Frank Curzio's WALL STREET UNPLUGGED Podcast

The market’s misunderstood, lucrative underbelly

In the world of distressed investing, blood in the streets often spells opportunity…

This is a potentially lucrative—though often misunderstood—corner of the markets.

My guest today is Neil Weiner, founder and chief investment officer of Foxhill Capital Management. Neil manages a hedge fund focused on sniffing out opportunities in the world of bonds, credit, and equities that most investors ignore.

He gets his cues away from the noise of Main Street…

Join me to learn how he does it.

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Topics discussed:

  • Distressed investing: a detailed explanation
  • Stories don’t matter… but cash flows do
  • Ignore bond prices at your own peril
  • Funky securities (wildly mispriced because no one is focused on them)