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The central bank experiment… And how it ends

My guest today is Bill Fleckenstein, founder of Fleckenstein Capital.

Bill closed his short fund in 2009… near the bottom of the roaring bull market.

He seemed to be following the market wisdom of one of my former bosses, the legendary Marty Zweig. Marty famously said, “Don’t fight the Fed,” in reference to the Federal Reserve’s stance on the direction of short-term interest rates…

But this bear hasn’t been in hibernation.

Since 2009, Bill has been following closely—and opining daily on—the meteoric rise of central bank-fueled asset prices…

And he thinks the market is due for a correction.

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Topics discussed:

  • Why you don’t fight the Fed
  • Bubbles and manias: Signs to look for at the top
  • Gold—perplexing, but still a store of value



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