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Navigating the market’s hidden dangers

We’re now in earnings season, which always brings its share of surprises…

If that weren’t enough, it’s a hairy geopolitical landscape out there…

There’s the U.S. tiff with China—and I’m not talking about tariffs.

There’s also the drama unfolding in Saudi Arabia.

These and other world events can have big implications for your portfolio.

So on today’s show, we’ll talk about why it’s critical to look beyond the obvious… and how to position your investments for hidden dangers.

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Topics discussed:

  • The Jets: could winning football be back in NY?
  • Drew Brees (the real GOAT)
  • China… there’s a lot more than a trade war going on
  • Saudi Arabia: problems brewing in the Kingdom over missing journalist
  • Earnings… what I’m paying attention to this week

Editor’s note: The media is so focused on how Trump’s tariffs could hurt investors that they’re missing an enormous opportunity… If push comes to shove, a little-known $1 stock could become the main supplier of a critical material to companies like Apple, Samsung, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. Get the full scoop from Frank Curzio here.



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