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Take a walk on the wild side

Investing in out-of-favor stocks can give you a big rebel thrill… and you don’t even have to hop on a Harley…

Blown up… left for dead… on the trash pile… you name it… Abandoned stocks are worth a look. If you can find asymmetry in the risk/reward, the wait can be well worth it.

But making a contrarian trade just for the sake of doing so can be about as hazardous as a fast bike…  

Doing so when you have math—and patience—on your side can be a quite lucrative adventure.

My guest today is Andrew Weekly, senior analyst and editor of SmithWeekly International. Join us to learn some of his favorite ideas… and his methodology to find value.

(Leather jacket optional.)

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  • Off the beaten path (a nice place to live)
  • Fieldwork 101: Focus less on companies and more on industry folks
  • Offshore drillers (Gonna need that oil sooner or later)
  • What’s your investing personality type?

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