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The Smart Money Goes Where Others Fear to Tread

On Talking Stocks Over a Beer, we love to talk about the most hated stocks and sectors on the planet.

Anyone can make much ado about industries that are doing well. But what’s the point? The market knows all about them… and the stock prices reflect the market’s optimism.

Real opportunities exist in the market’s underbelly—the place where few care to look. The industries that have been left for dead. It’s where changes are occurring beneath the surface—the kind of seismic shifts that can set you up for massive returns.

Today, that opportunity is uranium. There’s no commodity more hated. And for patient investors, it’s the best risk/reward setup I’ve ever seen.

Joining me today is Jeff Klenda, CEO of UR Energy. Jeff is a uranium industry veteran and one of the two CEOs behind the Section 232 petition asking for a reduction in the amount of uranium imported to the U.S. (among other things).

If you’re one of the rare investors who doesn’t need immediate gratification (a quality many of the world’s great investors share), we’ll explain why the uranium sector is where you should look…

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We’ll discuss:

  • Uranium market supply/demand dynamics
  • Inventories
  • How much uranium really costs
  • What’s going on with the Kazakhs
  • All the moving parts behind Section 232
  • UR Energy



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