by uranium miners are beginning to take hold… starving the market of the uranium it will need to fuel nuclear reactors…

And market participants are just waking up to the possibility of a looming supply deficit.

Not only are supply cuts beginning to have an impact―it could take years for any significant new mine production needed to fill the gap to come online. Some could be seven years or longer…

It’s an excellent time to start exploring the sector.

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Topics discussed:

  • Uranium macro environment update
  • Where we are in the cycle
  • Section 232 and its implications
  • Supply cuts

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